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Published: Saturday, Jan. 12 2013 9:10 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Why don't you guys just join the prestigious PAC 12 or big 12? Then you would be fighting for a prestigious conference championship and prestigious bowl game every year. I don't get why you guys would rather just fight for WAC championships. Can a cougar explain please?

Springville, UT

Am I the only one that's sick and tired of the TV revenue rhetoric? I thought BYU was all about exposure, not money. I guess that was just a joke. BYU being independent is a disservice to its players and fans...nobody seems to care about that. As soon as BYU's first inevitable loss occurs, the season is over. That sucks. Being in the MWC at least gives you something to play for after that first loss. I hate BYU being independent. It's just like Riley Nelson. Selfish and self-centered. Forget about the team.

Salt Lake City, UT

Pretty easy to explain. The WCC has no Sunday play, has higher academic standards then the majority of PAC-12 schools and provides a faith based education. Even a Ute fan should understand that.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Why don't you guys just join the prestigious PAC 12 or big 12? Then you would be fighting for a prestigious conference championship and prestigious bowl game every year."

Yes, we've all seen how all of that "fighting for a prestigious... whatever" is working out for the Utes.

Tell ya what; why don't U call us the first time the Utes beat a conference opponent with a winning record?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Just the FAX

So, according to you, BYU isn't going to join a great conference because Utah has struggled in it's first two years? Weird.

Springville, UT

Hasn't BYU beaten a couple PAC 12 opponents with winning records the last 2 years?

Provo, UT

The Cougars have come just as close to winning the Pac-12 championship as the Utes have in basketball and football. I know I shouldn't feed the troll, but I just can't help it.

Santa Monica, CA

Ahh the pleasures of independence. Why, let me tell you about how wonderful it is....it's....well, it's just,,,,,,well, we love it! True, it's not for everybody, but it provides so much---er---umm---it really free's us up to....umm, well uh....

Wasilla, AK

I think it is great, I haven't missed a game and most of them are in high definition. I also like our chances in the three bid WCC. All of the sports have improved and we can get the best programing available. INDEPENDENCE ROCKS. ESPN3 and game day replay rocks. GO COUGARS.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B wonders "Why don't you guys just join the prestigious PAC 12 or big 12?"

One does not simply "just join" a BCS Conference. It is invitation only.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

If BYU enters into any new conference agreement I hope it's for football only.
The WCC fit is ideal for the university. It's true the basketball team plays in smaller venues, but competition is with faith based institutions that are respectful of the Y's no Sunday policy, and the level of hoops play is very good. In my opinion, the WCC is a perfect home for the Cougars. They should stay put and help advance the stature of the WCC.

Mission Viejo, CA

@Fuzz - a loss in the PAC12 dooms their NC hopes, too. Utah has no realistic hope of an NC just because they're in the PAC12. Rather the opposite.

The only teams not named Alabama with a realistic expectation of an NC game in the current idiocy are three teams in the SEC and maybe one in the Big12. Ohio State with Urban Meyer and his criminals will get a shot next year. Oregon or Stanford might get a shot.

So what does Utah or Oregon State play for? Wins. A bowl game. Pride. Ranking.

What does BYU play for? Wins. A bowl game. Pride. Ranking.

And BYU gets every game on TV. And plays cool teams all over the country. SEC plays Bo Diddley Tech out of conference.

OTOH, Utah, Washington, WSU, Alabama have all backed out of games with BYU. Afraid to play BYU? Frankly, yes. Only on thing may be the impetus driving BYU back to a conference: scheduling.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Ohio State with Urban Meyer and his criminals will get a shot next year."

Judge not lest ye ... ah forget it, you and your fellow cougs will continue throwing stones from your glass houses regardless.

By the way, scared to play BYU? Yeah, that's why we scheduled a stronger team in Michigan instead. I'll tell you what, I'd love some of whatever it is you're having.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

The best part of being independent is the exposure. I can watch just about every BYU basketball and football game. It's awesome. What other university can say that?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

The bottom line is that BYU simply doesn't work and play well with others.

Oh, and let's be clear... Utah brought more money to the MWC with two BCS games than BYU ever did.

Clearfield, UT

Chris B: You can't just join a conference. You have to be invited. So who wants BYU? Not the PAC-12 they have the Utah market wrapped up. Not the Big-12 as they are looking east. Not the Big-10, ACC or SEC (too far and too big for BYU). If there was an interest in BYU, then they would already be a member. Any of those conferences would give you more exposure than independence. The Mountain West would be good for BYU, but their ego won't let them look at real life. The Mt West is now the best of the rest and with the new play off system, should see a lot of money and exposure. Instead BYU wants to stay in fantasyland. Good luck with that.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

Howard S.

The bottom line is that Utah was so desperate to be considered "one of the big boys" that they were willing to become a perennial conference doormat just to be associated with the big boys.

btw, how much money is Utah bringing to the PAC 12?

UNLV would have added more value to the conference than they've gotten from Utah - at least the Rebels have a basketball team.

St. George, UT

When? and if? Utah starts winning Pac12 games then we can say it was a good decision to join. In the meantime, they are getting beat up on the field, in the press, and by fans. I guess being the doormat is not that fun.

Realistically, when do they expect to start beating Oregon, Cal, Standford, USC, UCLA, and the Arizona teams? What new event will trigger that advance in winning?

Will their coach get better? No.

Will their recruting get better related to the big boys in the PAC? No.

Will their players get a big swaggering winning attitude in the meantime? No.

I'd say the team up North should start praying.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Having SDSU and BYU return to the MWC would be awkward to say the least. First, there's that poison pen letter San Diego State wrote about the Cougars that wasn't supposed to become public. Then there's the never ending "We Wuz Wobbed!" rhetoric from the last game the Aztecs played in Provo.

If you get past that, then you have to face Air Force who not only humiliated BYU the last time they met on the gridiron, but played "Hit the Road Jack" on the loudspeakers after the game.

Then there's Nevada and Fresno State who assured BYU they would stick with the WAC through thick and thin unless of course they didn't feel like it.

Let's not forget about Utah State who still is smarting over BYU insisting on 2 for 1 contracts for football after they went out on a limb for them.

Its a sad state of affairs when the most friendly faces BYU could look forward if they return to the MWC are the Wyoming Cowboy fans in Laramie.

I say BYU stands pat.

Rockledge, FL

Fuzz, you jumped to a lot of unsubstantiated conclusions. Do columnists and sportscasters set school policy? Nope.

I think independence has been GREAT! I see the team more now than ever. Exposure on TV, Radio, and News is greatly increased. The team is playing in more locations than ever. Better than the same old tired places. This is exposure and it is great.

Sure, I wish they would win every game. They don't. Few do. Most never have. Yet somehow they teams show up to play every year. Imagine that. And even after they lose a game or 10 they keep playing. Wow.

Lighten up. Independence has been good. Things are far, far better than it every was in the MWC in my opinion.

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