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Published: Thursday, Jan. 17 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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Anaheim, CA


"You copy pasted Ute fans posts, none of them however have gone back to say "Yay, we kept him!"

No need to. We all know that every Utah fan who trashed Roderick in the last day, will soon be making wild predictions about how much improved Utah's offense is going to be next season.

Of course, if the Utes suffer a repeat performance or two of last season, Whittingham and his entire staff could be leaving in the near future.

Anaheim, CA


"A-Rod was just toying with you Cougar fans."

Did you ever consider that if A-Rod is as bad a receivers coach as some Utah fans were saying, that A-Rod might be toying with U? At the very least, A-Rod got a hefty raise and a bunch of empty promises from Whittingham.

heber, ut

I guess he enjoys getting dumped on by the Utes. He becomes the OC and then is dropped back when Norm comes. When Norm leaves he gets skipped over by an inexperienced Brian Johnson. Whittingham treats him so well, why would he ever consider leaving???

Payson, UT

Funny when A-Rod was going to BYU. BYU fans loved him and Utah fans said it was no loss. Now Byu fans are saying they dodged a bullet ect.... and Utah fans are saying what a great coach that got back. lol As for me I wish BYU had him and I hope he does well where ever.

Frisco, TX

@Chris B - "Got to love being in a BCS conference, with BCS money, BCS athletes, and BCS quality coaches!"

You forgot something . . . "U got to love finishing 2nd to last in football (South), last in basketball (men's and women's), and last in baseball."

Wow, it must be great to be a Ute.

Lindon, UT

Christy B

Yeah that BCS conference thing is going really well for Basketball too right? (crickets)

Sandy, UT

You all need to know how seriously Utah takes losing "Anything" to BYU.
This is all they have.
As Bottomfeeders of the Pac, it is all they will ever have.

It's happened many times, when Utah's pride is bruised, Spencer Eccles writes a check.

The U has so long lived in the shadow of BYU and are so insecure, that they'll break the bank for a 2nd rate assistant coach.

Utah pays all their coaches (all programs) 8+ million dollars a year.
BYU pays their coaches only 4+ million a year.

Roderick was making 200k a year as a position coach....Position Coach!

It's easy to see why Utah's athletic program operates at a loss while BYU's does not.
He got a salary boost to be sure.

This followed the same scenario as when Whitt committed to BYU then Eccles came in to save the bruised egos.

If you've never been to the U's campus, Eccles name is on about 15 buildings.
From a bridge to a fieldhouse to tennis courts to the stadium, I've never seen anything like it.

Eccles pulls out all stops...even for a 2nd rate Assistant Caoch.

Absolutely Hilariuous!

Anaheim, CA


"Unlike Anae, ARod never left."

Who are you kidding?

He accepted a job offer at another university and even made statements to the press to confirm his acceptance. Just like Boise State and SDSU accepted conference membership offers from the Big East. Boise State paid a hefty exit fee for "leaving" the Big East. SDSU was just accepted "back" to the MWC by a majority vote of the MWC schools. Yet both schools are still competing in the MWC. The brevity of time between A-Rod's departure from and return to Utah is inconsequential and doesn't change the fact that A-Rod left Utah.

The bigger problem A-Rod created for himself is after reneging on two schools, it's highly unlikely that a third school would even consider risking being fooled again.

Fool me once, shame on U. Fool me twice, shame on me.

A-Rod has certainly burned his bridges with Washington and BYU.

Not a smart move to burn your bridges in coaching profession. That can come back to haunt you.

See John L. Smith.

Anaheim, CA

CougFaninTX, LindonMan

Don't bother christy and her friends with trivial things like winning. As long as they're collecting gobs of money, they're content.

It would be interesting to see how much of a share of the loot christy gets.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

No matter where he ends up, his indecisiveness is certainly something that has been hi-lighted by this fiasco. Best of luck to him, but he's certainly burning bridges, on both sides...

St. Georg, UT

Its fine if he want to stay, its his life, but Ute Bruin, you do not know what happened either, so don't act like you do. @ Christina B; it has to kill you to know that Utes go to BYU players and coaches to get the job done. Its where the foundation to excellence is started and the Utes want some of it.

Gilbert, AZ

Utah welcomes its newest coach to Salt Lake City.

In other news:

Utah announces a slight increase in student fees to help pay for needed improvements in Utah's football program.

Farmington, UT

According to a previous post from Chris B, it must be because he didn't want to shave his face. He just used a promotion of sorts and more money in the pay envelope and the wailing of players that didn't want to adjust to a new coacjh as excuses to stay with U.


He's thinking that with the sorry state of the Utes football program lately, he'll be considered a replacement for Wittingham after one more sorry season.

Lindon, UT

Translation of reason Roderick gave for staying at Utah: "Utah offerred more $'s than BYU was willing to pay."

Columbia, MO

Bad track record to do this same stunt twice. Sarkisian wouldn't give him another chance after Roderick did this same thing to Washington, nor would anyone at BYU. I can't think of a lot of head coaches elsewhere who would even consider someone with this type of history.

It says something about the character of the coaches at Utah that they will accept other offers, go public with the acceptance, and only then realize how much being a Ute really means to them. Do you have to be reconverted twice?

Syracuse, UT

I can understand the emotional ties an ex-player/coach has with his alma mater.

Bottom line: Utah plays in a major conference with better players and more money. The only time a position coach from a BCS conference should consider a move to a mid-major program is to be a Head Coach, OC or DC. Don't lose sight of the fact that byu is a mid-major program.

I'm sure that Roderick will have opportunities in the future. He certainly made the best decision to stay at the U.

Salt Lake City, UT

Are we really having a conversation of Erin Roderick?

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

I know Utah had problems with "false starts" this season, but this one takes the cake!

Heber City, UT

Ah, coaches are a fickled bunch.

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