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Published: Monday, Jan. 21 2013 11:55 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Roe vs. Wade did nothing besides give a woman the ability to decide what happens to her body.

In Utah, a 17 year old girl paid a man to beat her in the hopes of terminating the pregnancy. The Deseret news reported on this...


Casa Grande, AZ

Reducing abortion heavily depends on expanding access to birth control. We can reduce abortions but the same people are fighting birth control in the health care fixes.

Far East USA, SC

"a new Pew Research Center poll finds 63 percent of U.S. adults opposed to overturning Roe"

I can assure you that there are many members in the GOP in that number.

Face it people. Americans in general do NOT want to ban abortion. And they certainly are not wanting "personhood" rights for the unborn. The GOP party platform is out of touch with main stream America and even a large chunk of the Republican party (including Mitt Romney)

Dietrich, ID

OUr body is not our own it is Gods he gave to us. And that fetus is another body God gave us. Pro abortion people were born themselves what hypocrisy. And besides even if you think it should be legal shouldn't it be a states rights issue as decided by the 9th and 10th amendments. Not safe for aborted person.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

"Roe vs. Wade did nothing besides give a woman the ability to decide what happens to her body."

That is a lie. In most cases abortions are done for convenience. In those cases the woman made her choice already. Do these woman not understand how people become pregnant? Abortions for convenience are nothing more than trying to avoid the consequences of bad decisions. These women never had control over themselves to begin with.

Hayden, ID

I find it ironic that the only people who favor abortions as a form of birth control have already been born.

Stephen Kent Ehat
Lindon, UT

The average adult reading rate is said to be 250 words per minute, with 70% comprehension. (Smith, Brenda D. "Breaking Through: College Reading" 7th Ed. Longman, 2004).

This article was 1,793 words in length, meaning it probably took me, if I am an average reader, slightly more than seven minutes to read it. (1,793 ÷ 250 = 7.172.) With 70% comprehension, perhaps.

Applying the same rate of approximately 55,000,000 abortions over the past 40 years -- e.g., 55 million abortions during the past 21,024,000 minutes (40 x 365 x 24 x 60 = 21,024,000) -- one can see that during the seven minutes the average reader took to read the article there occurred about 18 abortions. (7.172 x 55,000,000 ÷ 21,024,000 = 18.76.)

That's perhaps incomprehensible.

One more abortion occurred as you read this letter.

Far East USA, SC

More detailed look at the Pew Research poll concerning Roe Vs Wade

Overturn Dont overturn

Republicans 48 46
Democrats 20 74
Independents 28 64

Catholic 38 55

College Grad or more 22 73
High School or less 36 53

White evangelical Protestants are the only major religious group in which a majority (54%) favors completely overturning the Roe v. Wade decision. Large percentages of white mainline Protestants (76%), black Protestants (65%) and white Catholics (63%) say the ruling should not be overturned. Fully 82% of the religiously unaffiliated oppose overturning Roe v. Wade.

The GOP party platform is completely out of touch with the mainstream. Even Republicans are evenly split on this issue. Can you imagine the numbers if the question was about personhood rights?

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Last I checked the child involved in Roe V. Wade, was born, and grew up to be an anti-abortion advocate. Seriously, say you don't have the abortion. You have the child. I could not imagine having regret over a child you brought into this world. Perhaps you need to arrange an adoption, but even then, it's a win-win on some level.

On the other hand, how many have regrets over abortion? They've done studies. Its a high number!

Somewhere in Time, UT

Any society that decides that human life is a matter of personal choice is in serious decline.

Cache county, USA

When is it the babies choice pagan?

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Abortion has been a huge backward step for women's rights in India. Parents want male sons so if they determine by ultrasound that their baby is a female, they will get an abortion. There are 50 million more men have been born than women.

This is one cause for why gangs of predatory men who can't get married are raping women in India. Women are being trafficked to men to be their brides. Women who take a taxi will text the taxi number to their friends in case they get raped and killed.

Our technology is way ahead of our humanity.


I used to believe Republicans cared about the unborn. But no more. They oppose making reliable contraceptives economically and readily available. They oppose age-appropriate sex education. They oppose programs which benefit poor children--like food stamps etc.

Furthermore there is a huge double standard in our society, where promiscuity for men is acceptable.

Provo, UT

As a faithful Christian, I support abortion.

Who knows but that those children we save from abortion would grow up to be drug addicts, thieves, godless atheists, or worse: hedge fund managers!

(sarcasm off)

Mesa, AZ

Roe vs. Wade gives a woman the ability to decide what happens to her body, and the bodies of her unborn children. Mother knows best? Indeed, what a world we live in, in which we have granted women the right to choose murder for their innocents?

Colorado Springs, CO

Wonder what the unemployment rate would be if all those abortions people speak of did not take place!

Salt Lake City, UT

I find it ironic that the people who claim a baby is alive before it is born...

celebrate a BIRTHday.

Salt Lake City, UT

Another way to combat Abortion?

Birth control.

Taylorsville, UT

It's quotes like this, by Shields, which show the problem to me:
"And a 2011 survey of 3,000 adults by the Public Religion Research Institute found many who classified themselves as both "pro-life" and "pro-choice. Shields, like many scholars of the abortion debate, doubts a victor will emerge anytime soon."

A victor has emerged. It's the people who are both pro-choice, in that they believe that the option of a safe and legal abortion should be available. And yet are personally pro-life, in that were they in such a situation, their choice would be to have a child.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Belching Cow
"In most cases abortions are done for convenience. "

So naturally you oppose ways to get them better access to contraception that would have probably prevented the consideration of abortion since there wouldn't have been an unplanned pregnancy.

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