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Published: Saturday, Dec. 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Moab, UT

Sounds reasonable on the surface, but imagine your child does not come home from school one day and you learn that some educator has determined that he/she needs help and has been institutionalized. You can visit on weekends. We need to understand the bad consicenses of all rules as they will usually happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

Come up with a plan that is reasonable and workable and the ACLU will object.

Casa Grande, AZ

Too reasonable.

I made the decision 15 years to not EVER allow "shooter games" in my home.

One side would like to turn the US into Afganistan where our kids all go to religious schools and we're all packing AK-47's.

Provo, UT

"When it comes to reducing mass killings, we should do the same: identify early on the individuals who show aberrant behavior and provide help for them, and focus on the crime by banning the use of assault weapons. That won't stop all the killings, but it may well reduce the growing number of mass killings."

Not only would this prove ineffectual but it would likely have the opposite result than we want since it would likely create such killers by further stigmatizing the normal and labeling them as "aberrant" when it really comes down to unwillingness to conform. Higher crime rates exist among a minority group because of such stigmatization even though we all know that minorities are no more prone to crime than non-minorities. Instead, the likely cause of such higher crime rates is a) we target minorities to greater degrees for behaviors we would look away from among people that look, act and think like we do and b) society tells them thats what they are and they are denied opportunities to be anything else. Identifying people as "aberrant" before they commit any crime is the surest way to make sure that they do.

Provo, UT


Bullying is bullying even when it appears to be benevolent or directed for the good of all. The mental health and medical professions labeling blacks as a "disease" is an example of this. Singling out those who are different and refuse to conform to specific personality types, interests or attitudes and then labeling them mentally ill does not reduce the chances that these people will not become criminals. On the other hand, it will likely do the opposite. There are many people who have far worse problems than Adam Lanza had (Aspergers) and they never commit crimes. In fact, the only real diagnosis that we have for Lanza is one held by many politicians, scientists and business leaders and even several Presidents are believed to have suffered from Aspergers. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is going to go on a rampage in the near future?

Here are some of those "odd" people with "aberrant" behaviors who could have easily been diagnosed like Lanza was:

Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Alexander Graham Bell
Benjamin Franklin
Bobby Fischer
Carl Jung
Emily Dickinson
George Washington
Henry Ford
Isaac Newton
Mark Twain
Thomas Jefferson

Which of these became mass murderers?

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