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Published: Friday, Jan. 11 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Columbia, MO

Good, thoughtful article. Dittos to everything in it.

Durham, NC

I think this is an important part... what is the mission of the program. Being associated with Duke University, it has been challenging at time to support its football program, until you put it's mission in perspective of the overall school. Duke doesn't need its football program to help craft its identity like schools like Alabama and Florida do. Yes, Duke has a premier basketball program, but it is much easier to find dozen student athletes that meet the schools academic standards as well as being league leading players as well. With football, the math is much harder. To find 50 to 80 players who can play football and meet school standards is very tough. So with that, you like knowing being competitive in football is probably good enough.

BYU has a special mission. Never should it allow football to ever tarnish that mission\image. If that means having a less competitive program - that cost should be worthwhile. If you can have a competitive program without sacrifice school standards... then that is even better.

Idaho Dad
Pocatello, ID

Thank you, John. I simply couldn't agree more.

Hayden, ID

@ UtahBlueDevil. Excellent and accurate comments. Well said!

Beaver, UT


Mc Kinney, TX

I agree 100%. Bronco is a great fit for BYU!

Cedar City, UT

Well said and the main reason I get excited about BYU football every year. The chances of the Cougars overcoming all odds, with the deck stacked against them world of college athletics, is miniscule; but possibility of overcoming all odds and doing it the right way is hard to resist. The individual stories of spirit, tradition, and honor and development of future leaders makes me proud to be a Cougar.


All you have to do is attend one of Bronco's pregame firesides to see he is a great fit. More good happens there than when beating a top team on the football field. (One of my friends committed to become a memeber of the LDS church after attending the SJSU fireside this season.) Not only are Bronco's values in the right place, his approach to coaching and integrating best practices and technical innovation are second to none in all of college football. Most are not aware of his innovations (they're a competitive secret) that give BYU a leg up in spite of not working a ton of hours. He is the best man for the job!

Phoenix, AZ

Great article with interesting perspective. Great to know that selection committees have voices like that in them.

Chris B-Nice bishopric shot. The article did not mention bishoprics or church leaders, but leaders of the US that come from schools such as Stanford, ND, service academies, and BYU among others. Keep up the 'I hate BYU for every conceivable reason ' rhetoric.

Salt Lake City, UT

In the absence of other legitimate reasons stated in the letter, Chris B's comment is the reason that this U grad is a BYU fan.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Both are really neat.

Kaysville, UT

Great article Uncle John:) I agree with everything you said in terms of how he has handled reviving the program's image after Crowton. I also have no problems when Bronco makes reference to "spiritual" things, in fact I always get a chuckle at the BYU fans who get all fired up when he makes such references.

However, when it comes to coaching the simple decision to maintain Riley as a starter seems almost unfathomable, this is just one instance. As an Aggie fan I've heard more than one Logan High chant from well intentioned Cougar fans and I suppose in a way they were being prophetic . . . never did I imagine that those Logan High chants would be a self-fulfilling prophecy of things to come for BYU football (Riley). If I was in the shoes of a BYU fan the question would be this, "Is there anyone in football coaching who can bring the "mission" of BYU football to pass AND make the right decisions on the field?" I personally think within the LDS ranks there are many who could accomplish this, better than Bronco.

longtime fan
Salt Lake City, UT

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Lundberg's comments. In the sports world today, it is difficult to find examples of athletes who accept the responsibility of role model and use their media attention to be a positive influence. At BYU, there are dozens of great athletes who are also great human beings. Even though I love sports of all types, I can't bring myself to cheer for pro teams or even many college teams that are made up of players who, outside of their sports talent, have few admirable qualities. I admire great athletes who use their influence to be great role models in the community. BYU athletic programs' primary focus should always be to produce these types of athletes.
It's unfortunate that many fans lose sight of the primary mission of BYU, and unintentionally undermine that mission by unsportsmanlike behavior at games or by being overly critical of the coaches and administration in public forums. As fans, it is our job to be as exemplary as we hope our players and coaches will be.

Syracuse, UT

I have the same feeling as those in the article. It's easy to get caught up in decisions coaches make. Hind sight is wonderful. The decision made by Bronco in the Boise game seemed wrong to me at the time. As I think about it that was a gutty decision. Had it turned out like he hoped he'd been a genius. As it turned out he was not. Regardless I think sometimes it takes courage to make choices. I support Bronco in his coaching. I love BYU for what it stands for. I watch any sports on the BYU channel, volleyball (Men and Women), basketball (Men and Women), Football etc over watching any other sports program. I might add I started following BYU in 1952.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I, too, agree with Mr. Lungberg's view ... for where the team is now. I don't think Bronco's the right fit for where the team, according to the AD and other school officials, wants the program to get to. Tom Holmoe, as recently as his last press conference, talked about BCS bowls. As much as I like the Cougs, they will not get a sniff of BCS respectability w/ Bronco at the head, which is why I think the school has not extended his contract yet. If the school though Bronco was the long-term solution to punch through the ceiling into BCS respectibility, they would extended his contract. Bronco has also said he wants to fulfill the terms of his current contract. I've said this before, Bronco was THE perfect candidate to bring back the honor & dignity of Cougs football. I just think he's fulfilled his mission to the school & program.

Gilmer, TX

This is an excellent, thoughtful article. I was greatly saddened by the scandals around 2004. That was not BYU football. I'm grateful that Bronco Mendenhall has brought honorable football back to BYU. But, gosh, I wish he could do better than going for two against Boise State!

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Hear hear! Agree with all this writer says. Go Bronco, Go Cougars!

blue & white
Boise, ID

i herd the minimum GPA to play football at BYU is 3.0 or a 3.3 with a lower ACT. is this true? what is wrong with a 2.7 GPA athlet and with moral character and lives the BYU standards? character who is a excellent football player with many offers? I think he should be able to play at BYU as well since it may help them to get to a BCS. Utah and I bet BSU has a lower gpa criteria for playing football.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

So when coaches make mistakes they are not responsible? Sounds like the letter of two weeks ago that blamed the fans for the problems of this past season.

Provo, UT

I judge a college coach and especially a BYU coach by these standards:

1) Are there players good citizens? Not expecting perfection here but generally do they bring honor to the program in how they act off the field.

2) Do they graduate?

3) Do the players love and respect their coach and school? Do they play hard for their coach?

4) Does the program win games?

5) Does the program develop players for the next level where innate ability to do such exists?

I think BYU and Bronco does well in these areas...

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