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Published: Thursday, Jan. 17 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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Orem, UT


Talk about living in a land of "relevance fantasy"!

Sorry to burst your crimson bubble, but the only thing the Utes have "transitioned to" is whipping boy for the big boys of the PAC 10.2.

Until you've actually accomplished something in your "big-time" conference, you're nothing but a leech living off of the accomplishments of other teams. You might want to start by beating a conference foe with a winning record, a rather small accomplishment that the inept Utes are obviously incapable of achieving.

As an Independent, BYU has finished in the Top 25, beaten a Top 25 team, and won two bowl games. Insignificant as Utah fans may characterize that to be, it still far exceeds anything Utah has accomplished during the last two years.

btw, how do define "trolling", when the article is about a coach who left BYU to return to Utah?

Columbia, MO

Be happy that Roderick did another switcheroo. If he were to be the passing coordinator at BYU, it would be doomed to failure. Utah ranked dead last in the PAC12 this past year in passing at 182.4 yards per game. Even though BYU's passing offense was pretty pathetic, it still managed to gain 247 yards per game. Roderick would have been a step backward. If BYU wants to improve the passing game, almost anyone would be better.

West Jordan, UT

What is with this guy? And why does Utah keep taking him back? Wishy washy is no way to live your life? He should have taken the job at BYU. After another 5 and 7 year up on the hill all the coaches are gonna be outta there!

Just Smiling

Hey SportsFan- "You might want to start by beating a conference foe with a winning record, a rather small accomplishment that the inept Utes are obviously incapable of achieving." How about beating an instate foe with a winning record which the Utes have done 3 years in a row?????

West Jordan, Utah

The red and blue thing is closer to crips and bloods than anything else. It's not often that violence is needed to stop here, but nobody will stop the insults.

Orem, UT

Just Smiling

It's laughable that playing BYU has once again become Utah's bowl game and beating BYU is the crowning achievement of your PAC 10.2 era.

BYU is still successful, despite the head-to-head set backs to Utah.

Utah is still a failure, despite the head-to-head success versus BYU.

West of I15, UT

@sports fan

What is all the success the Y has had that you're reffering to? Are you truly happy with what they have done the last couple of years the last couple of decades for that matter? If you are good for you but I would be far from happy as the cougies have accomplished nothing the past 3 decades. I'm far from happy with what the utes have done over the last few years. However extremely happy they were the first to crack the BCS and win then repeat 4 years later and dominate an SEC force in the sugar bowl which in turn has won 3 BCS titles since! They Y has been qwesting for what the U has done twice since Bronco has arrived yet have not come even close to the U's success!

So sports fan call us when the Y is succesful with something besides beating the bad WAC teams on their schedule and beats a top program other then Utah St. Better yet start talking trash when the Y isn't the U's whipping boy anymore you look foolish.

Just Smiling

SportsFan- You are right- it's hilarious- you compare the U's consistent winning over BYU to end of the season bowl games. The Y lost to every team that was better than them including the U. Then because of their weak schedule they qualify for a bowl game, which they wouldn't have if they had a PAC-12 schedule. The Y qualified for a bowl game the way that Ball State, Bowling Green, Navy, Air Force, etc. qualified. All insignificant teams playing in insignificant post season bowl games. Come on, compare apples to apples. Who won the actual game?

West Jordan, Utah

@just smiling, that is well said. BYU plays weak teams, qualifies for a bowl, then bags on Utah for playing a legitimate conference schedule, one that would have kept BYU out of a bowl game if they play the same schedule. On the other hand, if Utah played BYU's schedule, despite the top teams on it's schedule (the ones BYU lost to), Utah would have had the same wins along with the four patsies that would have got them into a bowl game as well.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah plays weak teams, still doesn't qualify for a bowl, then whines about BYU accomplishing what Utah couldn't.

Bottom line, if Utah had beaten Utah State, a team BYU beat, U would have gone bowling.

btw, what top teams on Utah's schedule?

BYU played FIVE Top 25 teams; Utah only played TWO.

BYU finished #26 in Sagarin; Utah only managed #61.

Sorry to burst your crimson bubbles, but despite your lucky win over BYU, the Utes simply weren't any good.

And no, the Utes wouldn't have had the same wins as BYU; U LOST to Utah State.

Highland, UT


I hear your desperate plea for help and I have alerted the trailer park on the hill to your plight. They assure me that they will indeed beat a pac12 team with an winning record sometime during the next decade so just hang in there little fella, it will happen. Also coach little K tells me that not only will they win at least 1 conference game this year but sometime before 2020 they will actually make it to the cbi. Good times are on their way little guy, just don't do anything rash in the interim.

Your's truly


Scottsdale, AZ

" . . after accepting a position" His going back to UT speaks volumes about keeping a commitment and integrity or lack of it.

Vancouver, BC

Utah giving him a pay raise to get him back is also a factor

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