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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2 2013 11:45 a.m. MST

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Highland, UT

@big j

You actually made the most level headed post of any utah "fan" on this article. utah does have a record of developing dlinemen so based on that one would have to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will get a good one to replace him. But there is a "but" to that. He was a 3 year starter wasn't he? At minimum he was a major 3 year contributor and was going to be a senior, that is not that easy to just replace. Does anyone know who that replacement might be and what they have done up to this point? Regardless it is a blow to them, no way around that fact.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Early depth chart looks like Hunter Dimick and Nate Fakahafua will take over the ends now, with Niasi Leota rotating in. Junior Salt and Tenny Palepoi will be at tackle with Seni Fauonuku getting significant reps as well.

The D line will be alright. It's the linebackers that really need some work. I think Coach Whitt would be smart to move Thretton Palamo off D-end and put him at linebacker. He's fast enough to pick up receivers coming off the line and out of the backfield and he's big enough to help with run support.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Joe Kruger played for UTAH this year?

South Jordan, UT

Bad for the Utes. Good for everybody else.

NFL? Not likely.

Frisco, TX

Is it just my imagination, or did Hedgehog change his moniker to Chris B? And has now changed to KVN/Hoff.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Troy town
I don't have a problem with a player leaving to the NFL early. They should go when they are ready. I just don't think that Joe Krueger was ready. I think KVN is ready and should leave before he hurts his shoulder again.

How is that inconsistent?

Salt Lake City, UT


Matt Reynolds left a ton of money on the table by staying his senior season. I'm glad to see him playing and playing well. The fact remains that he likely would have been better off not staying his senior season.

I think Star staying his senior season was a risk.



"The whole BYU team just doesn't seem to get up psychologically for the Utes as the Utes do for BYU."

Haha. Don't you wish that were the case. The truth is, the Utah's program is simply much better than BYU's.


"Is it just my imagination, or did Hedgehog change his moniker to Chris B? And has now changed to KVN/Hoff."

Not sure about that. But it is obvious that "duckhunter" and sammyg are one and the same.

@BYU fans in general

It's pretty sad when so many of you have to spend all of your time and efforts trolling articles on the Utes in an attempt to bring them down. But what you all don't realize is that to people outside of the state, it's all about the results on the field. And that would be in Utah's favor, starting with 3 in a row, 4 out of the last 5, 8 out of 11, and overall 56-34-4.

Please show a little humility.

Highland, UT


Actually Matt Reynolds probably will make more money because of this. He signed a small, one year, free agent deal. If he had been a 3rd round pick or lower he would have signed a small multi year deal. He can now sign a much larger multi year deal. That is the irony of it.

Hoffman probably would have been a low round pick this year so for him it was easily the right decision, Van Noy on the otherhand appears to have been a likely high round pick, at least 2nd round. It is absolutely a risk, just like it was for Star, to stay, but it is what he wanted to do, just like Star.

Some guys want to finish what they started, some guys want to hold off getting a job, some guys want to stay a youth for just one more year, some want to get their degree. I'm not sure which of those reasons were Van Noy's, or Star's, maybe all of them, but they made the decision that was right for them now matter how it turns out. Just like Matt Reynolds.

Highland, UT


If any of that were the case you wouldn't have to be on here trying to convince us of it. Fail.

Salt Lake, Ut

Both Kruger and Van Noy are crazy to leave and stay respectfully. One won't get drafted and the other is risking alot by choosing to stay. I wish them both lots of luck but the odds are against them making a team or raising their stock with another season.



Are you possibly getting your Reynolds brothers confused? According to the Eagles website, Matt was signed to the practice squad after being cut by the panthers. He hasn't even been on the active roster all year. So how do you say he is a "sure fire all rookie" and being mentioned for the pro bowl? So the point still holds that Utah puts players in the NFL while BYU doesn't. Just look at the comparison between Matt and Tony Bergstrom. They were recruited at the same time, with Matt being ranked higher. Bergstrom gets drafted in the 3rd round, plays in half of the Raiders games this year and starts in the last one. Meanwhile Reynolds gets cut from one team and gets signed to the practice squad of another. We'll see how long he last there now that Andy Reid isn't around.

Anyway, it's going to be fun rooting for another Ute in the league. We'll miss you Joe, but wish you nothing but the best in the NFL.

Farmington, UT

It was just too painful to not play in a bowl game this year and that was likely to happen again next year (two misses in a row) so it is time to leave the Titanic. Good luck in the NFL.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

This will obviously hurt the Utes defense next year no way around that. They have a lot of big holes to fill with guys graduating and I don't think many saw this coming. I thought the same thing about his brother Paul a few years ago but the Utes regrouped and it ended up ok for both parties.

There is good and bad but if he can get drafted, that also helps recruiting as well.

Good luck to Joe and all the rest of the Utes trying to make it to the next level!

Go Utes!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"The whole BYU team just doesn't seem to get up psychologically for the Utes as the Utes do for BYU."

Beating our little brother 3 in a row, and 8 of the last 11 isn't about winning the "psychological" battle on the field. It's about simply being the better team, with better players, and a better coaching staff.

Besides, Utah's priority #1 each year is winning the Pac-12 South Division. On the other hand, "job one" for the cougars is beating the Utes. So the Y "gets up for the game" with deeper fervor than the U does. Just because we keep beating you doesn't imply that this game means more to us than it does to you. The truth is, you're just not that important to us anymore. And that's why Utah will be playing Michigan and Fresno St. in 2014 and 2015 instead of the Y, and that's also why Y fans are more up in arms about it than U fans.

Mcallen, TX

KVN/Hoff want 0-4 against UTAH,

Cougars, and Aggies went bowling while the utes stayed home. Ha! Do the utes have an ESPN contract, or are they in the PAC to improve the win/loss records of the others?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


To answer your question, the Pac-12 has a contract with ESPN AND FOX, of which Utah's 1/12th share DWARFS the Indy-WACers. And that fact leaves you teeming with jealous rage. How miserable it must be for you to know your boys will be mid-majors forever. Haha!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Naval Vet

How depressing it must be for our delusional little friends on the hill to realize that after all of their chest beating, that the Utes are nothing more than cannon fodder for the big boys of the conference.

Washington State and Colorado appreciate the company.

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter writing before thinking again.

You're talking about the wrong Reynolds dude. Dallas is the one who starts for the Eagles, not Matt.

Tough to reach all those lofty first year levels as you described when you are on the practice squad.

As you would say "FAIL".

Farmington, UT

@ Naval Vet

You're got it backwards. That's because you're looking in a mirror. Why did the Utah fans rush the field three times after their bloggers derided BYU for doing it once in a previous game? Utah's #1 priority since Wayne Howard became the coach is to "beat BYU," saying "the hatred is just beginning to grow" and Urban Meyer wouldn't give his opponent the respect of saying their name, but had his cutsie "Team Down South" mentality firmly entrenched on the gullible Muss.

This year that's all we're heard about---how Utah again beat BYU---but then, that's all Utah did this year, too. They lost to USU (who BYU beat) and they didn't go to a bowl game, either. Oh (my bad for forgetting) they did beat Northern Colorado, too.

Speaking of Colorado, they are your new rival. You and they and Washington State can enjoy the cellar of the PAC 12 and not have beating BYU to crow about any more. Good riddance, I say, to that unnecessary game where Y fans are in jeopardy for their personal safety when played in SLC.

I think Max was right after all.

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