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Published: Thursday, Jan. 17 2013 11:55 a.m. MST

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anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

Who am I sir?

Or as Duckhunter stated (and as has been corroborated by many of the kids on the hill)...

Our gain is your loss!

Looking forward to more drops and receivers running the wrong routes.

Ogden, UT

Should we pass or should we run? Do we punt or do we go for it? Should I play him or should I play someone else? Should I eat this or eat that?

Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome back Coach. Still a good recruiter but the receivers were average at best. Whether that's because of the lack of a quarterback, lack of WR talent or the coaching, we'll see.

At BYU, was the offensive problems really due to Cahoon and so he needed to go, or was it due to a lack of a quarterback? We'll see.

Lehi, UT

@ UtahBruin

Obviously, Kyle saw value in him and made him a better offer. However, offer/counteroffer politics should be done BEFORE he goes public with a decision. That is the gaffe that is being discussed. That is the poor decision making that is in question. If you believe that another quality coach and program are going to stick their neck out for him again, you need to take off your crimson colored glasses. It would be different if this were an everyday occurrence. But, it isn't. Also, this isn't remotely similar to doing the same thing with an employer where no one but you and the prospective employer know what happened. This was a public blunder of enormous magnitude for a coach. I like ARod and hope he has a long career with Utah and/or Coach Whit. He will not have another opportunity to land an equal position elsewhere and that is a fact.

Kearns, UT

Hilarious. Maybe Coach Wit bought him a house with his millions.

Highland, UT


Don't mention it. here's my comment from the aeticle yesterday announcing he was taking a job at BYU.

"I actually have to agree with 54-10, utah's wr's have been pretty bad the last several years and Roderick was thier coach. I hope he is capable of doing a better job at BYU."

Then this one this morning.

"That said I think Cahoon has done a pretty good job with the wr's whereas A-Rod has not turned out much at utah."

In otherwords wookie I'm pretty happy about this.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Tell me when the music stops. I feel like someone is playing musical chairs.

Best to both teams and coaches. Whoever they are.

Mt Rushmore
Arlington, VA

Did Kyle really offer A-Rod the OC if BJ falls on his face again? Kyle offered A-Rod a bigger pile of cash and a bunch of pie-crust promises and Aaron sadly bought it. Don't understand why Aaron decided to stay in an abusive relationship, but he's created his own mess, and now he'll have to deal with it.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Y's little brother

shush, the kids on the hill are busy backpeddling.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Dave S

Gotta love the hypocrisy of Utah fans welcoming Roderick back with open arms and calling out BYU fans for singing his praises, after Utah fans spent the last 24 hours trashing Roderick.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Yesterday he was a dog, today he's utahs dog again!

Sandy, UT

*golf clap* Y's Little Brother.

You copy pasted Ute fans posts, none of them however have gone back to say "Yay, we kept him!"

Chris B. trollin you as usual.

Unlike all of the BYU fans now judging his character and that he will never get a job anywhere else, and bla bla bla. A lot of you had very different comments in the other thread saying hes leaving a sinking ship to go to a better program. Now you say "Oh, pffft!" "We don't want him any way!"


There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

@AZ Blue & Red

I might have written "whomever" instead of "whoever"...

However, your comment is by far the best one of the bunch!

Thank You!

Salt Lake City, UT

A-Rod was just toying with you Cougar fans. Mission accomplished.

Saratoga Springs, UT


I am not quite sure you even read my statement while calling me out. Crimson colored glasses? I am not even a Utah fan, can't stand the "U" because of it's fans, like ChrisB. Thanks though for re-wording my post, I said exactly the same thing you did. I am not even a "Y" fan either so if you were drinking your blue Kool-Aid while posting, I can understand the mishap. Maybe.


"BCS Conference, Money, Athletes, etc."

Conference - Yes

Money - Yes

Athletes - No not really, you get the second class PAC-10 athletes. Yes I said PAC-10, Utah and Colorado still don't count and never will.

U and Colorado are nothing more than a red headed step child for the PAC-10. See your school color fits. U will never be more than Washington State or Colorado in the PAC-10, you will never steal recruits from USC, UCLA, Stanford, CAL, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State or even Oregon State. Football, Baseball, Basketball, even Red Rock Gymnastics will never win anything in the PAC-10. Flat out U are not good enough and never will be.

Mesa, AZ

If A-Rod can flip-flop, why can't BYU bring back Cahoon, the all-time professional receiver with the most catches in the history of earth! Hopefully, he hasn't signed on with da Bears yet..

Salt Lake City, UT

I guess his "online girlfriend" or "avatar" who used to live in Seattle near U Dub (remember, she's the one who had something tragically happen to her a couple of years ago) has moved to Orem. So now this has caused A-Rod to re-think his plans again so he won't be transferring to the school down south. Anybody checked the horoscopes . . .its a weird day in college football, to say the least.

Cedar Hills, UT

I find the comments suggesting somehow that a "receivers coach," or any coach for that matter is somehow responsible for a receiver dropping balls or etc. to be too funny and very naive. The coaches can only give players a chance to succeed. As for Ute receivers dropping balls last year...I don't believe they dropped any more than the receivers at the Y. Granted, while BJ needs a lot of growth as OC, Utah's lack of offensive productivity was more on their poor offensive line play than anything else.

south jordan, UT

Aaron Roderick?......Who Dat?

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Gotta love the hypocrisy of Utah fans welcoming Roderick back with open arms and calling out BYU fans for singing his praises, after Utah fans spent the last 24 hours trashing Roderick.


Unlike Anae, ARod never left. You just had an "imaginary" new coach.

ARod was passed over for the OC job for a reason, but that doesn't imply he can't coach at another position or recruit.

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