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Published: Saturday, Dec. 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bronx, NY


Again you try to rewrite history. Please quote for us exactly when Obama ever stated that the only people's taxes cut under bush where the rich.

City, Ut

I wonder if Mitt Romney rejoices and gives thanks every day to not have this (and every other impossible-to-fix) mess waiting for him--for which, had he won the election--he would have been given the blame and lambasting and vitriol for every little thing that our elected officials cause and then can't fix....

Tooele, UT

Te need to help the old and the poor Bush tax cuts have to go we need to get back to Clinton do to the rich and upper class what does 3000.00 dollars of tax mean to them one less fundraiser dinner they can attend big deal give the money to who needs it or medicare they still don't have to pay taxes on it. Many charities could use it to help a homeless person eat. That much money would help hundreds have one hot meal. We need to help people get back on there feet. Congrass needs to try staying in a box all night long with a barrow of wood burning to keep warm.

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