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Published: Sunday, Dec. 30 2012 11:30 p.m. MST

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The same Global Warming deniers listen to and believe tobacco doesn't cause cancer, and is in fact good for you.

Because Rush Limbuagh told them so.

Casa Grande, AZ

You're exactly correct LDS lib, because the same company that was hired by the tobacco industry to cast doubt on the obvious link from cancer to cigarettes has been hard at work for the fossil fuel companies to do the same thing.

We can thank the wonderful Heartland Institute for slowing acceptance of science that could saved hundreds of millions of lives. Seems obvious now doesn't it?

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal" the same AGW alarmists like yourself said the earth was flat and that lead could be turned to gold. All because of a consensus and not actual scientific fact.

If science was proven like your ilk claims AGW has been proven, the earth would still be considered flat and at the center of the universe with everything rotating around it.

The big question is, who is denying Climate Change (FYI they change Global Warming to Climate change because the global temperatures stopped rising for a while there and they couldn't explain why.). Rush Limbaugh has never denied it. Most reasonable people will not deny that the climate is changing. It is your ilk that thinks they can control nature and wants to have the climate remain constant.

To "Screwdriver" and you trust government funded scientists who are being used to justify additional regulations and taxes?

Colorado Springs, CO

Once again, some cannot write a post without using disparaging terms just because one posts a differing viewpoint.

Casa Grande, AZ

Yes Redshirt, I trust climatologists over politicians and geologists employed by oil companies that do amateur speculation on climate change.

The article had some interesting facts if you read it.

Of course you could drive a hybrid and buy solar panels just because they save a lot of money like I have done. Should add up to a million or so additional in my 401 k when I retire.

Or you could just like clean air, fish that don't have mercury poisoning or just prefer not to send the middle east so much of your money. You pick.

Happy new year friend. You'll come around someday :)

Thornbury, Vic

@ Screwdriver

No the deniers on the right wont come round, the die hard smokers still believe cigarettes are not the problem.

There is little point arguing with the deniers, the main game is helping the the undecided to join the dots by encouraging them read the reports not just listen to Fox news.

As I have said before we need to listen to the science and take off our political hats. There are solutions it isn't all gloom and doom, it isn't the end of civilization.

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