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Published: Saturday, Jan. 26 2013 5:20 p.m. MST

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Jemez Springs, NM

Alex Smith is a team player and class act, regardless. Brady Quinn was sour grapes about being passed over for Tim Tebow, in Denver, earning a transfer to KC.

Spanish Fork, UT

I absolutely agree with this article. I don't like to see anyone get hurt, but I've been telling everyone that I hope Kap goes down, with the 49ers trailing quite badly, then Smith comes in and plays the best game of his life, and wins the Super Bowl. Extremely unlikely, but Smith deserves some good fortune to come his way.

Columbus, OH

It's terrible to be wishing the kid gets injured. I was hoping this article would be more along the lines of something like, let's hope the 9ers have the game in hand, and let Smith close out the game, but you have to go to hoping a young kid gets injured so the local kid can get his (9th) chance to go all the way.

Ogden, UT

Can't believe this article even made it to the public at large. Wishing someone else gets hurt, but not seriously. Take a lesson from Alex Smith and show some class.

Orem, UT

I do not understand how wishing Kaepernick gets hurt, criticizing the difficult decision of an NFL coach, and leaving out valuable information on how Alex Smith has contributed to the team this season while injured (does the story of Riley Nelson ring a bell?) accomplishes what this writer appears to have wanted. Can someone clue me in?

West Jordan, Utah

I don't wish for Kaep to get hurt, but maybe a hardcore flu or something will give Alex the opportunity to win a Super Bowl and then say good riddance to San Francisco once and for all. He has been so loyal and classy to an organization and city who mistreated him at every step.

Idaho Falls, ID

I must of missed it, exactly what was the Drew Bledsoe moment in the super bowl?

Cedar Hills, Utah

What kind of hack journalism is it when the point of the article is the hope that a player will get injured so the local guy can get the glory? This is a ridiculous article!

Durham, NC

Alex's problem is that he stuck with the team when they plainly stank.... and now that stink is stuck to him whether he deserves it or not. Kaepernick would have looked just as bad with the former 49ers, and would be suffering the same fate, had he stuck with the team back then.

But he wasn't on the team then, and therefor, doesn't have the former 49ers stink on him. So yes, the new coach will go with the new quarterback, and Alex will suffer because he did the right thing.

But Alex will be back, in a city where history will matter less... and he will once again get the chance to prove himself.

Meridian, ID

Tony Romo....... that's funny!

Logan, UT

disagree with the article, and any who share its wish that Kaep rolls an ankle. Alex is a class act and for sure will be a starter elsewhere next year

Layton, UT

Alex Smith is a good QB no doubt but Colin Kaepernick is way better with an arm throwing the pig skin with velocity and accuracy downfield. CK7 adds another dimension to the offensive threat with his running ability. At least if CK7 goes down in case of an injury the Niners have a good QB to take over!

Cache county, USA

Comparing Kap to smith, is like comparing Sam Bowie to Michael Jordan.
Ask the trailblazers.
This is typical u of u comments

Orem, UT

I usually like DN articles. This one is unworthy of print. I really like Alex Smith and hope he gets a chanct to start again...but not because a wish for someone to get hurt comes true.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Gimme a break Cougar fans ... Hollis isn't saying he wants Kaep to get severely injured, just something that would take him out of one game and give Alex his moment in the sun.
If this had been written about John Beck we'd have the exact same cougar fans on this thread posting the exact opposite comments.
I for one will enjoy watching the big game regardless of whether Alex Smith gets one single snap, but if he does get in for one reason or another it will be great to see and I hope he does well. That said, I'll be rooting for the Ravens anyway. I'd love to see Paul Kruger, Ma'ake Kemoeatu, David Reed and Dennis Pitta play great games and give Utah and BYU fans plenty to be proud of.

Summit, UT

Especiallly Kruger! He is capable of a great game. Goooo Baltimore!!!!!!

Christine B. Hedgefog
Meridian, ID

You guys are just too funny. Smith had no trouble taking the 49ers for millions of dollars after they bet the farm on him as a #1 pick. He's got nothing to whine about. If SF wins the big game next week he'll get his super bowl ring (with a clipboard engraved on one side and the word "backup" on the other), thanks to Colin Kaepernick.

The only whiners here are silly fans up on the hill who thought they finally had a former QB that could win a super bowl like multiple QBs from the team down south has had.

Ogden, UT


No I wouldn't be wishing for anyone to get "injured." Kapernick has worked just as hard as Smith to get to where he is and for anyone to wish/hope he misses out on this opportunity is classless. Please don't speak for Cougar fans when you are not one.

Columbus, OH

Let's also not forget that Smith really has nothing to be mad at Harbaugh about. Until he came to town, Smith couldn't seem to do anything. He would probably not even be in the league next year (certainly not as a starter) had it not been for Harbaugh. He had a terrible start to his career. You can point to all the offensive coordinators he had to deal with...fine. But it only took one year (without an offseason no less) for Harbaugh to make him legit. Now he will go on to another team where he can get a good contract and a starting job. He shouldn't be mad at Harbaugh, he should be mad at every other coach he's had that couldn't play to his strengths. Harbaugh's ability to coach is both what made Alex Smith a legitimate option for others, and made Kaep the starter over him. You can't have one without the other.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"No I wouldn't be wishing for anyone to get "injured." Kapernick has worked just as hard as Smith to get to where he is and for anyone to wish/hope he misses out on this opportunity is classless. Please don't speak for Cougar fans when you are not one."

I'm not speaking for Cougar fans, I'm speaking for nearly every person in our fine country that participates in or watches sporting events. Enough with the high and mighty attitude, we have all either been in a position or observed others in positions where we didn't wish any serious harm on anyone, yet hoped there would be an opportunity given to ourselves or those we cheer for. While injury is nobody's preferred way of getting an opportunity, nobody ever felt too badly for getting their shot due to a minor tweak of someone's ankle.

You don't think Kaepernick wasn't thrilled at the opportunity Smith's injury provided him? I'm sure he never wished a concussion on him, but to think Kaep never hoped for a minor injury to befall Alex ... well ... that would be extremely naive.

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