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Published: Monday, Jan. 21 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Gregg Weber

Pagan of SLC wrote "The Republican House has only passed 3% of any legislation given.

Who is at fault for a lack of a budget...?"

I understand that budgets are to originate in the House and not any legislation "given" to them by someone else. If they originated a budget bill and sent it to the Senate then the bottleneck is in the Senate and not the House.

Salt Lake City, UT

The House passes 3% of any legislation...

and it's the SENATES fault?

Dietrich, ID

As cold as it has been here how can he say we can't deny climate change. And didn't hurricanes happen before the industrial revolution. A volcanic eruption in the 2nd decade of the 18th century half way around the world forced the Smith family to move to Palmyra. Talked about how bad America was too. I think his speech will be forgotten soon.

Kaysville, UT

This man acted with hope to change of basic principles since the foundation of our country. He had plenty of "passion and dedication" from his cohorts to do that for 4 years. Now, hopefully, he will strive to have honesty and integrity as a legacy and not use the tactics that opposed those basic principles of honor that our forefathers had hoped for the future generations.

Mcallen, TX

Time to act? Who wrote that into his speech? What act is he talking about?

Hmm? Seven trillion added to the debt, more Americans out of work, still have tens of thousands soldiers in Iraq, guns to Mexican cartels, millions spent for vacations, and taxes going up more than a dime in many forms.

Will Barack, and family be covered by our new health care? Will his guards have their guns taken away? Will he pay a little more to be fair?

And some people admire this.

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