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Published: Monday, Dec. 31 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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non believer

To papi_chulo

Do you have anything pertinent to add to the conversation or just picking out flaws in grammer?

Would be interested to hear your viewpoint on the subject matter? That is if you have anything pertinent to say?

Newport Beach, CA

How is it "libertarianism" to expand the sphere of personal relationships the government formally structures and regulates?

The "more libertarian" answer to the gay "marriage" argument would be to abolish civil marriage altogether.

"Fiscal conservative but social liberal" is an impossibility. The cultural wreckage that social liberalism creates, where people recognize no restraints on their personal conduct, but demand that its inevitable consequences be subsidized away, creates a demand for government spending well beyond what any "fiscal conservative" can tolerate. People must either restrain themselves, or government must spend resources either restraining them, or cleaning up unrestrained people's messes.

Newport Beach, CA

Huntsman, by the way, strikes me as a classic example of a man who is "wise in his own conceit."

Way too many people of a certain intellectual fashion take way too much pride in being the intelligent, thoughtful ones, with (in my absolutely not humble opinion) way too little justification. We're well past "When they are learned, they think they are wise" territory. I'd take some genuinely learned folks any day. Now, it's "when they listen to smooth jazz on NPR and hold all the approved opinions, typically without much reflection, they think they are wise." Shabby posers, the lot of them. My kingdom for a man who truly reflects and thinks.

Spanish Fork, UT

Republican party is 'devoid of a soul', says Jon Huntsman... and this from a man who exhibits no soul and stands for nothing of substance. He rejects the faith of his fathers and lives to tune-of-what's-happening-now. Sorry we every had you into our home.

Summit, UT

I also have lived in Utah for 73 years. I don't remember a worse govenor in my lifetime. Yes his father and mother have done endless good; but remember David, the King of Israel. His posterity done endless bad. Like father, not like son! He has no true core values that are good. He has turned on his faith continually. You liberals please take him with you on your way to Europe. There is good and there is evil and compromise is between these two values. As for a soul, if Huntsman has one I have never discerned it. It has always been obvious he will say and do whatever is expedient. He is certainly not a republican; he used the republican party to get elected governor (democrats can't get elected in Utah).

Smithfield, UT

I am amazed at some of the comments on here. A fair amount of you are
WAY "far right" and that is not the Republican party. I like Huntsman and I sort of liked Mitt. Who doesn't pander to others? A few of you just can't like him no matter what. At least he has a vision -- more than other national candidates. Get your head out of the sand or the Repubs will lose again and again. You don't have to be a liberal or Democrat to like Huntsman. He can talk to others and we certainly do need that these days, don't we? I thought Huntsman did a great job as gov. He at least has solutions -- more than many can say!

VA Saint
Chester, VA

I find it humorous that Huntsman is griping about Republicans after he lost the nomination. Sour grapes, perhaps? He is not a Republican, and thus should probably move on over to the Democrat party. Republicans are conservative - pro-life, pro traditional marriage, small government (which they desperately need to work on), and Huntsman only showed me that he felt that he was entitled to become the President. He never convinced me of anything. I wasn't too fond of the Republican candidate, but oh my gosh, anything was better than what we have now.

Springville, UT

I am once again reminded why I've never considered Mr. Huntsman as a serious contender.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Hannity and Rush will dictate they become reasonable and fair minded.

The Skeptical Chymist


Since you are so intent on correcting non believer's grammar, you should be aware that the word is "apostrophe", not "apostraphe".

I'm all in favor of good grammar and proper spelling, but I also think that the one who does the correcting should be sure to use good grammar and proper spelling himself.

Otherwise, I liked your statement.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I agree. The Republican party is not what it used to be. I have not confidence it in and will think twice about giving money to support an organization that does not stand up for what it is supposed to stand up for. It is time to make a stand and stand by it. This moving closer and closer to the Democratic party to get along is not what it was supposed to be. There are two parties for a reason, if we all thought the same, there would be no reason for a two party system.

Sacramento, CA

Brief comment on spelling, punctuation, etc--I've always been good at that (wish my computer could say the same) but some of the work I see from all sides here and on other boards tells me that before posters hit the submit button, they should preview their work, yes, even on Facebook, that is true. And it might also take the vitriol down a few degrees...but I digress....

When I was in public school in all years, when we wrote papers, we were downgraded for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and even unclear writing. That was true in history, geography--any subject requiring a written paper from us by our teacher. It's how it was for the classes I had, anyway--maybe I was fortunate. I took presentation of my writing seriously. So did readers. It works.

And for what it is worth, Jon Huntsman's only problem that I could see in the primaries was that he had been chosen to serve a position in the Obama administration because of his qualifications. He accepted the call to serve his country, and was hung out to dry politically for it.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

The only two things that will solve this country's political quagmire:
1. Maximum of two terms per elected office...reelection only allowed once. That's the only way to deal with perpetual campaigning while in office.
2. A person can only hold two elected offices in their lifetime...no career politicians. Politics was intended to be a period of service, not a lifetime pursuit.


Huntsman is not a Republican. He is a RINO and of no help to the Republican Party. As has been said, he can take himself and his RINO ideas over to the Deems.

Demo Dave
Holladay, UT

The only thing I have against Huntsman is that he stuck us with Herbert.

@ papi_chulo: Thanks for the grammar lesson. That was excellent!

Kearns, UT

Does someone other than the DN care what the liberal Huntsman says. He plays both parties to his own advantage.

Dietrich, ID

Huntsman got clobbered big time in Primaries why would the Republican voice listen to him? He sounds like a democrat and will alienate conservatives.

Most Truthful and Patriotic
Layton, UT


The word is not spelled "apostraphe"; it's "apostrophe".

Skitt's Law. Google it.
It's an old internet rule, that still catches people today.

Ogden, UT

Oh, Jon H., almost thou apersuadest me to be a Republican! No, not really. In fact, not by a long shot.

Republicans have much too far to gain a soul and a heart is just out of the question.

Wally West

The collective GOP soul resembles Ebeneezer Scrooge's before he went to bed that fateful Christmas eve.

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