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Published: Monday, Dec. 31 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just a little campaign advice to John Huntsman: if you're going to run for President as a Republican it's probably not a good strategy to criticize Republicans instead of the opposition party. I guess you didn't learn this when you fell flat in New Hampshire. Au contraire mon frere- the Republican party does have a soul- it's called the Conservative movement. And as Maggie Thatcher once said: "the facts of life are conservative".
That said, I agree with Huntsman on a number of things, not marriage but e.g. the importance of simplifying the tax code. I'm glad he's a Republican but he's not the only person capable of winning back the Presidency for Republicans. How about some energy and charisma like Marco Rubio? How about some enthusiasm and unparalleled knowledge of the budget like Paul Ryan? How about a comforting straight shooter like Mitch Daniels? Huntsman is approximately option 23.

Hank Pym

re: kargirl 12/31 6:02p

Agreed on all points. Thank you.

Springville, UT

Every three or four days we're getting an article about Jon Jr. What, is the DesNews now his public relations forum?

First of all, he is not nor will he ever be the voice or image of the Republican Party. His views and opinions are inconsistent with the Party's platform. No wonder he was creamed in the primaries.

However, as a Democrat, he would fit in and be received well.

With this latest PR piece, my bet is he's getting closer to announcing that he's changing parties.

By the way, Jon, define "soul".

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I agree that the primary process is bad. It hurt Romney and others. I am not sure what Huntsman really believes. He seems to always sound like a Democrat. He is a true RINO. I think he is a good man and might make a decent president but I see him being a person who would not stand up for anything. I hope I am wrong.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If Huntsman wants to run again in 2020 he better get busy agitatin' some communities and staplin' some flyers to telephone poles because those are our new qualifications for holding the highest office in the land.

Cedar Hills, Utah

Apparently many readers don't know the difference between Liberalism and Libertarianism. Read up drop outs, they are polar opposites!

Rural sport fan

If people would vote for what's right, instead of what they think will get them the best deal for the next 4 years, or the party they think might throw them the biggest bone, the political parties would lose power.

If the Republican Party needs to change to win, then maybe the party is a joke? Or maybe, the people that vote are the joke?

All I know is, Mitt lost support from the far right because of his politically expedient stances on medical care and constitutional rights,, and he lost support from the left end of the right as well, with his big business connections and old money style. The GOP would have had a better shot with a more conservative candidate, but the GOP leaders are too busy playing politics to see that, and the GOP sheep were too willing too drink the kool-aid. You don't beat a far left socialist by running a big business socialist against him, you beat him by running an American, by giving people a real choice.
Sorry, but the GOP is no better than the Dems anymore.

Sacramento, CA

While I appreciate the urge of some to limit the terms of service. I must disagree. That would, first, discourage younger citizens from participating in public service before beginning their career of choice. That leaves public service to older folks, who may not want to leave their careers. Then some folks really want to make a differnce, and that's really why they want to run. It's also a lot more complicated than it was, even 30-40 years ago; by cutting service to two terms other than for Presidents and Governors, it actually uses up the time it takes our representatives to learn their jobs, where and how to go for what you need to know and get done. Anyone who remembers the first time at a new job knows what this is about. But this is our business they need to do, and we don't need newbies every few years. That's why we vote--it's our evaluation of our employees, the people we vote in. What we need is to get everyone to vote. And it should start right now.

Taylorsville, UT

If Huntsman is such a visionary how come he put Utah in such a financial mess that is continually expanding and draining our country of its wealth and sovereignty? Our state welfare budget is greater than the national DOD military budget.

The republicans do have a soul, but it a black soul of greed and lies to overthrow the peoples right to self govern. The republicans in Utah have systematically stripped citizens rights to redress of our elected government with the worst legislation to ever evolve in our 250 year history, indemnification. Indemnification is a law of absolution which makes every elected, appointed, or paid employee of the government unaccountable for any action or deed or criminal behavior by any government employee or elected official. Indemnification stripped the citizens of the powers of accountable government they knowing that the ballot box was useless challenge to have accountable government.

