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Published: Saturday, Jan. 26 2013 8:10 p.m. MST

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Michael J

zzzzzzzzzz... Who cares. Not a big deal.

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

Sold your souls for a mess of pottage...and what a mess it is!

Dietrich, ID

Utah State had postseason game on Sunday one the the cbi games. Pocatello and Logan probably not well attended. LDS people shouldn't go to games on Sunday though some do. WAtching games on tv, doing work around home and car things like caffeine certian r rated movies well those are debated ad nauseum in LDS culture. Back page of Ensign talked about that.

I doubt Utah will sell out or lose attendance. Until recently High School had to use light source 93 million miles away for football and had 7th day adventist on team. Traveled to afternoon games but if lights were closer couldn't play as sun up to sun down sabbath friday. Jews some I think are orhtodox in there sabbath but many I don't think are.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Ouch. Last place all for more money. Now they have to go against their principles as well.

Tell me why they wanted to go to the Pac again?

Put up another Pac 12 banner and throw a parade!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is a secular school, so there is absolutely no reason not to play on Sunday. If somebody chooses not to attend because of their religious beliefs that is absolutely fine. Everyone is free to make that choice for themselves.

Go Utes!

Franklin, IN

I've never read anything as disjointed and confusing as higv...wow...

Anyway, I try to keep the Sabbath Holy and enjoy that change of pace once every 7 days. Basketball on Sunday for the Utes? It can be changed. NCAA athletics is about cash. If attendance and ratings are consistently low, things will change.

its really up to the fans! Agency is a great thing, the free market system is a great thing. It will work out just fine.

Utah is playing horrible...that might be the larger sin.

Washington, UT

This, and many other reasons, is why I love BYU. Utah is now in bed with the devil...hope they play to an empty building--the Pac12 would modify its scheduling in a New York minute if that happened and there would be no more Sunday games at the Huntsman Center.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

Bottom line Brad.....As much as you hate the UTES...one thing that even you know down deep and that is, Sunday play in the Pac-12 is better any day of the week than playing in some po-dunk obscure mini-conference.

Lyman, WY

All the more proof the only reason why BYU is not in the PAC is because of the religious thing. I think it is hilarious that all these Utes fans were denying that was the reason BYU wasn't in that conference. Now we know for sure. The PAC 12 is a conference full of liberal, biased, hypocritical institutions that preach acceptance of all, but discriminate if you are not like them, just like all liberals.

Salt Lake City, UT

Participating in the Pac-10 will aid the Utes in recruiting a few borderline "secular" players who have no interest in honoring the fifth commandment (of God's Ten Commandments). Interestingly, it will give BYU a leg up in recruiting local high school stars who do desire to keep the Ten Commandments. Reminds me of Joshua's famous declaration, "Choose ye this day . . .."

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I find this so stupid and hypocritical of BYU fans. Do they not watch the Super Bowl? Of course they do. Does the Jimmer play on Sunday? Of course he does. Does Dennis Pitta play on Sunday? Of course he does. What a funny double standard; come to the 21st century...sheesh!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"hypocritical institutions that preach acceptance of all, but discriminate if you are not like them"


Funny, the exact same thing could be said of BYU fans and the "holier-than-thou" comments on this article.

Oh wait, maybe that's who you WERE referring to.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Spokane, and yet many of your own will likely not go to the Sunday games. So as much as you would like to believe this is a byu only issue, some of your own fans won't go. I am happy that it makes you upset that some people don't like Sunday games. Thanks for being bitter. I like that you are unhappy!

ray vaughn
Ogden, UT

I find it interesting that the people who are complaining about the University of Utah playing a Sunday game are commenting on a story that appeared in a Sunday edition of the Deseret News. Do you realize that employees of the paper have to work on Sunday to publish the paper? Do you realize that when you watch KSL television or listen to KSL radio or any of the other media outlets that people are working on Sunday? If you watch the tabernacle choir on television or listen to the btoadcast on Sunday employees are working on the Sabbath.The LDS church, which owns and operates BYU, has many commercial enterprises that operate 7 days a week. Many LDS/BYU athletes compete on Sunday in their job. If those who are bitterly opposed to Utah playing a game on Sunday it would seem they would also opposse any business that requires their employees to work on Sunday. Or is it more of a matter of bashing the way the University of Utah?

South Jordan, Utah

Spokane Ute - Stop feigning ignorance as to how this works. The LDS Church controls BYU and BYU will NEVER play on Sunday. End of story.

The LDS Church does not control the lives of individual members, irrespective of where they went to school. Each is free to chose for himself - and I say that without making any judgments of those who have professions that require work on Sunday.

This has nothing to do with Jimmer, Pitta or any other professional athlete who plays on Sunday. There is no double standard here - and you know it.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Joe, there are a total of zero "Pac-12 banners downtown right now.

The fact that you are so bothered by light pole signs speaks volumes about the bitterness and jealousy of BYU fans. The signs have a drum-and-feather and the text "Home of the Utes" with a smaller PAC-12 logo underneath it all....but for some reason that is all you can see.

Utes home for the holidays
Sandy, UT


See "Sports Are Great's" comments. A Ute at church today told me he didnt like the Sunday games.

Ann Arbor, MI

All the non mormons and the rest of the world can only shake our heads and sigh...

Not only does the PR machine that represents bYu ring their hands and worry about their best interests.... thy worry about everyone elses as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

The underlying objective of this article is at the end… “There's a reason the Utes are in the Pac-12 and BYU isn't, and part of it is Sunday play.”

Why do we find it so difficult to simply say…congratulations U of U for your inclusion in the Pac-12? Why can we not acknowledge that the criteria, off the field of competition, set by the Presidents and Chancellors of the Pac-10 was to further the mission of academics and research by the member institutions; it had nothing to do with Sunday play. There was no conspiracy against BYU. Being numbered among the finest is a blessing not only for the UofU but also for the state of Utah, of which BYU is a part.

President Uchtdorf, October 2010 GC… “[P]ride turns to envy: they look bitterly at those who have better positions, more talents, or greater possessions than they do. They seek to hurt, diminish, and tear down others in a misguided and unworthy attempt at self-elevation.”

BYU fans…let’s simply say…”well done, U of U.”

Iowa City, IA

Theres a reason BYU is not in the PAC 12 and it's ALL about Sunday play. Either that's true or Cal and Standford were lying.

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