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Published: Sunday, Jan. 20 2013 10:20 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Shouldn't we be proud of the fact that so many of us are able to provide breakfast at home for our children? That fewer Utah children need to be fed at taxpayer expense?

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

@TruckerRon...you are so right!

Wow, it seems that those who are so concerned Utah should be feeding breakfast to more children could help educate parents on how to cook a pot of oatmeal, scramble some eggs and pour a glass of skim milk. Those are not expensive to buy or prepare. But it takes time, effort and PLANNING!

Maybe one of the requirements for children receiving FREE food would be that their parents must enroll in nutrition and food prep classes.

My goodness, this article makes it sound like there are national bragging rights for the states with the most children receiving this form of welfare.

Sugar City, ID

My children qualified for reduced price lunches but I thought, I might not be rich but I don't need government welfare for my kids. Then, the school district appealed to parents whose children qualify to take the reduced price lunches because government funding was based upon the number of kids in free and reduced price lunch programs. So even though we don't need this welfare, the government tries to bribe us into getting on the dole so the schools can get more money.

Danbury, CT

I am a huge supporter of school lunch and what that has done especially for poor families nationwide, but this is a troubling topic of breakfast. If we parents are too busy to take care of our kids first thing in the morning, then we are in big trouble. The nutritional start is only half the issue. Our kids need a few minutes of our time to ensure they have their homework ready, talk to them about tests that day, etc. If needed, school breakfast should be supported, but parents should not think this is some kind of escape valve that lets them off the hook from their most important job.

We talk on the one hand of having low test scores and then talk about parents not having the time for another meal. Can't have it both ways...

Taylorsville, UT

At least Utah has one good bragging point, the kids are healthier and the parents are smarter knowing that school food has no nutrition or health benefits.

And it means we are wasting fewer tax dollars on foreign aid. All these parents are receiving funds to buy, prepare, and feed their children at home so why are tax payers forced to pay a 3rd time to feed the children of the poor?

Families on welfare and living in communal homes get paid $3,600(three thousand six hundred dollars a month) each in food stamps and feed theses children so where is all this money going if they are not feeding their children? Then we are also giving these same children WIC funding for food and broth to eat at home and what is all this money being used for? Then these poor children have drive by food wagons on the weekends and holidays daily in summer to get free sandwich to take home and eat with the parents sharing in that bounty. With billions of dollars being handed out for food, then why are the schools and taxpayers spending more money to provide free catered food at schools?

Charlotte, NC

Breakfast is to be eaten at home and at the parents (not the taxpayers) expense. The more students who do that, THE BETTER. The list should be turned upside down with Utah number 1. Well done Utah.

Layton, UT

The school breakfast program is another example of the federal government stepping in and trying to take over parent responsibility, I am not advocating that children go hungry but a bowl of fruit at the front of the classroom would suffice. This program wastes so much it is unbelievable. Each morning I can hear our tax dollars being flushed. It is sad.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

More results from our legislature that featured Chris Buttars and Karl Wimmer?

Iowa City, IA

Government is to big, personal responsibility is to small and children suffer. Congratulations Utah for feeding your own children breakfast!

Salt Lake City, UT

It sounds like we are in a contest to see which state can be more of a nanny in feeding more kids breakfast as school. Just like the CHIP insurance program for kids, the government is always encouraging more people to take advantage of the programs.

Could it be that the number of participants bring more funding for the program?

We should be proud that Utah doesn't require as much government help and intervention in our lives.

Mcallen, TX

The Vietnam war was to prevent the spread of strong government control.

Looks like we loss the war.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I have no problem with poor kids getting subsidized meals at school. They are healthier and learn better, which increases their prospects for breaking the cycle of poverty.

But I too wonder at the headline. Why wouldn't we want to be last in a poverty measure? If our murder rate were last, would the headline scream out "Utah ranks LAST!"?

The idea that the meals are free is bothersome. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH! or a free breakfast. SOMEONE has to pay for it. Call it was it is, a subsidized meal.

It is bothersome that schools try to recruit kids to leave home earlier and spend more time away from their familes so the schools can get more money to feed them. If they were fed at home, the school would not need to incur the cost to feed them and the money would not be needed. it's not like they can funnel some of the money into other programs anyway.

One thing missing from the article was the possibility that some of Utah's poor receive some type of church assistance, which allows the children breakfast at home with their families.

Salt Lake City, UT

In a normal world, the headline, "Utah ranks last in U.S. in number of students eating breakfast at school" would be greeted with praise and welcomed.

But, with our perverted "All our needs must be met by Government" mentality nowadays, it is just the opposite.

This is demonstrated by the subsquent sentence, "While Utah schools rank low nationally, many have seen improvement. Canyons School District went from 26,558 free breakfasts served in October 2011 to 29,182 in October 2012."

So, the news that *more* children are fed by the government rather than their own families is considered an "improvement".

And we wonder why/how our government has become the insolvent, debt-ridden mess that it is.

West Jordan, UT

Wow! Deseret News what other studies can you find that shed a bad light on education. Seems like every week or so you are searching and searching for anything negative to say about education.

Danny Chipman
Lehi, UT

Thanks, but no thanks. You can keep your bread and circuses.

Oregon Mom

Access breakfast? Access breakfast? My children eat breakfast. Which I cook for them. Are Utah children actually androids or something?

Also, seriously, there is something wrong about assuming that if the state doesn't feed kids they don't eat.

Bountiful, UT

This is good news assuming every child in Utah who
needs breakfast is getting it.

Hayden, ID

Wow, free breakfasts? Where do I sign up? Now I can quit feeding my own children because the government will pay for their food! Is this a great country or what?

Let's be reasonable
Baghdad, 00

In addition to the comments already posted, I applaud that Mom is cooking (when she can) breakfast for her children. We should be proud if a Mom can do some basic "Mom" stuff. My wife and I are so happy we could meet ends such that I worked and she worked at being a Mom and taking on so many household affairs and issues. She aspired to be a Mom since she was in elem school and a classmate was sick. The teacher asked the child where her Mom was. She did not know. My wife raised her hand and said she knew where her Mom was. At home. Her Mom came in and took the sick child home. OK, I know this would never fly today, but my kids knew their Mom was always available when they needed her. We went without some nice things in life, but there is nothing more "nice" than being there for a child. Not everyone can do it. But everyone who can, should have one parent who can be the "Household Engineer." Dad or Mom.


Melinda Montano stated; that it is one less thing to worry about as she hustles the kids off to school. I realize that she is a single mother, but like many of the writers commented, maybe the time with mom, and talking about their education over a bowl of oatmeal would be better spent than having that time spent in the school cafeteria, eating institutional food, prepared by kind but uninvolved adults. Where is the parental involvement in our children's lives now? Just take care of them cradle to grave.

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