Comments about ‘'Smart Mormons': Writer draws connection between LDS beliefs about agency and modern politics’

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Published: Friday, Jan. 25 2013 1:50 p.m. MST

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This was an excellent article and explains why I am a libertarian -- not a conservative or a liberal. Basically, I believe that it is wrong to coerce other people to be "good." Goodness only exists through free will. There is no morality without agency. We cannot compel people through the force of law to live by our standards, no matter how right we believe them to be. The only laws a society is justified in making are laws that stipulate we cannot harm others.

Mesa, AZ

If I was the Deseret News, I would learn a little about the Canada Free press and it's staff, prior to "recommending" the article.

Tulsa, OK

@Spud City Idaho
How do you know that the author of the article (Mike Jensen) is currently a member of the LDS Church or, for that matter, is a Returned Missionary?

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

"In today's world, government wants to force us, as Lucifer also desired, to do what government deems good and proper. Government wants the "glory". Government wants the applause. It wants to "save" us from ourselves."


I gotta laugh and reply everytime you start your Free Agency and Government rants.

Coming from the guy who tries to daily pass Governmental laws banning everything deemed by religion as "sinful" -

Who does What in their private homes and even more private bedrooms,
a woman's right to medical treatments,
non-Christian (even more specific, Non-Mormon] religious observances,
cetain movies and television shows,
shopping on Sunday,
caffeinated soda pop,
blue-shirts and ties,
knee length skirts,

And then not banning or restricitng the use of Assault rifles, and other weapons of mass destruction.

Your perfect America Utah-liban is no different than those "terrorists" 12,000 miles from here who use Government to instill Sharia Law -- for the good and reighteous sake.

That's Lucifer's plan - and I'll fight you every step of the way, Brother.

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