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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 9:30 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

DJC: "If I want a vasectomy can my employer deny it. " Uh YES! Many healthcare plans don't cover that. Is it right to force a company to pay to have it added? NO! HL isn't telling anybody what they can and can't do. They are just saying they aren't paying for it. If you don't like it get a job somewhere that does!

Snack Pack
Lehi, UT

Not everything that is legal is ethical. Suck on that for a bit - @kishkumen

Salt Lake City, UT

Vern001, the employer sponsored healthcare offered by Hobby Lobby is not the only healthcare available to its employees. Until Obamacare changes things it is an optional benefit to its employees. The employee is not forced to participate and Hobby Lobby is in no way deciding its employees treatments. The employee can still select whatever treatment he or she wants. Whether its covered under the plan is a different story. Once Obamacare is fully implemented, if Hobby Lobby does have to pay for its employee's healthcare, then employees still aren't forced to stay with the company if they don't like the plan. Nobody is forcing anyone to stay at a job. We all have the opportunity to look for a job where we're comfortable and agree with the benefits.

Shelley, ID

"When a company offers employment, they choose what salary they offer for what positions. They may or may not choose to offer extra benefits, like healthcare coverage. NOWHERE in the constitution does it say the federal government can impose the terms of an employment contract. The federal government has no business in this business. Yes, the Supreme Court has ruled this constitutional---and all kinds of reprehensible things have previously been deemed constitutional that were wrong."

I was under the impression that the Supreme Court had bolstered the Commerce clause in its decision, doesn't that mean that Hobby Lobby has a case in that section of the decision?

Salt Lake City, UT

Hobby Lobby shouldn't even have to use Religion as an excuse.

They should be able to say "nope" we don't want to cover that "just because".

If employees don't want to work there or if customers don't want to shop there than that is the result.

Our Rights are being eroded.

We have a government trying to control us way too much!

Amazing that America voted for obama.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

"Why should an employer have a right to decide what kind of treatment you take?"

Hobby Lobby is not telling their employees what kind of treatment they can have. If their employees want contraception they still have the right to reach into their wallet and pay for it. If the employee does not like Hobby Lobbies benefit package the employee has the right to go find an employer who does.

"And for all those who think Hobby Lobby is in the right, would you be o.k. if your employer decided, for religious reasons, not to pay for the blood transfusions you need?"

I would be perfectly ok with that. My employer has every right to provide whatever benefits they want. If I don't like it I'll go find an employer who I do like.

Sandy, UT

Hobby Lobby customers mirror those of Chick Fil A and will experience a net gain in business growth from this publicity.

Brigham City, UT

Well said, djc: "My employer should have no control over my health benefits. I don't want employer mandated death panels. I want my employer to give me a paycheck for hours worked and I want him/her to keep his blasted nose out of my personal business."

I agree completely. Too bad that isn't really what you meant.

Mount Pleasant, UT

It is within their right to choose what they will cover...afterall, they are paying for it. I think they would be at a terrible risk if they covered contraception - there would always be employees that abuse it.

Layton, UT

vern001, if health care is a private matter, why are you expecting your employer to pay for it?

Harley Rider
Small Town, CT

I applaud Hobby Lobby for standing up to that Tyrant in the WhiteHouse
Obama's Health Care Bill will be one of the absolute worst piece of legislation ever passed - all 3,000 pages. No doubt the Health Care was lacking in this country , but we needed something more like Ron Paul's 12 page Health Care Bill. Sadly the people of this country are going to find out just how horrible this bill truly is.

The Federal Government is long long over due for a radical reduction in size. All decision making needs to be returned to the States as per the law of the land - "The Constitution of The United States "

How's that change working out for you ? As your civil liberties & freedoms rapidly disappear.

I believe that more and more companies are going to start defying the regime currently in power and rely on their individual states for direction. The states for now are united - for how much longer shall be interesting to see

Donal Pearce
Murrieta, CA

I, for one, have never been in a Hobby Lobby store. From now on, when seeking items sold by such a store, I will seek them out for my purchases! (That should cancel out the opposite reaction of vern001 and others who seem to miss the point.)

Cedar City, UT

Castle Rock, CO

I for one will no longer shop at Hobby Lobby. Healthcare is a private and individual matter. Why should an employer have a right to decide what kind of treatment you take? Shouldn't that be up to you and your doctor?


I agree. Healthcare is a private matter between you and your doctor. So if you want contraceptives, Hobby Lobby employees should not get Hobby Lobby insurance.

Cedar City, UT

American Fork, UT

I used to buy my art supplies from hobby lobby, but stopped after I found out that they don't value our nation's efforts to make sure everyone has healthcare, and our initiatives to make sure women's medical needs are covered.


They also don't value or assume responsibility to ensure people have car insurance either. But I would hold that against them.

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