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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 11:55 p.m. MST

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Far East USA, SC

I have no doubt that was is occurring here to Terry is the expiration of the payroll tax cuts.

You know.. those taxes that pay for SS and Medicare. The 2 programs that are underfunded, and their funding (read taxes) were cut previously under Obama.

Neither party was big on extending them.

From the Wall Street Journal -

"The workers’ share of the Social Security payroll tax had been lowered by two percentage points for the past two years, to 4.2% from 6.2%, amounting to an annual income boost of $1,000 for a typical U.S. family earning $50,000 a year."

This in simply another case of one getting a TEMPORARY tax cut, and then calling it a tax increase when it expires. And blaming Obama.

Sandy, UT

The social security tax cut was planned to be temporary.

Durham, NC

I am sorry that you were not aware the payroll tax was going to return to the rate it was when Obama took office. See, technically there was a sale on role taxes where they were 2 percent lower than when Obama took office - and that sale - or pay roll tax holiday expired December31st - your back to paying the rate you paid when Obama took office.

Not sure how you missed it...... it has been plastered throughoutt the news for the last month

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Anyone really thought 0bama told the truth? Just wait for the death panels - we have so desensitized the people with abortion, I guess death panels for the elderly is just another step. And as a Senior, I would like to thank those who voted for 0bama and especially other seniors who thought we would not have to pay 1 cent more, or that we could retain our doctors of choice. Wake up!

Salt Lake City, Utah

I don't know what kind of work you do, but based on the reasoning exhibited on this letter, there are many professions in which I hope you are not engaged.

Two years ago, Obama convinced Congress to pass a bill which he then signed into law to temporarily reduce the payroll tax rate by 2%. This temporary tax reduction expired. Without action from Congress, there is nothing the President can do about that tax rate - at least, not without overstepping his Constitutional authority.

The payroll tax did not go up - it returned to its regular rate. This is not considered a tax increase but the end of a tax holiday.

Blaming Obama for things over which he has no control indicates a lack of knowledge of how our form of Government works. And if the only complaints you have against him are baseless fabrications, then he must not be doing too bad of a job.

Kearns, UT

Terry, your taxes went up because the Payroll Tax holiday that President Obama passed with a Democratic Majority in the House in 2009 has now expired. The Republican led House of Representatives did not act in time to save it. This was part of the tax cuts that the President wanted to preserve, but Congressional Republicans were willing to let go so that they could preserve tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy.

Centerville, UT

I expect the author intends to collect social security when he retires. If we expect Social Security to be there for us, we have to pay for it.

Burke, VA

Mr. Gunn apparently doesn't read this opinion page, nor any other news outlet. This same, childish premise was presented in a letter just a few days ago. I'm wondering why the Desreret News feels it necessary to present worn out issues day after day. Are the writers of opinion letters so few and far between that you need to have something just to fill the page?

So since we're restating old opinions here, let me make a point that was probably made on the previous day. Yes, Mr. Gunn, you should thank the president because his stimulus package included a holiday from payroll taxes over the past two years. And so based on your statement, you probably avoided paying over $1500 in payroll taxes over the past two years. What did you do with that money? Did you pay off some debt? Did you take a family vacation? Regarless of what you did with the money I hope you'll take the time to write the president a personal note thanking him for your good fortune. The president didn't raise your taxes but the holiday is over.

Far East USA, SC

"Anyone really thought 0bama told the truth? Just wait for the death panels "

Oh yes, the infamous death panels. The part where doctors get paid for the time that they spend discussing end-of-life options with the family. This was sold to the unknowing as "death panels"

Kind of sad when people call out other for not telling the truth, while blatantly NOT telling the truth.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Government programs are great, as long as someone else has to pay for them. It's different when we have to pay for them ourselves.

The tax increases which prompted the writer to complain are for Medicare and Social Security. Even with the tax increases, these programs are under-funded. We borrow money to pay for them. Which is the same as saying, our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay for them. Medicare and Social Security need to be reformed, but no politician will do it, because it would cost them votes. Some politicians, like Obama, don't even admit that a problem exists. If they talk about it at all, they pretend it can be solved by taxing the rich. But, mathematically, there aren't enough rich people to make up the shortfall.

