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Published: Monday, Jan. 21 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Why So Serious
Small Town, USA, UT

"Second Term: Obama says now is the time to act"...... What a loaded statement act on what? …..well let’s see with most people still recovering from this so called "recession" that is actually a "depression" in the economy the man that just was sworn into the office for the people by the people just spent between 4 million and 7 million on a Christmas vacation to Hawaii (some say it could be as much as 7 million wow do you believe that)..... So if now is time to act what are we supposed to act on. This is man that was just sworn into office for the people by the people that spends more money on his family than the Royal British family..... There is rumor that he spent 1.4 billion dollars in his first term to take care of his family’s needs..... some say that that was just in one year.... So is now the time to act? That is just this President don't get me started on the last few and their horrendous spending habits that we as the people get to pay for.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh Good, Let's hope that Obama finally acts.

I still don't think he has sent in a budget. Boy, it is past time for him to get to work.

Cache county, USA

Hollow words.
And I really hope they stay that way...

Salt Lake City, UT

A budget is proposed, every year.

The Republican House has only passed 3% of any legislation given.

Who is at fault for a lack of a budget...?

Upson Downs
Sandy, UT

As long as Obama is President I no longer consider myself an American and will no longer defend the U.S.

Black Shirts
Mckinney, TX

What an amazing President. Just think, if he continues to accomplish great things at the rate he did during the first terms he'll...he'll...accomplish NOTHING! However, my paycheck is now smaller and my rights are under attack. Why would any fool vote for this man????? Oh, and don't get me started on Obama Care!!!! OMG, again, why did fools vote for this idiot? Crap, I can't stop! He also cut the Military, which cut jobs and.................. Don't worry, maybe he'll come up with a great plan on border control...no, debt...no, new tile in the Washington room...YES.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

If I didn't know there was a God I could really like this guy.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

He's been waiting for thr right to start. Let's hope he cuts spending by 10 percent. He can do that in fifteen minutes, the take the rest of the day off.

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

Iraq war is over and Osama Bin Laden is dead.

What leadership has the other side shown?

Doubled the national debt, and invaded Iraq and Afghanistan.

I know which side I take action for.

Springville, UT

We have to go through this all over again? I don't think he's taking us to a European socialist model. I think he's pushing us towards a third-world socialist model. I'm feeling it.

Orem, UT

From a disenfranchised voter to Obama: What act do you want to do? Further alienate the white majority and divide the country? Put us further in debt with an economy that is barely functioning because of your policies? Continue with a foreign policy that rewards our enemies and alienates our friends? Further your social justice agenda that creates dependency to minorities? Create further cover-ups for the massive corruption you have already displayed? Mr. Obama, you are a fraud and I don't intend on considering you my President. By the way, the reason I am disenfranchised is because I am a white, male, Christian voter that believes in God and that the Constitution was divinely inspired by our founders. You believe in none of that.

Utah Dem
Ogden, UT

It is estimated that GW Bush spent $124 mil for his 77 trips to Crawford at a cost of just over $1.6 mil per trip. Still bothered by Obamas $1.4 mil trip to Hawaii? Not sure where your figures come from - Fox perhaps?

Salt Lake City, UT

Considering how he acted the first term, that's a very scary statement! All his actions have done is hurt this country, if he put's his heart into it he'll destroy this country. We all just have to hold on and hope were not a socialistic third world country when it's over!

Why So Serious
Small Town, USA, UT

Ummmm..... Utah Dem it was a 4-7 Million $ trip to Hawaii..... and 1.4 billion of spending on his family up to this point, for trips, dog handler, fuel, protection for daughter to go to Mexico etc. And if you read the rest of my post I also wrote "That is just this President don't get me started on the last few and their horrendous spending habits that we as the people get to pay for". I'm wasnt a fan of Bush either so im just not picking on your guy Obama. see I'm not a Democrat or a Republican, sadley I was once a Republican but I realized they are both the same party...... they both do the same thing wether you want to believe it or not....


Obama won. Get over it. If you don't like it you can leave.


Stocks soar 85% in Obama's first term -- USA Today
Hail to the Chief: Dow Returns 72% in Obama’s First Term -- Wall street Journal

Either way, it's better than the last republican in office.

Casa Grande, AZ

Well considering he is the first black president, the first president to have an airplane, the first president to play golf and take vacations, the first president born in another country and of course the first Muslim Alquieda sleeper cell president I feel he has accomplished a great deal. (yes,sacasim)

And he's going to take your guns any day, by himself, door by door. Conservatives believe him to be the best mastermind in history! Face it, you have no chance against this guy.

Conservatives will be telling boogyman stories about Obama for years.

Leesburg, VA

President Obama's speech was deeply moving.

It is wonderful to see our President leading and working for the whole country.

How interesting to see a man who has been vilified as a socialist a muslim, a Kenyan, etc. etc.
is showing us through his example the spirit of Christian principles.

It took me awhile to be fully convinced about Barack Obama. However, this morning while we followed the inauguration I declared to my family how proud I am of being an American citizen and how much I love the President of the United States.

Mission Viejo, CA

Many of these comments are so childish. Seriously, you no longer consider yourself American because the President was reelected by a democratic vote of the people? Do you even hear yourselves? Few of the criticisms are backed by facts. I am embarrassed for you.

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