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Published: Thursday, Jan. 17 2013 5:00 a.m. MST

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I love hearing about the collaboration between denominations! I come from Baptist roots and I must tell you that when I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I had a good Gospel foundation because of my Protestant roots. I know that both parties came away with goodwill and a better understanding of one another.

Hayden, ID

@ Arkansas-gal. Great letter, thanks for writing it!


The LDS and Baptist church can collaborate on more than welfare. We have the same beliefs about the sanctity of human life and the sanctity of marriage. Both of these are under attack in the U.S. Also, freedom of religion is under attack in the U.S.

Orem, UT

Nicely done! Exciting stuff.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I have similar story as Arkansas_gal and totally agree with her. This is really great news reported.

Cache county, USA

My how times have changed

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I have been a Mormon for 53 years, but recall my early days in the Presbyterian Church with love and affection not only for Presbyterians, but all Protestants and Catholics. Christians should not be fighting, but cooperating.


So Cool.




I am always happy to see people working together for the good of all. This is how the Savior would have it. What a nicely written article.

Roseburg, OR

Wonderful story. It is so heartwarming to see churches work together. I came from a variety of churches and am so happy to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have been a member for 54 years now but I remember many special experiences in the churches I attended as a child, especially the Methodist Church and the Catholic Church. We all serve the same God.

South Jordan, UT

Loved the Southern Baptists in Alabama. Their jenerosity is in part why i gained 30 lbs on my
mission despite the bike!


It's fine to be friends and do community service together, but there is no spiritual fellowship between Born again Christians and Mormons, they worship different Gods and they follow different gospels...

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Ex-Mormon,

Very sad. Does that make you feel better?


I have found many worth while truths and common ground with all the faiths of my friends. They wouldn't be my friends if there wasn't common ground to begin with. I tell my friends they have many parts of the puzzle. We just have the missing parts to the puzzle (LOL) and that is why I hope they will someday read the Book of Mormon. A faithful LDS I know, says, "I learned many good things in the Catholic Church...and then I learned there was more." There is no need to undercut the good that people have. Just share and invite them to learn more if they are interested.

While sitting in a waiting room one day, I picked up a religious pamphlet beside my chair. I found the most interesting article. It read almost word for word as if it came from the Pearl of Great Price. I spoke to someone from that religion and was very surprised to learn that they, too, take their religious doctrine from the earliest verifiable text. There were a few "missing pieces" but an excellent foundation for truth.


@Cat, no, actually it breaks my heart, I love my LDS family and friends and I care about everyone's eternal destiny. I wish it were as simple as just, different Christian denominations coming together, but the truth is, it's not.

Allen, TX

Religious prejudice is just like racism. As long as people accentuate and emphasize the differences, it will remain a divisive force. If the similarities were emphasized, more people could get past the superficial differences and focus on the fact that we are all children of God.

Ex-Mormon, this is why Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have careers.

What are you gaining from your divisiveness?

Winchester, VA

I was raised a Presbyterian, but felt that I was predestined to become a latter-day Saint. Actually my conversion was more serious than that, but I felt that my upbringing and instruction in the scriptures was all good, and that conversion to LDS was just a natural progression in a life dedicated to Christ. I was particularly impressed with a young minister we had that taught us the principle of tithing, although the congregation as a whole rejected the teaching.

Fred W. Anson
Lake Forest, CA

Speaking as an Evangelical Christian, we can most certainly join the LdS Church in working toward commonly agreed social goals that are outside of, and that don't cross theological lines.

This is known as "Peaceful Cobelligerence" which, in a religious context, simply means an alliance between groups, which are normally opposed on doctrinal grounds, for a common social goal. A good case study is how conservative Evangelical Christians and the Roman Catholic Church allied in joint efforts to oppose abortion.

However, if one or both parties confuse Peaceful Cobelligerence with theological unity or implicit endorsement of the other group's theology or doctrine then BOTH groups have a problem for their group distinctives are being compromised.

Unfortunately, this problem seems to be creeping into how this event is being perceived. I know of many Evangelical groups who have visited LdS Church Headquarters - some whom have met with General Authorities in private meetings - those disagreement with LdS Theology and doctrine remained unchanged afterward.

I don't know but I would suspect that this is yet another one of those cases.


@J-TX, I'm speaking the truth, I'm sorry if you take it as divisiveness. Like I said, it's fine for different faiths to work together for community causes.. but the differences between these two faiths should not be blurred. To do so is an injustice to everyone concerned.

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