What we need is the resurrection of a new political party, one that represents the people and will restore law and order based on prejudices and profiling and legal actions to enforce our laws that are not broken as Mexico pretends they are.

Dietrich, ID

Mukkake the church will always teach those relations are sins not the attraction. Republican party is doing fine. Huntsman wants to leave the party philosophy himself.

Powell, OH

It does have a soul. A selfish, self centered and evil one.

Orem, UT

This is exactly what I would love to see from the Republican party--a shift towards Libertarianism. If we support small government, let's support it across the board.

Albany, Linn, OR

Brother Huntsman and Brother Harry Reid are one in the same. They both need to get a real job.
Happy New Year ???? Think not!!!!!

Springville, UT

Anyone that thinks Huntsman is a Democrat knows absolutely nothing about what he stands for. If he were to move anywhere it would be towards Libertarianism.

Also, anyone that thinks a Republican State Senator from Heber means anything on a national stage, is drinking too Conservative Koolaid at the Tea Party. The only offices that matter on the national stage are in the US Senate, US House and President. Statements that republicans hold 70% of all state and federal offices are rubbish. Take those meaningless "facts" and toss them on the garbage heap.

And lastly, please don't disparage a man based on whether or not he believes everything his parents believed. That is pure lunacy.

The bottom line is that Huntsman is right. The Tea Party has split the Republican party in two. It has made it impossible for any Republican candidate to win the presidency. You can't win being a far-right lunatic (Tea Party) and you can't win the nomination being a moderate (Romney) because of the far-right lunatics.

Republicans need to purge the party of Tea Party activists and embrace a more centrist view or Hillary will be the next president.

ogden, UT

The only GOP canadate with a plan and a brain the outhers are more like Warren Jeffs of the FLDS.

ogden, UT

Huntsman sounds Smarter than Rom Bacman or any of the outher bible thumpimg Repubs,or a Tea party Cuphead. Utah without Fed jobs and money is a dead sea. How ts the party (of rich people) GOP The party most in utah vote for. If U have a job paying U 2000000 A year be a pub if not Beter rethink who best represents U.

Kearns, UT

Wonder, you have to ask yourself if your supposed superiority is due to you thinking you know more than everyone else, or you are plain argumentative?

You wouldn't be able to see satire if it bit you in the fanny.

Keep thinking you know more than everyone else. Especially me. Since my degree is in English/Journalism (I chose not to go into those fields), I think that I would be able to write circles around you.


Provo, UT

@Flashback -- Anyone who says "Democrat party" sounds illiterate, but if with your degree in English you think that's the way you want to speak, you go for it. It's just a Republican fad that I find obnoxious and indicative of the typical Republican anti-intellectualism -- the belief that tv and radio talk show hosts know more than scientists, economists, and others who have actually studied a field for years. And yeah, I'm a lawyer, so I probably am just a bit argumentative.

Cedar Hills, UT

It sounds like Gov Huntsman is still having a difficult time trying to reconcile his "Mormon beliefs" especially if he is now pushing gay marriage. Jon better check out what his own church teaches regarding gay marriage. Jon can start by reading what most members of the 12 have stated clearly regarding gay marriage as well as the first presidency. Huntsman has morphed into some sort of liberal apologist who happens to still wear a GOP hat for some odd reason. The man is deep blue liberal and I suspect only remains a Republican so as to not embarrass his dad too much. Just become a secularist liberal democrat Jon and stop pretending to be something you aren't.

Cedar Hills, UT


By conservative radio talk show hosts being ignorant I assume you are referring to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or Shawn Hannity? Can you please be specific about what these particular hosts are ignorant about? Anything? I always find it irritating but predictable when liberals such as your self use sweeping gerneralities void of any specifics when making a point. I'm not a every day listener of talk radio but I HAVE found these guys to be VERY accurate when I have listened to them especially compared to your liberal propoganda central MSNBC. When MSNBC comes off with one of their insane conservative hate editorials I always mention the subject and content when responding and I would suggest you do the same - it tends to help with credibility.

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