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Published: Saturday, Jan. 19 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Rural sport fan

The original US voters were not the poor and uneducated; they were those with a stake in things. That changed with universal suffrage, and the Electoral college was thought to be a way to ensure the "correct" candidate would win, so the screaming masses could't put in some popular fellow. Unfortunately, the parties co-opted that as well, and now, we DO have rule by the uneducated masses; which, despite our democratic system, was never what the founders anticipated, and which, as predicted by Washington and others has led to factionalization, and the inability to be objective and do what is best for ALL of us.

Add in the lack of a real media to act as a voice, a lack of questions asked and far too much editorializing and posturing for profit by the talking heads on both sides of the questions, and political leaders who lead not to improve our country, but to gain power and influence; and we get the current state of affairs.

Anyone willing to compromise at this point is a fool, regardless of their position, This thing is broken, time to replace it.


First of all, it never was nor ever has been Hussein Obama's nation. The United States of America belongs to all Americans, not just one.

Mcallen, TX


Tells you our voting system needs fixing, and why we have major corruption.

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