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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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Hayden, ID

This is wonderful news for Democrats who have never met a tax on other people they don't love!

Taylorsville, UT

FYI, SS is not a tax, its a willful "donation" to your retirement trust fund. The dropping the defunding policy will help the SSA and the future of every working american who has dreams of retiring, if they can have the Obamacare they are being promised now. SSA is the only guaranteed system and is the only system not affected by stock market crashes and dissolved investment accounts. And hands off to congress.

This breakdown of class warfare designation is fake and meaningless because the middle class income level is about $250,000/yr so it is they who will suffer the greatest loss, middle income survivors. The congress is creating poverty as middle income prosperity, if you use debt to subsidize a depreciating poverty. Its the first time in history of the US that depreciating poverty is considered economic growth.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Ouch, sure am glad I'm not rich!

Columbus, OH

Horror of horrors! A temporary tax break that is actually allowed to expire as it was originally intended.

Mcallen, TX

We will not see our taxes rise a single dime in any form, and the deficit will be cut in half.

Imagine how great this country would be if campaign words were true.

Cache, UT

Penalize success. What a great way to create a country full of people who have no reason to excel.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Social Security tax goes back to what it has been since 1983. The 2% rate reduction was meant as a temporary measure to stimulate the economy. It was never intended to be permanent.

Salt Lake City, UT

To fix the deficit, taxes need to rise and spending needs to decrease. One or the other will not fix the problem. Both need to happen. So the article's title is actually a good thing.

Salt Lake City, Utah

This should be a tax the republicans like because the rich pay a much smaller percentage of their income than do the poor and middle class. So I guess this is a good tax because it doesn't "punish" success.

La Verkin, UT

Until we understand as a society that we don't take too little from the people, but that we spend too much, we will never solve the problem. We will just keep kicking it down the road to the next crisis until it can no longer be solved. If and when there is an economic collapse, perhaps we will finally figure out what our politicians are doing to our future and our children. Kudos to Mike Lee for standing up against this stupidity.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Let me see, now if I need to balance the budget in my home and don't have enough money, I probably need to make more income and cut back expenses. It seems like you government is trying to do the first part, but what about the second part?


According to the Tax Policy Center, more than 60% of those non-income tax paying households did pay federal payroll taxes.

Of the 18.1% of U.S. households that paid neither income nor payroll taxes? More than half of them were headed by a senior–in other words, by someone who paid payroll taxes and likely some income taxes too, in the past.

Grover Norquist favored passage of the Senate bill, stating technically it wasn't a tax increase (since taxes were going up), but was actually a tax cut. Even "wealthy" people benefit from the lower tax rates on lower levels of income.

Sandy, UT

Social Security, the biggest fraud of our day, where poor young people, whose real wages are eroding and whose futures are VERY uncertain right now, pay, BY FORCE, for the elderly who were too undisciplined to save for retirement. Thanks FDR.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

how can something that is mandatory be "willful"?

what you get out of SS when you retire is based on what you put in while you were working. Take a look at your next W-2 and you will see it has a box for Social Security wages. those who make above the SS cap also have their SS benefits capped. It is only fair.

SS withholding is a designated set-aside, established to fund a particular program - SS. It is unlike general income taxes, which are NOT earmarked for any particular program. General income taxes are supposed to fund government, thus there is no cap on income to which income taxes are applicable. Comparing the percentage of income taxed for SS purposes and general income tax purposes is like comparing apples to tornadoes - they are not even close.

Sandy, UT

lost in DC,

This argument is getting so old. If Social Security is really is a place where the government parks your money until you retire, then why have it to begin with? Why not let people do it themselves? It makes absolutely NO SENSE to take someone's money, by force, and just put it in a supposed fund, where it won't be touched, and then give the money back to that person fifty years from now, interest free. It doesn't make any sense, because it doesn't happen! Get real, dude! The government spends that money so fast, on things that are supposed to be funded by income taxes, and then just writes a worthless IOU. This is why it is such a scam. Do you really think a federal government that is $16 trillion in debt going on 20 is going to let a supposed 'Social Security Trust' just sit there and do nothing? If that were true, then why have it? Because it isn't true. They have that money marked for spending before they even get a hold of it. Wake up!

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

So rasing the debt limit didn't work last year? Just like it didn't work all the other times they didn't raise it? It's time to make them pay off the national debt by force.

Brigham City, UT

Mr.Obama cut the payroll tax in 2010.

Salt Lake City, Utah

lost in DC,

Am I compelled to pay it? Is the government putting my money in bank locked away for me to access it when I retire? Since I am not currently getting a SS check can you guarantee that I will get one in the future, and if so, will it be what I put into the system?

You mentioned that SS money is a "designated set-aside", which in theory is true, but I assume you know that the government has been raiding that account for years to pay for things that are normally paid for by income tax.

I am not sure what earmarking has to do with how a tax rate is set. In Utah my income tax is "earmarked" for public education. I have no kids in the system and I do not get a direct benefit, should I still pay more than those with kids?

I am not complaining about this tax or any other tax, I am simply stating that a tax is a tax, and we talk all the time about the rich paying more, well this is a tax where the poor and middle class pay more than the rich.

Durham, NC

Ok... so let me understand this correctly. The vast majority obviously didn't read the article, or are just working off the "standard tea party comments for everthing" pages.

This is not a tax raise. Do you consider it that when a store has a sale, then the sale expires, that this is a price increase for the product? The tax holiday was part of that viled stimulas all complain about that did no good. This part of the stimulas expired at the end of the year - probably becuase you all complained so much about the stimulas package. So the rate is going back up to the Bush era rate... and you complain.

A couple of things are becoming really self evident. 1) facts - not worth worrying about. 2) what ever the news is... even if it is going right back to where it was under the Republican control, is a bad thing. Matter of fact, everything is a bad thing.

I am beginning to thing we just have a couple of generations of complainers, who were evidently not held enough as children. Everything should be free.... and you want everything without any responsibility. Reminds me of little kids crying "Mine!"

salt lake city, UT

Stop to think how America would look and be without social security. In a perfect world, everyone had the means, personal responsibilty, and luck to set aside enough money for retirement and there would be no need for SS. That world does not exist. Without SS millions of our elderly would be homeless or living and dependent upon family. Social Security is one of the greatest pieces of legislation ever passed and is proof of how a civilized society. The only crime is how our leaders spend SS in the general budget instead of managing it as how it was created to be.

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