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Published: Monday, Dec. 31 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

When BYU blew out Georgia Tech, some ute fan (Chris B) referred to the Yellow Jackets as a crummy team.

Hmmm? Crummy teams do not beat USC,--but USC beats crummy teams.

Farmington, UT

The PAC 12 "Conference of Champions" is 2 - 4 in bowl games after playing 6 of them. Having 8 teams in bowls, the best they can do now is go 4 - 4. I guess .500 is better than being .3750 ( 3 - 5) or .250 (2 - 6). What's that common expression---"Wait until next year?"

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

it was pretty unfair that GTech even was playing in this game since they were 6-7 going into the game, the NCAA agreed before the season that 6-7 teams should only be eligible if no other 6-6 teams were available, and I think 2 6-6 teams were passed over. The NCAA ignored their own rule and let them in.

Centerville, UT

@ worf @toosmartforyou

This was a sad year to be a ute.. I will be the first to say that. But it still doesn't make sense for you to be talkin smack when the cougies couldn't get a win against this Crummy ute team..... 3 peat, 8 of 11

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