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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 8 2013 10:00 a.m. MST

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Highland, UT


I'm not bothered by it at all. I've told you guys many, many times what motivates me here. I'll do it again. naval vet, chris b, howard s, utah/hawaii alum, 54-10, kosta fesenko, and plenty of others.

You see this goes both ways but the difference is only the utah "fans" complain about it.

I have a theory about it though. Right now utah's athletic teams are struggling, none of them are doing particularly well. BYU's on the otherhand are all pretty successful.

Because of this utah fans are particularly touchy about things. They road high for a couple of years with the pac 12 invite but the lack of pac 12 success has worn on them. It has given them little ammo to fight back against the BYU fans with meanwhile BYU fans are piling on just like utah fans had done for the previous couple of years.

The difference appears to me to be that a mjaority of utah fans fall into the "can dish it but can't take it" categorie. That of course has made it all the more fun for BYU fans like myself.

Springville, UT

Several of you Ute fans have been just gushing about the improvements and just lamenting at the same time about these narrow losses. Such a tragedy to come so far and so close and then have your dream stomped on.

It's funny that 'moral victories' are only valid for Utes and their fans. But as I've said before, each Ute 'moral victory' serves to validate every BYU moral victory.

Ain't it nice that fans can come together?

But their still losses. Bwaaaaaaaaah

Love the hypocrisy, just love it.

Springville, UT


Thanks for your interest in BYU stories that have been temporarily passed over for these 'great' stories of the strugglin' Utes. Deep down we care and we're pullin' for your team. I know I care.

But before your whining ends it's a known fact that Ute fans comment on more BYU stories than their own and Ducky and I just can't keep up with it.

I will try harder.

@ SoonerUte

What slight decline?

BYU 2-0 in conference as opposed to 0-2 for the 'strugglin' Utes'.

Thank goodness for close contests and fans that can't make up their mind if they're happy or sad.

Franklin, IN

Trailing the USF Don's all game and coming from behind when their 5'6" teachers quorum president got so tired he could cut through the Y's core any longer...in front of a half sold out 4800 arena/gym or whatever that place was considered...

Or a three point game against the #3 team in the nation while 20,000 watched?

I know what I was more proud of and happier to watch.

My first basketball game, playing for my 8th grade school was against the Grantsville Cowboys. We played in a gym like that. And when the game ended, we exited from the same exit that the fans did. Right into a hallway that lead to classrooms and such. I noticed the Cougs had the same experience the other night. Kinda ugly...

Orem, UT


"I know what I was more proud of and happier to watch."

For a program that's been a train wreck for most of the last decade, it's understandable why you'd be trying to claim that you're more proud of a close loss than BYU fans could possibly be of a close win.

Sorry to disappoint U, but BYU fans are just as encouraged by BYU's comeback win on the road against a team that was shooting lights out in the first half, with Davies fouling out and Haws missing free throws, because it showed BYU fans that the Cougars were capable of winning close games even when BYU's top two players were having an off night.

If trying to minimize BYU's win helps you sleep at night, fine, but bottom line, BYU is 12-4 and moving closer to another NCAA berth, while Utah is 8-6 and moving closer to watching another Big Dance from the sidelines.

btw, despite your desperate and emotional claims to the contrary, your ratty high school gym was NOTHING like War Memorial Gym in San Francisco.

Baltimore, MD


"So Cougar fans have already given up on this year and are looking forward to 2013."


BYU fans are simply realistic enough to acknowledge that the current BYU team hasn't been quite as strong during the preseason as recent BYU teams. Most BYU fans still believe that the Cougars will have another 20+ win season and still have a decent chance of getting into the NCAA tournament.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"@Duckhunter be nice, we don't have to stoop..."

Too late, Roger, Ducky's a chiropractor's dream patient.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's hilarious that BYU fans are chiding Ute fans (claiming they are providing "perspective") for being encouraged by their basketball teams competitiveness on the road last week.

Here is more perspective. These same "fans" are the first to tell us how much better their football team was than Utah's--never mind that loss 24-21 loss which made it 3 in a row and 8 of 11--by parroting the same two Talking Points they read in their favorite paper:
"1) We were close to playing for a national championship (see narrow loss to Notre Dame);
2) We were 14 points from 12-1."

