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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 8 2013 2:00 p.m. MST

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Durham, NC

Most associate me with liberal, socialist or the many other things I have been called here. But as a case in point that I believe no one is hopefully one dimensional enough to fit into a single definition, I think Hobby Lobby is perfectly correct on this issue. A retail job is a retail job... its a commodity job. As long as Hobby Lobby makes it clear that they do not offer this benefit to their employees because of religious reasons, I am fine with that. You don't like Hobby Lobby's policy, you go find a an employer who does off this benefit.

This isn't life preserving treatment. This is a "life style" choice. There are plenty of alternatives to Hobby Lobby to work - AC Moore, Michaels, etc.... This is one area I am not in support with the current administration's policy here... it just goes too far.

Woods Cross, UT

But should an employer's religious freedom "to practice" religion include the right to deny specific insurance benefits to employees? I don't think so. And this is more than a "lifestyle choice." The "morning-after" pill prevents pregnancies in raped women, preventing the need fo a surgical abortion at a later date.

I also wonder if the good Pastor realizes that he is paraphrasing the argument against "Reynolds v. United States," which allowed the prohibition of polygamy in the territory of Utah. The Supreme Court ruled that "while they (Congress) cannot interfere with mere religious beliefs and opinions, they may with practices." Subsequent rulings limited this interference to a "compelling interest" to do so. Healthcare would probably fit the court's definition of a "compelling interest."

Barstow, CA

Why shouldn't an employer pay for the morning after pill in case of a rape? I suggest that it becomes part of the rape kit package. That way women who really were raped are still guaranteed access to it.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


It depends on what "morning after pill" you are talking about.
Some prevent fertilization AKA emergency contraception - others kill a fertilized egg, which is why they are called abortofacients.

Also; there is a vast difference between prohibiting someone from performing something that is OK with their religions but not in the interest of anyone else(such as the extreme example of honor killings) and telling someone that they MUST do something that violates their religion (such as telling Catholics they must have a finance contraception, which does NOT prevent the any other person from getting it themselves) Prohibition is vastly different than coercion.

What exactly is your compelling interest for forcing someone who is deeply morally opposed, to pay for something you can pay for yourself.

AND using the "rape" rationale for a benefit that is being forced universally is just plain histrionic

Hobby Lobby should be praised for fighting against being told they MUST do something that violates their religious beliefs, their action advances personal freedom for all.

Layton, UT

Insurance is a BENEFIT, not a "right" that employers "must" provide. Insurance and other BENEFITS were offered to potential employees to attract better people for companies wanting quality folks working for them. That's why they're called "benefits." Back in the day people said, "I found a great job---it even offers benefits!" Benefits are EXPENSIVE for companies to offer, and are a PRIVILEGE, and Hobby Lobby should be given a pat on the back for offering them, not punished because they aren't willing to cover an abortion. This amazes me that our government doesn't bat an eye at this. FLOORED.

Huntsville, UT

The First Amendment was never meant to grant religion the right to violate the law.

Far East USA, SC

I have mixed feelings. I understand the issues and merits of the arguments on both sides.

But let me ask you this.

As an employer, if I felt that overpopulation was an issue, would you support my right to only allowing insurance to cover 2 adults and 2 children?

The issues get stickier.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


The First Amendment (specifically: "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof") was meant to prevent the law from violating religion.

(Although those with a history of blinding bitterness towards religion may fail to comprehend that)

Woods Cross, UT

"What exactly is your compelling interest for forcing someone who is deeply morally opposed, to pay for something you can pay for yourself."

I can't pay for all rape victims myself. Neither can they or you. But collectively society can and save the horrible personal costs to women in poverty.

"AND using the "rape" rationale for a benefit that is being forced universally is just plain histrionic"

Please tell that to a rape victim.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


If you are concerned about rape victims - that is great - I applaud you - I share your concern.

