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Published: Saturday, Dec. 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

I've never heard so many "christians" spout off about their "God-given" rights to own a tool for killing. It should be embarrassing, but it is the mantra for a huge percentage of Utahns. EMBARRASSING!

salt lake city, utah

I think you fail Scott when you speak about "the" solution. In fact when you speak of a solution you open up the discussion to the extremes..which is where most of the discussion has been on this thread for the past weeks. On extreme the solution is more guns and your a traitor, communist if you suggest any kind of regulations on guns. The other extreme is no one should have a gun, and the second amendment should be repealed...oh wait a minute no one has actually suggested this except those defending the first extreme, when the second extreme becomes their default description of those proposing some form of regulations. Go figure.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Here's how we can help fix our "divided" nation.

Get rid of the Tea Party in Congress.

That would start.

I know this wouldn't be popular among repubs, but making it illegal to accept Utah Jazz tickets, Golds Gym memberships, and other restaurant "gifts" from big campaign donors. Heck, get rid of all campaign "donations."

Overturn Citizens United. Contrary to what Mitty said, "Corporations aren't people."

American Fork, UT

Your suggestions only want to deal with the problem with force, and do not see the root cause. You fail to touch on prevention at all. Surely we can do more as a society than prepare everyone to kill everyone else.


The letter writer is correct. There is a solution. Perhaps its locking the school doors while in session, and having 1 entry point. Perhaps it's assessing who should be in the school at any given time, and only allow those people in. The technology is here for that, and can easily be implemented without having armed people at the school. These are just ideas I'm tossing out.
Perhaps you need a police extension on the outside of schools, like a little precinct building adjacent to the property rather than a few miles away.
In 5 minutes I thought a few good ideas, and frankly I'm not the brightest of us, I'm sure the smart thinkers could come up with a lot more.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Why don't the people who want us disarmed so badly, get rid of their armed security and their concealed gun permits? Until they do this, nobody will get rid of theirs. When the government publicly gets rid of all of their guns and armed security guards, then i will get rid of mine.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Follow the money...

Who gains from these sorts shootings?

The NRA.
The Gun Manufacturers.
Conceled Permit Schools and classes.
AM radio shows. {the paranoid salesmen of Gold, Food, guns, ammo, and secure your identity, ect.]
The Pharamceutical Industry.
The Anti-Gun lobby.
That little shop in Provo Utah making bullet proof back-packs, ect.

There too much gain,
Too much $ money to be made to fix the problem.
So don't expect to see one anytime soon.

Ka-ching! $

Eric Samuelsen
Provo, UT

Actually, in the first classroom Lanza approached, the kids were huddled in a closet so quietly he passed them by. In the second classroom, he opened fire. In the third classroom, a few kids panicked and ran and were shot, while the teacher desperately tried to mollify him. So the 'huddling in a closet' approach did work, a little.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Our local, state and federal officials must don their thinking caps and discard their political correctness."

Some have.

Willing Utah teachers turned out in droves for training to carry protective arms. Maricopa County, Arizona will be deploying armed citizens, trained as sheriff's posse members, to protect schools.

WAY too many liberal politicos, however, continue to hold school kids hostage to their anti-gun agenda, cynically insisting on the blatant political tactic of using national tragedy to disarm only their law-abiding constituents, rather than discussing any meaningful response to bad guys.


Provo, UT


The only "solution" if people must have a solution is the individual solution. The individual gets to decide how they defend themselves and when people, inevitably, break the law and kill innocent people then those in danger can decide if they want to resort to surrender, fight or flight.


With the exception of the "precinct" every single one of the things you mentioned were in place at Sandy Hook. They locked the school doors, had one entry point, required that staff and visitors be buzzed in. So what exactly would have stopped a gunmen from doing what he did? Not the things you mentioned because he did it with all those in place.

The only option you provide that comes close to preventing shootings is precincts adjacent to schools but it wouldn't stop a gunman from having minutes to kill dozens of people before police could respond. Do you think police just run into buildings without any tactical response? The last thing police need to deal with is a dozen dead cops along with others. Schools go into lock down during shootings since they know even after police arrive they won't immediately enter the building.

salt lake city, utah

Sorry Dwayne but your soluttion is not really as broad as you imply. You as an individual only get to defend yourself within the confines of what the law allows you to use as a defense. That's the point some want unlimited access to guns as a defense and some want to limit that access as it presents more problems than it solves. Yet the gun advocates claim those who want some restrictions are trying to make illegal all guns..and that just isn't so.

Provo, UT


Sorry pragmatistferlife but you failed to provide any valid points to refute the basic fact that the only real and adequate solution to violent crime against persons is individuals defending themselves and our society assisting them insofar as we are capable of doing so without infringing on the rights of individuals. Its not the role of police or criminal justice system to prevent crimes instead its to apprehend and punish those that flee after a commission of crime or assist individuals in halting the commission of a violence against them.

"You as an individual only get to defend yourself within the confines of what the law allows you to use as a defense."

Wrong. The right to defend ourselves is an absolute right and you cant stop us but you may punish us for doing so after the fact if you dont agree with our decision regarding defending ourselves but we dont gauge the legality of defending ourselves even if it means going to prison for years or decades because prison is less than life ended.

Or do you support capital punishment for self-defense? If so many still will assume risk of potential execution over imminent death

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

Is it really the TEA Party's fault an insane guy shot up a school in Connecticut? There were school slaughters before the TEA Party existed, in Columbine and Salem, and probably others I don't remember. A TEA Party free congress didn't fix it back then, did they? Can't be the TEA Party's fault.

Maybe you should blame Bush. Oh wait, that was before him too, in the 90's. That would make it Clinton's fault.

No, I don't really believe it is Clinton's fault. I am just making the point that it is silly to blame the every problem on the big 3, Bush, the TEA Party, and talk radio/Fox.

There will be no solutions to these problems until we correctly identify the source of the problem. Blaming the big 3 is just a form of denial.

So Mav, wanna get real? Or stay stuck in the partisan blame game while more kids get blown to oblivion?

I prefer we get real.

Christian 24-7
Murray, UT

There is no evidence that "huddling worked".

There is evidence the shooter had a target classroom in mind, his mother's. That is more likely a reason the first classroom was spared.

I wonder how emotionally scarred the kids are who "huddled" hoping they would not be massacred, while their classmates and teachers were massacred.

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