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Published: Thursday, Jan. 17 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Dave S

Can you cite one significant Utah accomplishment since 2008?

The truth is, Utah football has been in steady decline since the Sugar Bowl and the Utes haven't done anything of note since joining the PAC 10.2.

2008 13-0 #2/#4
2009 10-3 #18/#18
2010 10-3 ur/#23
2011 8-5 unranked
2012 5-7 no bowl

The trend is obvious, even if our crimson-glasses wearing friends on the hill are too blind to see it.

After your two brief shining moments in the national spotlight (2004 and 2008), Utah is quickly fading back into irrelevance on the national stage, in fact, Utah isn't even relevant in their own conference.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Whatever! Changing one's mind is fine but in such a high profile profession this is an example of what not to do. Usually money makes a decision easier or changes our mind, but this episode and the explanations given in the article sounds like a case of indecision going on for several years. Good luck with whatever you decide Mr. Roderick. Career choices based on the feelings and emotions of other people are usually poor choices.

Iowa City, IA

Obviously Roderick didn't read ute fan commnets in the des news. Now after a day of "Meh" and "he's not that good", he's suddenly a BCS coach.

Sorry ute fans, proof of your hypocrisy is in the postings.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Re: Sportsfan

Jealousy is a terrible thing. Enjoy life in your plastic Utah County bubble.

Phoenix, AZ

With all of the stories about Lance Armstrong and Manti Teo, it is hard to take someone for their word.

I was excited to see him come back to BYU. That said, I don't know much about Cahoon or the job he did and why his contract was not renewed. I thought the experience of A-Rod would be a good thing for BYU. Overall, I thought,

1-The guy can't make a decision which is an indication that he may never move up;
2-He was offered more cash to stay at the U;
3-or as it was said, it just did not feel right. I am ok with that, but why did he say yes to BYU in the first place. It just makes him look indecisive (refer to No. 1).

As far as new coaches go, I am rooting for Lance Armstrong who is an LB coach and admissions liason at Stanford. He was the de-facto recruiting coordinator, brought in the best class in Stanford history and then was promptly not giving the job (giving to Mike Sanford Jr), after winning a national recruiting award. I think Lance is an Andy Reid type of coach.

Baltimore, MD

Dave S

Jealous of what?

It's laughable that a perennial conference bottom dweller would even think that they have something others would be jealous of.

No Conference Will Take Us

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

"6-10 all time against San Jose St. Lost to them on national TV this past season."

LOL at your pathetic attempts to minimize BYU.

San Jose State was a Top 25 team, while you're pathetic Utes didn't qualify for a bowl and got lucky on a fluke scoop and score to beat BYU.

BYU was 8-5, beat Top 25 Utah State, and finished #26 in the final Sagarin ratings.
Utah was 5-7 this season and finished #61 in the final Sagarin ratings.

Utah's record since joining the PAC 10.2: 13-12
BYU's record since going Independent: 18-8

And don't whine about it being all based on schedule. Utah couldn't even beat Colorado last nor Utah State this year.


BYU and several of its fans are grandizing the football program over minimal accomplishments.
The fact still remains the our Cougs built up wins over average WAC teams. Is that anything to be proud of? Our win-loss against ranked teams the past few years is awful.
I wish fellow BYU fans would stop this nonsense.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

NO conference championships for U

"BYU and several of its fans are grandizing the football program over minimal accomplishments."

Minimal accomplishments are still better than NO accomplishments.

8-5 winning season, bowl win, Top 25 win > 5-7 losing season, no bowl, no significant wins

Upsets happen and the fact remains that Utah simply wasn't very good and your vain attempts to minimimze BYU simply minimize your lone accomplishment for 2012.

Phoenix, AZ

Edit -I do not want Lance Armstrong to coach at BYU, how about Lance Anderson who is a coach at Stanford. On the other hand, Lance Armstrong and his dr's could turn BYU athlets into Supermen.......J/k

West Jordan, Utah

Ute and Cougar fans slammed each other when Roderick was leaving. And now they slam each other 180 degrees the other way now that he is staying, at least for today. Same story over and over again for the fans. We are better than you eh? Same story for Roderick as well. I go and I stay.

Sandy, UT


C'mon man. Bull. Bull puckey, even.

If the shoe was on the other foot, you know how you would react. Differently.

Shire, 00

As an Aggie fan I learned a lot about college ball coaches. Many of you talked trash about us hurt and angry fans. We had a coach not only sign a contract extension but publicly say he was staying. Then did another story on local paper with comments like "I looked into there eyes and know this is the place to stay'' or"money isn't everything". Just support the players. No integrity when money is involved.

Evanston, WY

well, I'm a step behind. I saw the article about him leaving and was wishing him well. I guess I can still wish him well from the stands.

South Jordan, UT

Don't kid yourself. This was pure and simple. MONEY. why didn't he have the guts to say so is the question.

Springville, UT

More money for mediocrity...

'Ducky' and 'Y's little brother'... best comments on this story.

I love UEN... the Ute Entertainment Network! Always a laugh somewhere.




"the Utes haven't done anything of note since joining the PAC 10.2."

And what has BYU done in that time? Besides getting beat whenever they play Utah. It's why you're obsessed with us.

Cedar City, UT

Dave S.

Last I checked BYU wasn't in a conference but was every game was available to view on the most watched sports network in the world and also for free for anyone in the world that wanted too watch it on their own schedule. I will give Utah props for taking a boat load of cash. However, money certainly hasn't made their on the field football schedule more compelling (i.e. no rivalry, and losing seasons for what appears to continue into the foreseeable future).


@sammyduck and other BYU fans:

As Dave S has said, "Jealousy is a terrible thing. Enjoy life in your plastic Utah County bubble." So true. If you weren't all obsessed with everything Utah, you wouldn't be here trolling over our Utah boards.

While we transition into a major, big-time conference, enjoy your quest for relevance as an "independent".

Provo, UT

Happy to see him leave then happy to see him stay. Make up your minds.

Provo, UT

Good. We are much better off without this guy we were excited about two days ago.

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