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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 10:15 p.m. MST

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Please Ty Detmer please call Ty Detmer please call Ty Detmer please call Ty Detmer for an interview. Please offer Ty Detmer the Qb coach job. TY DETMER.......T.Y. D.E.T.M.E.R........ Dear Bronco, Robert, Tommy, Pres. Cecil O. CALL TY DETMER!!!!!!!!

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Hasn't Detmer said again and again that he isn't interested, Azjim?

It's only fair that Anae's getting who he wants but still sad to see these others let go, who were brought on with such promise and enthusiasm. Thanks Coach Cahoon and Coach DuPaix! You'll be missed.


Cougar Cindy. Ty has never been offered the job. When asked by reporters, as a Texas gentleman, Ty has politely evaded the question, so as to not step on anybody's toes. There's a huge difference between being offered a job that is open and a random question from the press.

Raymond, 00

It's too bad to see those two go I felt they did a great job developing players in their respective positions!

Danbury, CT

I feel bad for DuPaix and Cahoon but this year's offense was pathetic. If we had the same level of play on the offensive side that we had on defense, it would have been a far different year. It's often hard to change when only one person is removed in a system.

It seems we all clamor for change - any change - and then aren't happy when change comes. Our coaching pool is even more limited than our player pool. That's why I caution anyone who is making noise about ousting Bronco. Just who do you think you will get that is better? I think he's the best we can get. Lumps and all. But a great coach and a great man.

South Jordan, UT

A big thank you to Coach DuPaix and Cahoon. I hope they land on their feet somewhere (other than the Utes). I'm pulling for Brandon Dohman, a fine man who was given too much on his plate too soon by Bronco (Bronco also went to the San Francisco 49ers to recruit him as a QB coach.) He has worked for Anae before he left for Arizona, so there is no ego there. We also love Max Hall. However, we don't know much about his coaching ability since he was only a graduate assistant last year. We do know about his passion for BYU!

We just hope we see a return of the strong offense for BYU. We have a lot of important games next season and need to see a great improvement. We love BYU!

Go Cougars!

Omaha, NE

Interesting that BYU has touted their recruiting classes and the coordinator is let go and the wide receivers caught the passes that were within reach and that coach was let go. As for Detmer, head coaches who have a troubled program and not a lot of self confidence do not want a higher profile name on the staff than them. I think all the offensive changes over the years indicates that Bronco is a well respected defensive coordinator but not a head coach.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

I think I am not alone when I say I feel we are throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I agree some changes needed to be made but I agree with the comments that these 2 coaches did not seem to be the issue. I know the new guy wants his guys but does that make the others bad? Doman is a great coach but just did not have all the tools. Maybe he could have done better but I am not sure anyone else would have done much better given the cards he was delt. Some of that has to be pointed at the top as well as the players. This is a team both on the field as well as the coaching. You can't fire the jockey if the horse is not as fast as the others. He can prod, beat, slap and bribe the horse all he wants and it can not go any faster. Not convinced that the coaches are all to blame. If these 2 were such good picks 2 years ago what happened? Responsibilty lies with him who hired them. And if it is the same in 2 more years?

Window Rock, AZ

Come on you commenters; never seen such negativity. I thought the lds culture is supposed to be positive but yet see such negative attitudes. yes not lds but support the cougars. you are supposed to be an example to me as a non member. change is exciting.

Palo Alto, CA

I don't see Coaches DuPaix and Cahoon being dismissed as any kind of judgement on their performance this year, good or bad.

Anae is simply choosing his own staff and he's choosing coaches whom he feels will be the most effective in developing the type of offense he envisions. Despite some second-guessing of some of Anae's play calling, BYU did have very good offenses under Anae.

Salt Lake City, UT

Funny when changes are made with assistant coaches, there are so many who know so much more than those who are "within the walls" of the program every single day. There is so much more that goes on within those walls than what we see on the football field during the three hours of football 13 times a year.

We really don't know why the changes were made. We really don't know what happened that caused the program to have such a could have been should have been season. But at this point I personally would put more stock in what is being said from within the program that what is being said by people who "profess to have all the solutions" from the outside.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT


I only read something from some medias that Ty was not interested to coach at the Y right now and there is no insight for his reason. Was he interviewed which was not mentioned when they interview two other coaches from suu and Sacramento. Bronco want changes for himself and the rest of us (assistant coaches, players and fans (media are part of fans)). Rober A. want something for his need and for Bronco. Something need to change on the O's side and I am looking forward to 2013 season but it may not fix the problem for 2013. Look what happened to Washington St. of Coach Leach which he didn't have a good season but he will get better sooner than what you think but it may not happen. All I can do right now is to watch BYU basketball and be busy for spring and summer time and not think about football. I wish Brandon Doman luck where he chooses to stay or move on.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Anae needs to get his own people in. Only time will tell on the offensive coaching staff overhaul. All Cougs fans know an overhaul was necessary. Here's hoping these changes (and others to come) pan out. Go, Cougs!

Orem, UT

How do we fans embrace Anae, who walked out on our team, and now fires the great coaches that were hired such a short time ago. The only way to success is if the players buy into the coach and the system. It seems last time Anae was at BYU, the players did not all buy into his attitude and treatment.

Love Doman, but hope for HIS sake, he finds a truly great place to coach. As a long-time True BYU Fan, I question where it is we are, and where we are going! Tom? Bronco? Explanations? We pay the tickets, gentlemen. We are the fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well said skywalker. When the offense doesn't perform we complain. When there is a coaching change because of poor performance, we complain. The common factor seems to be complaining by arm chair experts and trolls.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Whats the love affair with Detmer? Being great players doesn't automatically make them great coaches.


Bass. Ty was kept on several nfl rosters to tutor the rookie qbs.

Idaho Falls, ID

Agree with eastcoastcoug. Bronco has made some unpopular decisions at times but all in all, he has been very good for BYU. Firing Bronco would be crazy. I just don't think rehiring Anae is forward thinking. 2 guys, Clark and Petersen, who have applied for the QB coaching position, both with much success as OC's of smaller colleges, I think, would be better hires for OC than Anae. But that is water under the bridge, now. I just hope they don't repeat history by hiring an inexperienced Max Hall as QB coach over much more qualified candidates.

Las Vegas, NV

Comments about Ty not being able to coach are like people thinking Jeff Gordon cant teach someone how to race. It's dumb. Ty is a natural and was raised in a coaches home. He knows the gig better than anyone and spent years in the NFL as a roster coach. Two different NFL coaches when asked said he was as much a coach they could turn too for advice as a player. Ty didn't have to have the physical skills to know the game. Was 4th stringer Lou Holtz a great player...no but he sure knew the game and could coach. Mike Leach...similar deal. Detmer was inhibited by a lack of physical size and stature, but his mind is as good or better than anyone else's in the game.

As for losing DuPaix and Cahoon. Yes Anae was rehired and has the right now to execute stupid. Cahoon is the best WR coach BYU has had in 35 years. Perhaps he and Anae don't get along too well. No matter what, he'll end up somewhere else getting paid more becasue of who he is and was.

Orem, UT

Looks like Brandon Doman is out and Aaron Roderick is coming to BYU afterall.

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