However, there is NOTHING in the HHS mandate that limits abortofacient drugs to rape victims (perhaps if there were - some people would be more supportive).

If you are concerned about abortofacients for rape victims - focus on that; rather than do the "because some people are raped, then you must pay for all abortion drugs for everyone or you support rape" guilt trip. That kind of manipulative "If you don't pay for my free stuff, I will call you a rapist" mind game is truly reprehensible.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Pastor Warren states that the First Amendment gives us freedom to practice our religion, not just during worship services but at work also - and then he argues that our employer should have the right to dictate how we live our religion. The message of the editorial is that government can't interfere with how we worship, but private businesses can.

When we go for a job interview, we now have to worry about our employer's religion and how much they want to use their religious beliefs to dictate our lives. And if we don't like it, we shouldn't work there. How long until we decide employers have the right to simplify the process by only hiring those who follow their same religious practices?

Are we, as a society, really willing to give big business that kind of control over our lives?

Salt Lake City, UT

@Counter Intelligence
Corporations aren't people.

Layton, UT

The employer does not dictate how we live our religion, but how they live theirs. The employer cannot ask about your religion---it simply wont offer you insurance that will cover morning-after pills. Which will not necessarily be needed by rape victims if they were included in a rape kit. Nobody has mentioned how expensive they are/aren't.

I say car insurance should have to cover my oil changes, my light bulbs when my headlamps go out, gasoline...come on, insurance is to keep you alive, keep you healthy, not for paying for birth control, abortions, or any other inconvience.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

@atl134 (kalindra)
Hobby Lobby is a family owned business – not some corporate conglomerate
Your argument that once a person gets a business license – their basic human rights end – is a perfect example of politically correct bullying
If you want contraception, sterilization or abortofacient drugs – you are free to get them – but that is not good enough for you – you want everyone else to pay for it – but even that is not good enough for you – your want devout Catholics to pay for your contraception and you want even more people with religious objections to pay for your abortion drugs.
You don’t want choice – you want the antithesis of choice – you want to crush anyone that makes a different choice. You are not the victim here – you are the perpetrator.
I have NO innate devotion to conservative causes – but the duplicity of HHS mandate thugs perfectly represents why I have no respect what-so-ever for left-wing passive/aggressive hate.
Buy your own drugs, be responsible for your own life and learn to actually respect choice, rather than merely hypocritically condescend and lie about it.

Vaughn J
Kearns, UT

OBAMA care is simply a national health care program that is government run and overrules the idea of Benefits provided by a company. No longer is health care a benefit but part of the wages that everyone MUST receive. We, The American People will be paying for this program through MORE Taxes than have already been imposed by the act itself.

Only basic life preserving care and preventative health care should be covered. Pregnancy, other than by Rape, should be paid for by the individuals involved, not insurance. Insurance should only enter if a medical problem occurs where life saving means will return an individual to a reasonable livable conduit. Insurance should not have to pay for procedures and/or medications that simply make life more convenient. Simply because science has developed procedure and medications that will cause fetus' to abort is not a reason to have to provide them for anyone wanting them. If individuals don't want to have children then don't have sexual relationships, or pay for protection or insurance on your own.

In general where procedures can be

Charlotte, NC

Utah BlueDevil stated it well. There are other options. You don't have to work for Hobby Lobby. If you do want to work for Hobby Lobby AND want access to these pills, then you can always buy them yourself. So many people seem to equate non-insurance coverage with non-availability. Case in point, the meltdown Sandra Fluke had over a $10 a month birth control pills. You would have thought that the pills were illegal or something. No they are available and plentiful for TEN DOLLARS A MONTH!!!

Longmont, CO

What happened to Hobby Lobby's employees right to their religious beliefs? If they don't agree they should just get a job somewhere else? Most people realize that people who work ar Hobby Lobby do not have the skills to just go out and get another job some place else.

Hobby Lobby will not have my business until they treat their employees as free individuals by complying with the Obamacare rules.

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