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Published: Saturday, Jan. 12 2013 9:10 p.m. MST

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Cowboy Dude

JIM 1027 "When? and if? Utah starts winning Pac12 games then we can say it was a good decision to join. In the meantime, they are getting beat up on the field, in the press, and by fans. I guess being the doormat is not that fun."

You mean BYU fans not Utah fans.

You can't get a single ticket to a Utah game. We travel to California and Arizona to see Utah play. the fans have never been more excited. And the press outside of Utah finally give Utah respect.

I guess being the "PAC12" doormat is not that fun "for BYU fans."

pocatello, ID

Salt Lake City, UT

Every conference needs its bottom dwellers so the big boys of the conference can pad their win totals. Credit the Utes for adjusting to that role so quickly; Colorado and WSU appreciate the company.


BYU pads their schedule with bottom dwellers all the time. And they only managed a 7-5 record this season. LOL! Credit the Cougs for being consistent. Idaho, Idaho St & New Mexico St. appreciate the company.

Bloomington, IN


"For BYU fans all that matters is BYU." This is exactly right! and unfortunately, this is why those up north keep trying to prove to us they are better. All we've ever cared about is BYU, and this somehow comes across as self-centered and rude to an underdeveloped outsider perspective. Seriously, how many of us really care what the Utes do? I know I don't; I can't even tell you which teams they lost to in football or their overall basketball record is. I'll bet the Ute "fans" have all that information memorized about BYU. There are only two reasons I even respond to their rantings:primarily because I get tired of constantly being attacked, even though arguing back is like arguing with a democrat, and honestly, sometimes it's entertaining to encourage them a bit. Other than that, I simply don't care. All that matters is BYU. You're spot on.

Barb Wire

BYU ia just another mediocre team in the land of alot of mediocre teams outside the SEC Conference. Don't worry BYU, you're along way from being one of the elite whether you're in the MWC or play as an Independent. Lots of big egos and wishfull thinking over there in Provo...

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