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Published: Monday, Dec. 31 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

"Mr Huntsman cautioned that the improving economy would put Mr Obama's Democratic successor in a strong position for 2016"

Improving economy?? Say what Jon?? If you honestly think the ecomomy is improving with 16 trillion in debt and growing FAST coupled with a heavy dose of new taxes for small business I have lost complete respect for ANY thing you say regarding the economy going forward. The US economy is headed for DISASTER and ANY serious person with even a basic understanding of economics and debt and how rasing taxes affects unemployment would agree. Even the CBO has projected a 9.5% unemployment rate at the end of 2013. Huntsman talks about the GOP having no soul - I would say Jon has lost what remaining common sense he once had.

Sacramento, CA

Look at the state of things in your party with all that "control". I'd be embarrassed to point that out right now.

Hamilton, IL

Ah lets face the facts. People will always find something bad to say about a person even if it's the person they voted in. There is no perfect person out there.

Highland, UT


Actually I never said I was a Republican. I did say that huntsman isn't really one. Personally I'm a conservative/libertarian with some very strong libertarian leanings. I find the attempts to paint huntsman a libertarian almost as funny as the attempts to paint him as a Republican.

Moab, UT

If the Republican party is devoid of a soul, it is because it continues to keep guys like Huntsman in the party. Huntsman and guys like him, are no different than Democrats.

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