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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 1 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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American Fork, UT

Equip more people to kill people to prevent people from killing more people. Got it.

Casa Grande, AZ

Are these same promoters of armed teachers willing to pay them more for the added responsibility?

When a teacher eventually shoots the wrong person like police do occasionally are you going to think it's a mistake or double down that more guns are safer?

If a teacher ends up shooting a bunch of kids is the answer going to be to arm a few of the kids? You can see where this logic is going.

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

A former police officer who thinks more guns in schools are the answer to gun violence? Well, its probably good that he is a former police officer. If trained armed guards is a bad deal, what about inexperienced teachers. The author argues that it would be less expensive. Perhaps, but there are hidden costs. And how many teachers would have to be armed and trained?

But, if you really want to be cost effective, just ban the assault weapons that create to most danger. There should be a government program to buy assault weapons back from owners as several cities are currently doing, and make their manufacturing, distribution and possession a felony. Quic hiding behind the 2nd Amendment, it won't be violated if this kind of assault weapons control is implemented. Scalia said in a 1939 Supreme Court case, United States v. Miller,that the law allows for limitations on the right to bear arms, supported by the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons. In my opinion there is no question that assault weapons are at once, "dangerous and unusual".

Far East USA, SC

A DN poser in an earlier gun article basically said that even responsible gun owners cant keep guns out of the hands of children. They lamented that it would always happen now and then. It could not be avoided.

I dont buy that argument.

I know many CCP holders. Some, I would completely trust to carry in a classroom and be happy knowing that they did. Others, I really don't want to be around them because they lack the judgement. I cringe at the thought of them with a gun around children.

It is impossible to create laws to allow my sane friend to carry in a classroom, but prohibit the "crazy" one.

That is the problem.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Correction. My earlier post should have read that Scalia said ABOUT a 1939 case.... Sorry for the error.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

A 4 hour class which involves a video and filling out some paperwork isn't even close to the training that folks need to carry a concealed weapon. Folks leave these meetings never even having loaded, shot, or learned how to truly properly use this "tool."

If the gun lovers really hope to bring guns into school then they really need to admit that huge reform needs to be done to obtain a weapon and obtain a concealed weapons permit. The current system is a joke and does not even come close to preparing people.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

A great question was asked above? Will teachers get paid more to carry this extra burden of now being an armed security force? Or will teachers have to pay for their own training on their own like everything else with the expectation coming down the road that they have this training and perhaps even be forced to pack?

one old man
Ogden, UT

If you are indeed speaking as a former police officer, then you surely should know how difficult it can be to react in a calm manner when crisis has hit you and others around you.

You surely know how difficult it is to remain qualified in marksmanship.

You surely know how important it is to be able to accurately and properly assess a situation before making the decision whether to pull the trigger or not. Such things as "background targets" -- children or others who might be in the line of fire behind the bad guy. Or "clearing the fire field" to be sure you won't cause a friendly fire tragedy.

If you know those things and the rest of the requirements, both physical and psychological, that required to become a qualified gun carrying officer, how can you expect a teacher or custodian who has other responsibilities to become and remain fully qualified to react properly and effectively in a life or death situation without making it much worse?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Can anyone actually envision a teacher shooting an intruder IN FRONT of his or her 1st grade students? Is that what is being proposed? Has everyone lost his mind? Why not demand that the Bishop or the Priest or other religious leader carry a gun, just in case someone enters their place of worship. Why not insist that they kill someone in front of their congregation?

A madman, A MADMAN, broke the law. He violated every law possible when he, a twenty-year old, had possession of firearms, entered a gun-free zone and then killed all of those students. There were LAWS in place that were ignored, yet some people demand that more laws be written to stop madmen like him from acting.

Now equally foolish ideas are being circulated to REQUIRE us to bear arms.

Can't people read? We have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. We are not required to keep and bear arms. We are not required to shoot intruders. We have the choice. Forcing anyone to bear arms is just as bad as forcing anyone to NOT bear arms.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Thank you Mike Richards.

Ogden, UT

Mike Richards,
Perhaps the Mayan Calendar really did fortell the end of the world, because you and I agree quite strongly on this issue. It's a brave new world!

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a great letter. Teachers should not be forced to, but if they want to be armed, are judged mentally sound, and go through extensive training, they should be supported and allowed to do so.

Salt Lake City, UT

If administrators, teachers and janitors are packing guns into schools, it's inevitable that mistakes will be made and young students will unintentionally gain access to some of these guns. With the large number of schools and students in the country, even with a small rate of mistakes, there could be a large number of accidental shootings. So instead of 20 kindergartners murdered by a single shooter, you get 50 kindergartners killed in accidental shootings. Not a very practical solution.

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