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Published: Monday, Jan. 21 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

Screwdriver, just so you know, the terms assault weapon and assault rifle have legal definitions and they are not interchangeable.

The characteristics of an assault weapon are semiautomatic operation, a detachable magazine, and one or more of the following cosmetic features; pistol grip, folding stock, flash suppressor, or bayonet mount. Since most modern rifles and shotguns are semiautomatic, the basic difference is an AR-15 looks scary. And the price was set by shortage. Had a proposal to restrict all semiautomatic weapons been made, they would all be in short supply.

An assault rifle is different. It, by definition, is capable of fully automatic fire. It's a machine gun! Regulations on assault rifles like AK-47 are very strict.

Pagan's Proof:
Kennesaw, GA at one time had a violent crime rate comparable to their larger neighbor, Atlanta. Then in 1982 the city passed an ordinance requiring every household to have at least one gun. The law had so many exemptions available that very few people who did not previously own a gun went out and bought one and it was never actually enforced. Yet the violent crime rate quickly dropped 50% and has stayed that way.

Ogden, UT


I like your analogy with water. Even small amounts and an unsupervised child can result in an accidental drowning.

I am not a proponent of banning either water or careless parents. However I would direct you to the news reports from Aug 3, 2010 when six teens from two LA families drowned because their parents regarded water as dangerous and banned swimming lessons to keep them safely away from water.

I teach swimming and have a healthy respect for it's risks. But I do not fear it. I use it and take comfort in the knowledge that my children also know how to use it safely. And if the day ever comes that they need those tools to defend their children from water, they will not hesitate to act.

Park City, UT

eastcoastcoug- Those "lovely" places as you call them may or may not have as many gun killings as the US. But you did mention that we aren't blowing each other up like the crazies in those places do. I'm of the belief that even if you outlawed and got rid of every gun in America, those that want to do harm to others would find a way. Knives? ya, right! NO, my friend, they would do what those "lovely" people do, they would build a bomb and instead of 20 kids killed, it would be the whole Beaver Dam. Who is going to stop the "lovelies"? You?

I own many guns. They are locked in a safe. My teens who also use these guns for hunting and sport, have the combo. They have been trained very well in the handling of guns. I also own many other things that are far more scary. Like cars. A teen with a gun doesn't scare me nearly as bad as a teen with a car. Especially a teen with a cell phone in a car. That's a recipe for disaster. Do you have any of those?

Salt Lake City, UT

Ok. Let's continue the water analogy.

How many people can you kill..with water?

How many times has water...invaded your home?

More Americans have died due to gun violence than to all the wars since 1968, combined.

In NM, a 15 year old child killed his parents and I believe three siblings.


Water does not kill people.

Easy access to guns, killed that family.

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