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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 11:55 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

"Hollywood's insatiable appetite for smut and violence is a major contributor."

Actually, Hollywood's appetite is for money, and they produce what sells. The appetite for smut and violence lies in the hearts of the consumers (natural man, if you will).

Sure there is evil in the world. But there is also good. You have your agency. You can choose not to watch Django or other violent or salacious movies. You can choose to limit your TV viewing to PBS. Man up and CTR.

Layton, UT

Thankfully we are all free to choose what we watch and many of us do not think that our version of spirituality is right for everyone.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

This letter is absolutely correct that modern Hollywood has become a cesspool of violence and immorality. However, the letter is wrong in its inference that Hollywood has become this way on accident.

Tarantino and the other left-wing producers are filling their movies with wanton sexuality and violence precisely because they do want the viewers to be changed by what they see. Modern Hollywood has an open and stated agenda of destroying traditional marriage and family. Indoctrinating the ignorant masses with the belief that violence and sexuality are purely recreational activities goes a long way towards furthering this agenda.

No doubt, there will be several comments from liberal posters indicating that they are unchanged by watching unrestrained violence and sexuality in one movie after another. This simply proves my point about just how much of the general public has fallen for Hollywood's propaganda.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

John Charity Spring said:
No doubt, there will be several comments from liberal posters indicating that they are unchanged by watching unrestrained violence and sexuality in one movie after another. This simply proves my point about just how much of the general public has fallen for Hollywood's propaganda.

Says a guy who has fallen head over heals for religious propaganda over reason and logic, and boasts of it daily.

Far East USA, SC


Thankfully this is a free country. You have the right to go to, or not go to any movie you choose.

I am also thankful that you do not get to censor any movie that you find "immoral".

American Fork, UT

Hollywood is not the tail wagging the dog. People everywhere need to turn off the tv, talk radio, and even church so they can grab a brain think for themselves. We consume this stuff, movie producers don't stuff it down our throats. It isn't a spiritual free fall. It's a societal loss of people willing to be adults and think for themselves. And the worst thing is that these people aren't just going to make bad movie choices.


There have been some great movies recently produced by Hollywood---Les Miserables and Lincoln for example. And there are numerous other examples.

Don't care for Tarantino? Don't go see his movies.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Why are we here? Are we just some "accident"? Are we nothing more than a bunch of cells that combined?

What about "opposition in all things"? Where does that come in? What about agency to choose which of the two opposites we want in our lives?

Where do we find those opposites? What is shown on TV and in movies is largely opposite to what is taught in our churches. Which do we choose?

We have to make a choice. As they say, nature abhors a vacuum. In this case, that "vacuum" is the idea that we can sit on the fence and watch.

We become who and what we desire to become. If we fill our lives with filth, we will be filthy (even if we insist that there is no filth in movies or on TV). If we fill our lives with charity, love and compassion, we will be nearer to the person that Christ challenged us to become.

We can sit in the dark and watch sex, vulgarity and violence or we can sit in the light and learn about faith, hope and charity.

The choice is ours.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Comments like this always amaze me. Society is improving. Django is a fictional movie about slavery. Just 150 years ago, this sort of thing wasn't fictional. As a society, we've improved by leaps and bounds. Ancient Romans fed actual humans to lions for entertainment.
Ghangis Khan and Atila the Hun committed many atrocities. Christians went on crusades to "convert" Muslims but murdered thousand and even resorted to cannibalism.
The Old Testament if full of stories of incest, murder and slavery and it was all acceptable.
Our current society is far better than humans have ever been. It's called progress.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

Those who claim that this issue is simply a matter of choice should tell that to the parents of innocent schoolchildren who have been massacred by purveyors of violent entertainment. What choice did those children have?

This is not a mere matter of personal choice. Study after study, including those cited by this paper, have proven that watching either violent or sexually deviant movies causes viewers to become desensitized, and eventually imitate what they see. How dare anyone claim that a few hours of watching these filthy movies is worth the life of even one child.

Hayden, ID

Does the phrase, "ripe for destruction" mean anything?

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

"Wreck it Ralph" was great.
so was "The Hobbit"
even James Bond's "SkyFall" was cleaner than any Bond movie I've EVER since - even those done back in 1964.
We got "The Averngers" on Blu-ray for Christmas.
We took our family to see "Gnomeo and Juliet" for FHE.

