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Published: Saturday, Jan. 26 2013 7:25 p.m. MST

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Columbia, MO

The weakest link in the offense this past year was the offensive line that allowed the QBs to get hurt and didn't allow enough time to make the correct reads. If Anae can produce a better offensive line, BYU is bound to have success. Kyle Van Noy's plea to beat that mediocre team from up north will become a reality.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Hit the ground running? Has he hired a qualified receivers coach yet? We'll see what happens with that first before I can say that he's hit the ground running.

Salt Lake City, UT

Funny h

Ogden, UT

Hopefully the offense will be improved, it couldn't do much worse. As for the U being mediocre, its true. However, the Y hasn't been much better. If the offense improves and the defense stays strong, the team will be strong next year. But man it's a tough schedule.

Iowa City, IA

Exciting report. Glad to hear it, but truthfully the story that the media won't cover is all the false reports we got as fans about Anae's leaving. How many other times have we been duped? Anae wouldn't have come back if the reports two years ago were true, basically Mendenhall kicked him out. Someone mislead us and it wasn't Bronco.

Fess up reporters. As fans we are tired of being feed stereotypes and myths. And you also owe Bronco and Anae apologies.

Everett, WA

With Bronco defense and Anae offense, byu could be in national championship game. They would perform much better than Manti / ND and byu might even win it all. Great time to repeat the feat, on the 1984 30th anniversary. It will happen with Anae back on board. Mark it down.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I know for a fact that tWhit is shaking in his boots.

West Jordan, Utah

@3grandslams, I think you are wrong. I believe Anae was willing to come back because he loves BYU despite the bad departure a few seasons back. But really, I think conversations have been had relative to Robert Anae taking over soon when Bronco leaves.

le miye
Pine Ridge, SD

i'm excited about the prospects of coug'football again. we will have a proven OC and will see the results i'm sure. welcome back Coach Anae!!

West Jordan, Utah

Mock me now, and maybe later, we will see, but I think Anae is head coach in two years time. He came back and has his freedom more than ever to choose his staff and gain more control than when he was run out of town before.

For all Bronco's faults, or more accurately, my criticisms, I give Bronco credit here. I could be overly stating this as maybe Holmoe had the larger say in bringing Anae back.

As for the head coach theory, I do believe Mendenhall will stay as long as he wants nonetheless. I just think he has verbalized his readiness to leave already with Holmoe and an exit strategy for Anae is in the works. It quells the Polynesian controversy, helps recruiting, and puts Mark Atuaia back in play. And oh by the way, Anae can flat out coach even if he wasn't appreciated before. I told my BYU friends that they would regret their joy in Anae leaving a few years ago. Sorry, but this Ute was right there.

Cinci Man

This is an exciting, well-written article. Every year we get lots of such stories by our local media. I quote, "This is the best team in BYU history, EVER!" And until this past year, I was duped every year. This year may just be typical - the media hype far exceeding results. I remember very well how predictable BYU's offensive plays were under Anae. I remember that they couldn't beat good teams. What I want to see is not in the newspaper. What I want to see is on the field. I'll keep my expectations very low, so there's room for shouting for joy when they exceed them. Gone are the days when I'll get hyped up for the greatest team BYU has EVER had. Let's discuss this again after the first 4 games are played.


I still can't believe Anae would take this same job that he was run out of town the first time he had it. Oh well, a guy has to feed his family...

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

After the horrible assessment James Lark gave the coaching staff's leadership in an interview done in Utah's other major newspaper, it is great to see Anae and his staff are off to a good start. Hopefully , we'll see major improvements in coaching and players immediately. If not, we just need to be patient. The last two seasons were rough on offense without some leadership.

Iowa City, IA

re:gdog3finally...Uhmmm, no. BYU does not work that way, no head coaching jobs are promised as part of a rehire package. And no again...we as "readers' were definitely mislead by insinuation or bad reporting as to the reason why Anae left. There is no other spin and I think reporters need more integrity instead of infections of yellow journalism.

Mission Viejo, CA

I'm in agreement with the fans who think that Bronco on defense and special teams and Anae on offense will be a powerful combination. In the past, before Bronco took over as DC, the knock was on BYU's defense not Anae's offense. Those losses to TCU and Florida State were blamed on defense. Bronco has fixed that.

Anae will bring significant, relevant experience to the offense. They will be much better next year.

NC? Nah. But they will be good.

Enid, OK

Yes, we needed a new offensive coordinator.

No, we did not need to fire DuPaix (sp?) or Cahoon.

And...I would probably have had Doman stay on as QB coach with Max Hall assisting.

BYU football is PASSING football: our religious standards are different, our values are different and the way we play and win football games is different....we PASS the ball. LaVell did it for almost 3 decades and succeeded at it. Why not do it again?


Mesa, AZ

Minor detail corrections to the story: AFCA Convention was in Nashville, and DuBose played at Moorpark College.

Orem, UT

I love Des News

Las Vegas, NV

I'll believe it when I see it. Otherwise, this is just an attempt to get fans in an unnecessary frenzy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Under Anae I, the offensive line was said to be too big, too bulky and very very slow. We were told from BYU "fan" that they didn't achieve the heights of college football because of this deplorable offensive line. Anae needed to go so young genius Doman could work his magic.

Doman made the line "slimmer and more athletic" and again we were told from BYU "fan" and from Bronco himself that this new line was going to dominate.

After further review, the "slimmer and more athletic" line appears to not have protected the quarterback well enough for the BYU "fan" so we are going back to the first genius (Anae) for the fix.

So now Anae II will make a much better offensive line.

Ya right.

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