If y fans didn't invent the the selective spin on moral victories, they sure perfected it.

Baltimore, MD


It's laughable that Utah fans are now whining about BYU fans doing exactly the same thing that Utah fans were doing during football season - the difference, of course, is BYU fans never pretended that they weren't claiming a moral victory for losing to the #3 team in the country on the road, or losing 4 of 5 games by a total of 13 points.

Was 10-loss Colorado better than Utah(8-5) last year? Was 10-loss UNLV better than Utah(9-4) in 2007? Someday Utah fans will leave their crimson-colored bubble long enough to realize that one game does not a season make.

Franklin, IN

Blue cougar...
You guys could go undefeated if you joined a really bad league...like the Big Sky or Ivy League.

If wins are all that matters to you, go become the NCAA globe trotters and play the Orem Popsicles every night and win all your games. Content or quality of play or competition seems to mean nothing to you.

Most big boy gyms have tunnels that both teams use to enter and exit the court. Most junior high gyms don't, be that they were built for war or peace.

Your team isn't good...neither is mine!

Salt Lake City, UT


"Your team isn't good...neither is mine!"


Don't try to equate your sorry excuse for a basketball program with BYU.

The Utes LOST two HOME GAMES to Sac St and CS Northridge and counted an NAIA team among your wins this season. You've lost 11 of the last 12 games versus BYU.

During the Dave Rose era,

BYU - 197-58(77%) overall, 92-22(81%) conference, SIX 25+ win seasons, SIX NCAA tournament appearances, 4-6 in the tournament

Utah - 109-125(47%) overall, 47-69(41%) conference, ONE 25+ win season, ONE NCAA tournament appearance, 0-1 in the tournament

Dave Rose has never had less than a 20+ win season during his 8 years as BYU's head coach.

Utah has only had two winning seasons during the last 8 years.

Utah's modest "improvement" this season would be considered a disaster for a Dave Rose coached BYU team.

BYU is averaging 16,000+ per home game this season
Utah is averaging 7,373

Call us when you exceed 16,000 for a single game, let alone, for an entire home season.

Franklin, IN

Lone star
I wasn't comparing Utah to BYU. I was saying BYU plays in a mini conference and will win tons of games and not be any good. You'll beat almost all WCC teams and still not be any good.

Separate note...don't run Utah down cuz I am...we're not very good either...mutually exclusive...we don't have to be together or opposite. If you saw ANY of the USF game you are decorating your grocery sack to wear to the next game...embarrassing performance as a team...in a really lousy conference.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


The WCC may not be as good as the PAC 12 top to bottom, but the upper half of the WCC is every bit as good as the upper half of the PAC 12.

And let's not forget, the WCC placed THREE teams in the NCAA tournament last season; the PAC 12 only TWO. In fact, the regular season PAC 12 champion last season, wasn't good enough to get into the Big Dance.

One thing is certain, the Utes would be bottom dwellers in the WCC, just like they are in the PAC 12.

btw, size of gym has absolutely NOTHING to do with quality of team that plays in the gym.

Cameron Indoor Stadium only seats 9,314, 6,000 LESS than the Huntsman Center and 12,000 less than the Marriott Center.

Arlington, VA


"If you saw ANY of the USF game you are decorating your grocery sack to wear to the next game...embarrassing performance as a team..."

It's not uncommon for a superior team to play down to the level of their competition. Now you know how Arizona and BYU feel about their performances against Utah. The upside is, good teams find ways of winning even when they're not playing their best.

Hence, USF can shoot lights out from 3-pt land in their own gym; Davies can spend most of the game riding the pine in foul trouble, Haws (a 95% FT shooter) can be missing free throws, and BYU still finds a way to make up a double digit deficit on the road to pull out a win.

Highland, UT

@indy crimson

The only thing you are correct about is that utah is a bad team and program. BYU is a very good program and this year is a good team. Not great team this year like some of the previous few, but a good team. You see good teams win games, even when they don't play very well, like BYU against utah. Even when BYU plays the worst game they have all season long they are still good enough to beat a terrible team like utah.

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