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Published: Monday, Jan. 28 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

Does this mean that women need to register with the Selective Service and be eligible for the draft? Otherwise I feel discriminated agianst!

Oakley, UT

Right on... We haven't won a war since the WW II conclusion in Japan. What we have for leaders in the Military are a bunch of politically appointed "yes men".
Generals the like of Patton or MacArthur are ahcient history. Admirals the likes of Burke and Nimitz can't be found. If we were truly supporting our men/women in univorm, we would be electing people to high office that would only use them for defense and then give them the tools to "win" the argument decisively!

Mark B
Eureka, CA

We could save thousands of lives, male and female, by only engaging in wars that remove a REAL threat to our country or, in some circumstances, to its allies. The substitute for victory? - Staying out of certain conflicts altogether.

American Fork, UT

We should have started learning at about the time of the Korean conflict that the concept of 'winning' a war was changing. Yet somehow we still expected the hollywood outcome in Iraq, and it didn't happen. I think women in military can bring it when it comes to combat. I hope they can also bring some smarts and realistic expectations, too. That way we can either stay out of these stupid skirmishes, or know what the outcome is when we jump into a quagmire.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

For me, the sad part is the attitude of military officers that promotion and power are more important than the mere defense of our nation. One of the reasons given for women wanting to serve in combat was the requirement that promotion to higher military positions required it.

Actually I can’t think of any reason for anyone wanting to serve in combat for other than ulterior motives.

Far East USA, SC

"There is no substitute for victory."

Does anyone even know what constitutes "victory"?


Women have been serving in "combat" roles for years; they have just never received the the career advancement credits nor the benefits for doing so. This is not your grandfather's war; "front lines" are very different than what you see in WWII movies.

As far as putting something else ahead of "equality and opportunity," what else, exactly, would we possibly be fighting for?

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

GZE is right; women have already been serving in combat roles. This is frankly kind of a minor change.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

whether it's economics or military matters, liberals do not care about victory, they only care about us all being equal. If that means equally poor and miserable and under the rule of some foreign power, so be it, just so long as we are all equal (except for the liberal elite, who know SOOOOO much better than the rest of us)

Salt Lake City, UT

Didn't we just have this discussion a year about about gay men only for absolutely nothing negative to come out of letting them serve openly?

spring street

I am not sure where the letter writer and many of the posters have been for the last 50 years but not only has this been an ongoing discussion for a very long time, there has also been a substantial amount of research on the subject. A quick google search would have rendered this letter unnecessary. I started with Dr waggeners research on the subject for the Army but feel free to start where you would like since it is better to get informed later then never.

spring street


That chip getting heavy yet?

Deep Space 9, Ut

I heard this the other day, and wonder what your opinion is.

Is the American public ready to deal with having their daughters captured and gang raped for weeks on end?

If US journalists covering the "peaceful" demonstrations in Egypt were raped, what will happen when our enemies get their hands on female soldiers?


A failure on your part to perform due diligence regarding a subject does not render the research on said subject moot.

Additionally, a failure in your part to look at reality instead of feasting on sour grapes, does not change reality nor does it validate your point.


Do you know what the front lines are? A vehicle patrol on the front lines is one thing, and it does entail danger, and yes women have fought in our current wars, but to say that our frontline Infantry has not fought similar fights to our fathers and grandfathers is an insult. It may not be on the same scale number wise, but the house to house fighting in Fallujah or Ramadi were no walk in the park (at least our grandfathers were allowed to use flamethrowers to clear bunkers and tunnels - they could have been quite useful in Fallujah). Infantryman humping the mountains of Afghanistan carrying all their equipment(weapons, body armor, ammo, food, water, communications equipment, gps, spare barrels, first aid kit, and any other material the mission requires), have to be in extremely good physical condition and have the necessary strength and mindset to do so. You don't know what future wars we may fight and it is true that the decisions were made with politics in mind and not our ability to win battles.

Salt Lake City, UT

America has over 30,000 troops in S. Korea since the 1950's.

Today is 2013.

We occupied Iraq for over a decade with no tangible results.

Still in Afhganistan.

The concept of 'victory' in this story is based on a false premise.

Allowing blacks, gays and now service women into the military, did not change that.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is a victory if we can avoid conflict altogether. War often times doesn't determine who is right......only who is left.



No one is suggeting that anyone without the "necessary strength and mindset" be permitted to do anything.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

‘Letter: It's good to foster equality and opportunity in the military, but victory is paramount’


Steve Fillerup should go watch the movie "Lincoln".

The first scene involves 2 soldiers addressing the President about Vitory and equality and opportutnity while serving valiantly in the Unions Army.

They dreamed of their people one day becoming Sergants in 10 years,
Officers in 40 years,
Elected officials in 75 years,
and maybe even President of the United States in 150 years.

Women have been serving in combat roles for 65 years.
I know - I served with them when I was in the Military.

Military service is 100% voluntary service.
Combat roles are 100% voluntary as well.

It's about time we allow equal opportunity.

Unless you in the Military,
or are a woman -- you really have no voice in the matter.
Since it doesn't concern YOU.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Is the American public ready to deal with having their daughters captured and gang raped for weeks on end?"

No, but since when was the American public ready to deal with having their sons murdered or tortured for weeks on end? In the end though, these soldiers, male and female, are volunteering to serve their country despite the risks to themselves. It's their decision, not mine. I'll just support them having the equipment they need, decent pay while they serve, decent veterans care, and by opposing the use of our soldiers in unnecessary wars.

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