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Published: Thursday, Jan. 10 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Great letter!

It's amazing what a few facts can do to dispel the rhetoric.

Orem, UT

Real Maverick: "dispel the rhetoric"??? Are you serious??

This letter was full of rhetoric! Every point was nothing but rhetoric. I looked at it very hard to try and find one of those "facts" that you refer to. Could you help me out there?

one old man
Ogden, UT

Joe, there are plenty of previous news articles and other sources easily available with the click of a mouse that can help you out.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Joe, it's called Google. You may want to come out of your cave and turn off your AM radio and use Google sometime. It's a brilliant tool which can help you find facts and not just rhetoric which is the #1 thing spewed from AM radio pundits.

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

In other words, he hasn't been working on the liberal agenda.

Most of Utahans are okay with that. That is why didn't elect a liberal.

To quote you liberals, "Your guy lost. Our guy won. Get over it."

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I'm curious if Brock shells out the extra money each month to pay for renewable electricity, or if he just uses the cheaper coal and gas produced electricity.

I'm curious if Brock has any kids in school, if he ever had any, or if his kids are now out of school and he no longer wants to pay for public schools. Not wanting to pay for public school because he has no kids in school seems awfully selfish to me.

When we moved from the Seattle area here our property taxes declined by about 1/3, even though our house doubled in size. Schools are supported mostly by property taxes, and our property taxes here are NOTHING compared to a lot of places in mostly blue states. some places in NY and MA have $15-20k per year property taxes on a "middle class" home. Don't bawl to me about our school-supporting property taxes.

Salt Lake City, UT

When did wanting to have cleaner air than Beijing mean being on the liberal agenda?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Christian 24-7 said: "In other words, he hasn't been working on the liberal agenda."

Nope, Not just liberal agenda (whatever that is in your mind) he hasn't been working on anything.

@jotab anything that isn't earning money for private business regardless of health, safety, or rules is a liberal agenda.

Salt Lake City, UT

The air quality is poor because we want it that way. If not, we would be willing to be taxed for less driving, fewer jobs or more restrictions. Don't blame politicians for doing what we elect them to do.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Happy valley,
is 49.2% a majority yet?

I don't think so

So much for your credibility.

Orem, UT


I Googled "Mediocre performing schools" - nothing about Utah mentioned.

I tried "Worst air in the U.S." - Nothing in Utah made the list.

I tried "Oil Gas Political Donations" - Couldn't find Herbert's name anywhere.

Any other suggestions?


Governor Herbert is doing the things that motivated me to vote for him, so I have no problem.

I'm particularly grateful for his support of the fossil fuel industry. If it weren't for fossil fuels, we would still be burning wood to stay warm. What would that do to air quality?

A lot is said about switching to renewables like wind and solar. Unfortunately, they're not economically viable. Are you willing to cut your standard of living by an order of magnitude to get cleaner air for a couple of weeks a year? Because that's the cost of solar and wind.

The real answer is nuclear power, both in terms of cost as well as cleaning up the environment - no emissions, and we could use high-level nuclear "waste" as fuel for modern reactors.

South Jordan, UT

UTAH. The most uneducated state in the Union. The most republican state in the union. Coincedence?? In utah they put their heads in the sand, and say "god will save us" Herbert, is a typical republican, a enegy solutions hack, who only cares about money. Not education, pollution, healthcare. He says the state run healthcare system he touts, is a model for america. DUH! It insures 7,000 people. There are a few more Gov, that need insurance. Go stick your head in the sand, like the rest of your crowd.

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