Comments about ‘President Obama presses liberal agenda as he starts 2nd term’

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Published: Friday, Jan. 25 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

The fact that you insist on calling President Obama's objectives "liberal" just feeds the partisan fight.

Climate change doesn't become any more or less real based on who is willing to address it. Referring to Social Security and Medicare as "Entitlement Programs" tips your hat as well. The last time I looked at my pay stub, there was a deduction for those programs.

Isn't it possible for a President to just work on the objectives he thinks are important.

We may be suffering from a lot of ills in this country but frankly we're suffering the MOST from partisanship.

American Fork, UT


salt lake, UT

you mean the agenda he ran on and promised to pursue? the on the majority of americans hired him to press? that agenda?

Mcallen, TX

Agenda? We can't even get a budget plan to see where our tax money is spent. Why do liberals hide their agenda?

Salt Lake City, Utah

wait aren't you one of the ones that keeps trying to say that congress passes budgets and that Obama does not get to do so? are republicans also the majority in the house? where is their full budget" why do they keep kicking the can down the road?

Park City, UT

Why are conservatives so worried about Barry's agenda? Honestly, this same guy promised the world last time around and delivered on nothing! He's kind of like the friend who keeps telling you he has the money you lent him, you just know he's blowing smoke. Why worry?

Mcallen, TX

joseywales--you will not see your taxes go up a single dime in any form, and I will cut the deficit in half in three years. Didn't we lend him some vacation money that he'll pay back,-at least in paying taxes on?

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