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Published: Monday, Jan. 21 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

No bible quotes.


If there is no 'religious standard' to being the President, why would one point out a LACK of any religious statements?

And also, if we acknowledge there is a religious standard, would the majority religion in Utah, Mormonism adhere to that standard?

Some say Yes. Others say No.

Me personally? I think all religions are cults and am not picky about which ones they are.

Bottom line? Do not promote any religious standard, real or imagined...

if you yourself, may not adhere to it.

Casa Grande, AZ

Conservatives will always make a problem with Obama. I'm sure he has accepted that, so do I.

Their religion is hatred and division.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

As a religious conservative I take issue with Mr Obama's lack of moral compass and not about hatred for him or the Democratic party. If there is a division it's one that Mr. Obama created.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Why do we have to quote the myth and lore of bronze-aged humans?
There is wisdom in the bible but there is even more dreadful behaviors, which were accepted by that culture.
Let's just move on and treat other humans well, bible or no bible.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I am sure I heard at least one reference to God.

American Fork, UT

It was a pretty good speech; it didn't need scripture to make it so.

Sebastopol, CA

Whether or not the President quoted from the Bible, isn't it more important that he is basing his presidency on ACTIONS, such as reforms to help the poor, the sick; policies like equal pay for women, and helping the children of immigrants become productive citizens. Aren't these policies "Biblical" without having to quote scripture?

Murray, Utah

Are you meaning to tell me that he didn't learn any scriptures to use while he was in "church" just before the inauguration.
Don't claim to be something you are not.

Screwdriver- the libs were so loving toward the previous President. "Oh ye Hypocrites" There is a bible verse for you.

Scranton, PA

As an evangelical Christian, who accepts the Bible as the Word of God, I am sad about many of these comments on two levels. First, The fact that many people apparently think that those of conservative leanings - most of whom claim to be Christians - are filled with hate and division, and second, the fact that many of these same people consider the Bible to be only a book with some wisdom in it, while all else is myth and folklore. It is unfortunate that from many angles, the first fact seems to ring true, if all one sees are rude and violent anti-abortion, anti-gay protestors such as members of the Westboro Baptist Church. These people are an embarrassment to the name of Christ, but of a surety do NOT represent the majority of Christ-followers. As to the Bible being a book of mythical wisdom, I would say only this: One must read the entire Bible, every page, with a good commentary or two, to get the real meaning and context of the history contained therein. Yes, God does allow terrible things to happen - along with countless good things. I for one choose not to question His Wisdom.

Huntsville, UT

@Johnny T;

Suffering much short term memory loss? Remember that the conservative goal, from day one of Obama's first term was to make him a "one term president".

The division in congress was not of Obama's making, but you conservatives have no credibility anyway, so we take what you say with a grain of salt.


No scriptures? What did you expect, a miracle?

Murray, Utah

Did liberals not want to make GWB a one term president? I think each side would like to the other to only stay in for one term. That is why we have elections, so the one side can try to oust the other.

salt lake, UT

Here is a scriptural reference for you: Matthew 15.

Far East USA, SC

"Did liberals not want to make GWB a one term president?"

Of course they did. However, it was not their main goal.

Any and everyone in congress should make their Number One Goal the betterment of this country.

Layton, UT

No need for actual quotes from scripture, considering the new scriptures mentioned in the inaugural addresses pretty much run counter to them.

newhall, CA

Why would he? In he the past he has ridiculed the Words of God, making a mockery of them. He is a muslim. He has said it and allowed the media to correct him (while said media tripped over itself in making such correction). It was offensive that he even used the Bible used by Abraham Lincoln. One thing is certain, Obama is NO Lincoln. This inauguration did nothing to unite these United States, but rather continued to divide. Case in point, all the performers were of one color but one (the token white). Any criticism expressed was removed via security escort. This is the most blatantly racist leader and administration in our History.

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