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Published: Saturday, Jan. 12 2013 9:10 p.m. MST

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Austin Coug
Pflugerville, TX

Henry Drummond,

Interesting you bring up AFA. BYU is 24-7 lifetime against AFA and had beat them 6 times in a row before their loss in 2010. You are making a big deal out of nothing. BYU and AFA have had a good series together and will play again in the future.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Byu would dominate every conference so there only being fair by independence.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

How much has Utah brought to the PAC? Actually about $2 million from last years Sun Bowl.
Which is more than BYU has earned from 2 Poinsettia Bowls.

Oh and in the lifetime of the MWC Utah brought about $30 million just from the Fiesta and Sugar bowls. BYU brought less than $10 million from their series of 3rd tier bowl games.

Utah Desperate to be one of the big boys? Better than being rejected by every major conference in the county.

As for UNLV... let's just say they have a better chance of an PAC invite than BYU.

Highland, UT

I love independence. I have absolutely no desire for BYU to join any conference. Just because utah must have other, greater schools to prop it up and lend it some small modicum of credibility, BYU does not need that. They are able to stand on their own. I really like it.

Heber City, UT

Dear Fuzz, just because a sports writers says it is about money does not make it true.

I have never heard BYU or anyone in authority say they are doing this because of the money. Quit reading between the lines and stick to the facts. Yes, they are making more money, but BYU has consistenly stated they are doing this to get more exposure for the University and for the Church. That is the bottom line. Before we, maybe, got into the homes of several million, now they are in the homes of up to 60 million through ESPN and BYUTV. I hope this is simple enough to understand.

Don't forget FUZZ, it does take money to run a sports program. Everyone does not simply volunteer their time and the airlines do not give them free flights, nor do the athletic companies donate their equipment. The refs are not free. It does cost maintenance for the field and the lights. So, I simply do not understand why you are having a problem with them wanting to make money.

Odessa, TX

How exactly is Utah scheduling up when they replaced BYU with Fresno State, not Michigan. Utah straight out said they didn't want BYU on 2014-15 because they didn't want to risk losing 2 non-conference games. On the other hand BYU scheduled Michigan in 2015 in addition to their games at Nebraska, at Southern Miss, and home against Boise State and Cincinnati.


Independence is much better!

The good:
1. In spite of what CKS007 says there is less exposure in the MWC than being independent. At least that is true for BYU! Only six football teams last year had more TV exposure than BYU which also helps with recruiting.
2. BYU gets to play an overall tougher schedule in Football which will help BYU get better and helps with recruiting. In Basketball it is kind of a wash as the MWC is really good this year.
3. More ability to play all over the country which helps with exposure and recruiting!
4. BYU would have to abide by what the MWC says which is kind of like being in an HOA (Home Owners Association) and having others make rules for you.
5. More money - joining the MWC, even with BSU's deal, would result in less money for BYU. Probably one of the least important reasons but it does help with facilities, training and helps support other sports. This also helps with recruiting.
6. ESPN helps schedule some football games.

The bad:
1. Football games are more difficult to schedule.
2. Game times are not as convenient for the local fans.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"I have absolutely no desire for BYU to join any conference."

Which is really quite convenient because no conference in the country wants BYU.

Kind of like a young guy who thinks dating is a "waste of time"... because no one will date him.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter

"They are able to stand on their own. I really like it."

I assume by "they" you are including Idaho and New Mexico State... Over 30 teams have been classified as a D-1 independent since 1978, including Colgate, Eastern Carolina, Indiana State, Richmond, Temple, Tulane, and Utah St.. Going independent is not some badge of honor; pretty much anybody can do it.

Payson, UT

RE: motorbike
Cottonwood Heights, UT
"By the way, scared to play BYU? Yeah, that's why we scheduled a stronger team in Michigan instead. I'll tell you what, I'd love some of whatever it is you're having." It is funny Utah fans keep bring this up BYU also scheduled Michigan and was still willing to play Utah. Utah inseted Scheduled Fresno State. That is the team you got insted of BYU I hope you will like that game. You have such a history with them. No more we scheduled Michigan insted of BYU because it is Frensno State you replaced BYU with.

RE: Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA
Don't worry BYU is not going to take a step backward and join the MWC.

Clearfield, UT
You do know Chris B. is a Utah fan and is being sarcastic

Springville, UT
When BYU beats Utah there only Pac-12 team they play they still will not beat a Pac-12 team with a winning record.

Nancy Smith
Delta, UT

the MWC would take BYU back in a second

Orem, UT

Howard S.

"Actually about $2 million from last years Sun Bowl."