A real leader would go before the American people, explain the problem clearly, and propose a solution behind which the nation could unite. Instead, Obama demagogues the issues and tries to shift blame to his political adversaries, and nothing constructive gets done. It's going to be a long four more years.

Murray, Utah

It shouldn't have been cut two years ago.

He throws little scraps here and there to keep his constituents happy. None of these scraps amount to anything other than votes. They clearly don't help the economy.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Terry needs to get off the foxnews/am radio kool-aid. The Payroll taxes aren't going up. They are returning to the exact rate they were when Obama made that promise.

Lets suppose your local Harmons store sells Chicken for $5. Monday-Friday they go for their normal price of $5. then, on Saturday, they decide to have a promotion. They lower the chicken to $4. But it's just a promotion, a temporary measure, and everyone (except for a very small ill-informed minority of the population understands this).

On the next Monday, the price for chicken returns to the normal price of $5. Would anyone in the right mind say that Harmons is increasing their prices? Absolutely not. Yet, when the price increases to its normal cost this very small ill-informed minority complains that the prices are increasing.

Do the attacks that this ill-informed minority carry any weight? Are they legitimate? Do they really speak for the majority? Nope.

Same thing applies here.

Obama didn't lie. Payroll taxes aren't increasing. And the very small ill-informed minority should be ignored. Sorry Terry, but Obama won. Get over it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Terry is too young (or too partisan) to remember that the current program and rates were set in place in 1983. From that date till the "tax holiday" stimulus, that was what we all paid. Now that I am among those collecting benefits, Terry thinks that the correct policy is to cut the payroll (Soc. Sec.)tax AND complain that the program is underfunded and needs benefit cuts. No wonder we can't get anything done in Washington.

PS. Your current rate would be that signed into law by President Reagan if that helps you accept reality better.

one old man
Ogden, UT

This letter is completely foolish.

The writer actually needs to thank the GOP side of Congress. When Obama tried to get the 2% cut passed four years ago, the GOP fought tooth and nail to stop it. Now, when they had a chance to prevent the return of the 2% when it was due to expire, they did nothing.

Actually, the 2% was a "tax holiday" intended to try to boost the economy that had been trashed by President Cheney and his little friend. Now it's necessary to let it expire because it is needed to fund Social Security and other programs this writer will certainly want to be there when his time comes to retire.

One more Utahn has fallen for the propaganda of the right.

Midway, UT

Rather than complain and blame everything on Obama, why not thank him for giving you a temporary payroll tax cut for 2 years? Don't you remember why you got that 'raise' for the past 2 years?I do, and I thank President Obama for that. Now, it's time to start paying full fare for the programs that we all benefit from, and are being shortchanged from that temporary cut. It's the responsible thing to do.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I'll bet in the same breath this letter writer complains about the growing National deficient as well...

South Jordan, UT

Terry Its to bad you dont understand how the government works. The Bush tax cuts bankrupted our country. The rise in taxes you see is the end of an additional tax break, from the Obmam administration, to help shore up the economy. The Bush tax cuts need to expire on ALL of us. We havent paid a bill for 10 years, thanks to them, and the unfunded wars he started. Terry do some fact checking, to find out what your talking about before you open your mouth and insert foot!

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Pleasant Grove, UT
Government programs are great, as long as someone else has to pay for them. It's different when we have to pay for them ourselves.

The tax increases which prompted the writer to complain are for Medicare and Social Security. Even with the tax increases, these programs are under-funded. We borrow money to pay for them.

No Nate. We actually borrow FROM Social Security programs because we are still bringing in more than we pay out. And we did NOT get a holiday for Medicare. That rate has remained constant. Honest.

Payson, UT

So what if it's temporary. Does that mean it can't be extended, or made permanent...if anything in DC is ever permanent. Obama, Democrats, Republicans....what does it matter. They're all incompetent....a bunch of crooks. Soooo, temporary or not....I'm getting less each month. Haven't had a raise in 4 years...and probably another 4.

Just look at Social Security. That money you say we owe to support this wonderful program doesn't even do so. It's spent by the crooks, only taking out what they have to to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat, rather than being put into a protected, controlled investment program that would actually give far larger payments to SSA recipients in their old age.

Good luck America.

Salt Lake City, Utah

t matters because the letter writer inaccurately singled out Obama for blame. republicans need to stand up and take responsibility for their role in our broken government instead of always trying to displace blame on others.

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