The most "violent" movie I saw this past year was "Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed", and it was about good Latter-Day Saints put in the worst this world has to offer.

What do you mean smut, sex, and violence with NO moral values?

It's all in the eye of the beholder.

BTW - I know many of you believe everyone on the left is a commie Socialist,
but this is America - You vote with your wallet.
Supply equals demand.
If you don't like it, drop Capitalism and switch over to Socialism.
Socialist countries don't allow the smut and violence you complain about.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Yes, there is an empty classroom where children were slaughtered by a madman who may have been influenced by TV and movies. But, have we stopped to think about the 1,600,000 classrooms that were never filled because of abortions in the United States since Roe v Wade?

What societal influences led to those abortions? Just last night my wife and I watched a DVD of The Bob Newhart show. Something as benign as that TV show was filled with talk about the dentist and the receptionist having sex with anyone and everyone. A generation of youth watched that show and many other shows like it. Some of them believed that they were entitled to have sex whenever and with whomever. How many of them had an abortion to "correct" their mistake? How many classrooms are empty because those babies were destroyed in the womb?

Yes, there is cause and effect. We will never know in this lifetime how many lives were destroyed because people were indoctrinated by TV and movies without believing that they were susceptible to the underlying messages.

We become what we participate in. No one is immune.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

What's your answer then Bro. Richards?

From your comments, it's "Forced Righteousness".
Taking away all Free Agency, banning eveything except assualt weapons, so that no one is ever lost.

Try choosing a better way,
setting a good example,
stop judging others,
and Follow Christ.

BTW - Alma taught a great example of Free Agency vs. Forced Righteousness.

While watching woman and children being thrown into the fires,
He said the wicked must be allowed to perform their wickedness.

And as for weapons --
Learn a lesson from the Anti-Nephi-Lehis [Ammonites]
they buried them deep in the ground, and willing laid done and were slaughtered.

By so doing, they not only obeyed God - but in fact, their example turned many MANY more of the Lamanites to righteousness than all the teaching and preaching ever had.

And in the end, the once righteous Nehpites who swore to live by their swords, ultimelty all perished by them as well.
Just as God - the Savior of the world - said.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Those who claim that this issue is simply a matter of choice should tell that to the parents of innocent schoolchildren who have been massacred by purveyors of violent entertainment. What choice did those children have?"

Those kids were murdered by guns, not DVD cases.

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

Maybe we should take a page from the book of liberal policy ideas.

Tax violence and sex in all forms of entertainment, to pay for the pregnancies and victims of violence and rape, and for the mental health treatment of perps and victims.

We should limit all video games to 10 shots then the round is over. Limit movies to 10 shots too.

We should do background checks and ban private sales of all violent and sexual entertainment.

We should restrict any guns being used that look like military style guns in any form of media.

We have to protect people from becoming cold killers, and their potential victims.

one old man
Ogden, UT

It will be very interesting when folks who try to force their opinions and beliefs on others suddenly realize that their ride on the Great Celestial Elevator is going down instead of up.

Funny thing is that they'll probably be heading the same direction as those who actions they decry now.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Ironically, it's we liberals who have been campaigning against a violent society and violent media fare all along. Somebody's confused if they think otherwise.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Curmudgeon" you are wrong. If Hollywood was after profits, they would be making G-Rated movies. See "Study: G-rated movies most profitable" at NBC News.

To "Happy Valley Heretic" you are wrong. What Hollywood puts out does effect how people act. See "Literature Review of Media Messages to Adolescent Females" from University of Saskatchewan and "The Influence of Media Marketing on Adolescent Girls" from Kappa Omicron Nu.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

FYI - Christ was a passavist.
Care to explain how a disiple or follower of Christ can be pro-gun?

Yet here we see it -
The Anti-War, Anti-Gun, Anti-Violent, passavist, Bleeding Heart Liberals are somehow being blamed

by the Pro-Gun, Pro-War, Pro-Military, Pro-Business Conservatives?

And RedShirt --
They won't make films if they don't make money.
You're the pure Capitalist...you should understand supply / demand economics.
yours is the motto: Keep Government out of it - Let the Free Markets decide.

And G-rateed movies don't make more money at the box-office.
It's compounded by all the toys, action figures and DVDs sold after the fact.
You hawk-eye business sense is slipping.

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