Sorry to burst your delusional crimson bubble, but it was the PAC 12's bowl contract with the Sun Bowl that brought in whatever the Sun Bowl pays - as far as the PAC 12 is concerned, it really doesn't matter whether it was a mediocre Utah last year or a mediocre USC this year.

Utah provides a warm body so that PAC 12 can play a conference championship game, nothing more.

Highland, UT


Only a few could do it successfully, and there is the difference. But I didn't claim being independent as a "badge of honor", I claim BYU's ability to do it successfully as a badge of honor. None of those teams could get an ESPN contract, none of them could work out individual deals with bowl games, none of them could arrange the schedules BYU is arranging.

You see there are those, like utah, that can only leech onto greater schools than themselves to try and gain some relevence. utah "fans" apparently know this on a sub concious level based on how all they talk about is the pac 12 and almost never about utah itself.

For BYU fans all that matters is BYU.

That is the difference in being a school that can stand on your own and a school that lacks anything of its own and must cling to the accomplishemnts of others in a desperate bid to claim it matters.

Frisco, TX

As long as Notre Dame is independent and ESPN continues its contract with BYU, the Cougs will stay independent. Holmoe told us that scheduling would be tough the first two years, and it was. But look at the schedule for 2013. The schedule seems to be manageable going forward, and is a lot better than a MWC schedule.

BYU has gotten the exposure from the media they wanted. Now BYU just needs a signature season to get "exposure" from the non-BYU football fans to recognize the Cougs as a powerhouse program. We missed a huge opportunity this year. With a decent QB, I think we could've finished the season 11-1 and possibly been selected ahead of N. Illinois for a BCS at-large bowl.

Is it just me, or does anybody else see a simiarity in how Taysom Hill plays and how Colin Kaepernik plays? Taysom has a long way to go to get to that level, but their games look a lot alike.

Salt Lake City, UT

Loyalty is an admirable trait, in most circumstances. With the MWC, loyalty was not a two way street. BYU is fine as an independent unless something substantial changes. A teams first responsibility is to themselves - BSU and SDSU need to do what is best for themselves as does BYU. Conferences serve the needs of their members, not the reverse. Win-win situations are fine but BYU doesn't need to lie down for a conference that has proven itself unreliable, Big East or MWC.

Bountiful, UT

"Why don't you guys just join the prestigious PAC 12 or big 12? Then you would be fighting for a prestigious conference championship and prestigious bowl game every year. I don't get why you guys would rather just fight for WAC championships. Can a cougar explain please?"

Happy to right after you explain to Cougar fans why Utah is never fighting for a presitigious conference championship and a prestigious bowl game and instead is fighting to stay out of the cellar. The only fighting Utah did this year was to stay out of last place.

Bountiful, UT

"If there was an interest in BYU, then they would already be a member."

Interest goes both ways. Conferences have been interested in BYU but BYU hasn't been interested in giving up EVERYTHING to join them. It's no different than negotiating for a new job with a new company. Higher pay doesn't make the new job ideal. When I interview and negotiate prospective new employees I find that pay is rarely the problem and benefits and work schedule is a primary concern.

It's no different for BYU. It will be a moot point of discussion with any conference if they want BYU to give up the right to re-broadcast their own games and if they expect BYU to give up No-Sunday-Play.

The MWC wasn't good for BYU before so what has changed that will make it good now? That was something that both Utah and BYU agreed upon when the Mtn Network was first launched. If a business partner you trusted knifed you in the back and then years later reached out to you to go into business together again, would you trust him a 2nd time? Only a fool would...

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"I claim BYU's ability to do it successfully as a badge of honor."

BYU isn't doing it successfully until they can do it without 2 for 1 schedules with BCS teams.

Notre Dame does independence successfully... no one else does.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter

Yeah those pathetic schools like everyone in the SEC, BIG 12, BIG, and PAC-12 who must cling to each other for relevance. Or could it possibly be that schools like USC and Texas understand the benefits and advantages of conference affiliation?

"For BYU fans all that matters is BYU." - and Utah. BYU fans, including yourself, talk about the Utes quite a bit.

Lastly, in two years of independence Utah State played Nebraska, Iowa, Boise St., Utah, BYU, Southern Florida, Connecticut, Louisiana Tech, Fresno State, and they got Oregon to come to Logan. Scheduling isn't hard when you do 2-for-1 and 1-and-done with BCS teams and home-home with mid-majors....

Salt Lake City, UT


Every conference needs its bottom dwellers so the big boys of the conference can pad their win totals. Credit the Utes for adjusting to that role so quickly; Colorado and WSU appreciate the company.

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