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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

FT, while I like what you said, the only thing I would suggest is that you, as well as the other's that state the government is raiding the SS fund, learn what is actually happening with the excess funds in SS, and why.

Mcallen, TX


Without government assistance:

* The elderly would have prepared better for retirement
* Students would figure out their own college expensenses.
* People would care for each other, and supply their own food, and needs.
* We the people would do a better job of educating our children.

We're like lions raised by people, and would starve if put in the wild. We're raised by government.

Murray, UT

social security tax should go down each year. we should only pay out what is coming in. eventually we can wean everyone off of the welfare program.
I will not receive anything from it: so why should I care if it ends?
I am saving for my own retirement: those on social security should have done the same thing.

Durham, NC

"I will not receive anything from it: so why should I care if it ends?"

Beautiful attitude. Thanks heavens the generations before us didn't have such narcissistic attitudes. Only if it benefits "me" do I care.

Real nice.

Worf... really...... we should go back to the "survival of the fittest" mentality. I love it. Now just show me one case any where in the worlds history where this utopian eat or be eaten philosophy has improved the human condition. And not sure if your a religious person, but I would love to see scripture if you are that supports this philosophy of take care of your own.... don't care for your neighbor.... or only if you feel like it.

Sandy, UT

"Without SS millions of our elderly would be homeless or living and dependent upon family."

So instead of being dependent on family, as they should, they are dependent on PERFECT STRANGERS?!?!? How is that fair? An American I don't know isn't any better of a person than a Ethiopian I don't know. But rest assured, I would much rather give money to the Ethiopian who hasn't eaten in a couple of days so he or she can buy a plate of beans and rice. The same money gone to some lazy, undisciplined American will be squandered at Outback Steakhouse.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Is 2+2=4 old? Did it change to be 2+2=3?

Just because it is old does not mean it is not true.

Dude, your assault on me assumes I agree with SS; I would rather I could invest my own money the way I want to, but even though I do not have that option does not mean the funding structure is any different than how I described it. Nor does the fact the politicians have used it for a piggy bank change facts, either. Lighten up, Bro.!

whether you are compelled to pay it is beside the point. SS beneficiaries have claims based on what they paid in; the same is NOT true for income taxes; if it were, the "one percenters" would have MUCH more claim on government services than the rest of us. Is that what you are arguing for?

And yes, I know the dems have been raiding the SS trust fund to pay for their vote-buying for years.

I am sorry you were confused by the term “earmark”. Try substituting “designated” or some such synonym.

Springville, UT

Boehner must go.

the truth
Holladay, UT

@lost in DC

The SS is most certainly a tax,

Once taken it goes into the general pot like any tax and you have no access to it,

and it is NOT YOURS, because you can not get back until a certain age,
and then when you can start getting it back it is just given to you in part with horrible interest rate,
and if you die before that age, you and your family can NEVER get it at all,
the government just takes it away from you and your family,

worst of all they take away interest free, and is paid back below inflationary rates,
So the SS you are forced to pay loses value before you can ever collect from it.

It is a tax, and it is very horrible deal.

We got the wrong end of the deal and government gains power over our pocketbooks.

The original deal was designed to take money away from businesses and individuals to pay for FDR's programs, the idea was to set the age so high that most would die before ever collecting, An empty promise that started bankrupting America when people started living longer.

Mcallen, TX


Who said anything about not caring for your neighbors? I have three grown kids, and I didn't pamper them while growing up. Without parental, or government help, they all worked their way through college, and are very successful today. Just like I did.

From a religious stand point, that's why we're here. To work, learn, and battle through life. You don't do anyone favors by taking away their struggles. Where is the growth in that?

Look at the condition of our country. Do you see determination, and grit? A religious man doesn't take away a persons pride by providing an excess of entitlements.

Mcallen, TX


Seventy percent of our national debt has come in the passed four years.

"its a fun comparison". Can't spin that.

A wise man once said:

(Half, or more of what you read, or hear are false.)--If you don't believe that, you'll spend your life being a fool. an once said:

Salt Lake City, UT

"Once taken it (payroll tax) goes into the general pot like any tax and you have no access to it,"

"the idea was to set the age so high that most would die before ever collecting,"

"An empty promise that started bankrupting America. . ."

Not one of these statements are "the truth."

It is amazing how little people understand about Social Security.

Sandy, UT


The idea that no one understands Social Security is evidence alone of its failure. The SSA should report regularly a balance sheet, income statement and, most importantly, a statement of cash flows, just like everyone else. But in this they fail. And the media is totally complicit in the cover up. So no one understands, not because we are lazy or negligent, but because it is hidden from us. The idea that the inept federal government hasn't totally raided the Social Security Trust Fund has to be proven to me for me to believe it. And they are $16 trillion in debt going on 20. You are going to sit there and tell me they have the discipline, the competence and the integrity to leave Social Security alone, after years of complete financial mismanagement? Then prove it! I don't think you can! Can you show me that the Fund has the actual cash that individuals have contributed and not worthless IOUs from a degenerating US Treasury? If so, then by all means, do it. I know I'd sleep a lot better at night.

the truth
Holladay, UT


And yet you failed to prove a single statement wrong.

Are you all leftest talking points or do you care to back your claims with evidence?

It is amazing how the left desperately clings to the belief that government actually cares about them or will take care of them, or that government should.

Salt Lake City, UT

Killpack, plenty of people understand Social Security and how it works. It really is not that complicated. Just because you do not understand things don't think that there are not people that do. Nobody is hiding anything from you concerning Social Security. Just because you chose to be uninformed does not mean the information is not out there. It is and easily accessible. Dude, all the information you want is out there,, just because you are to lazy to look for it, and you choose to be ignorant, and then you whine that nobody will tell you. . . Please. Just like conservatives. I have never seen a group of people that enjoy being so uninformed, and absolutely refuse to became better informed.

Salt Lake City, Utah

lost in DC said "whether you are compelled to pay it is beside the point. SS beneficiaries have claims based on what they paid in." No what I get out has nothing to do with what I put it in, it has more to do with when I die, and how old my dependents are when I die.

Lets see, I am compelled to pay, I may or may not get something out of it, and some people get more than others, sounds like pretty much any other tax I pay currently.

As far as the democrats raiding social security, the raiding of social security funds has gone on through both democratic and republican presidents, as well as democratic and republican controlled congresses.

I always like when republicans try to convince people that only democrats overspend and create deficits and I am even more amazed when people believe it. I guess it does go to prove that Rush is right, there are a lot of low information voters out there, he is just confused about which side of the political spectrum they reside on.

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