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Published: Thursday, Dec. 27 2012 11:25 p.m. MST

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cal cougar
camarillo, CA

Watched game. Brandon finally started getting ball in areas that are not low post as well. He is tearing it up.

Carlino still won't shoot pull up jumper from 10 to 15 feet except once a game. He could score so many points this way. Overpenetrates a lot.

Austin takes good shots, just weren't going down. Haws always great.

Too many 3 point attempts from players not making them. A shooter has to shoot to get hot. But why not get in closer first. Too many players setting up for catch and shoots 5 feet beyond arc.

There are 3 things that make difference to win games. Tonights grades.

1) Lack of turnovers BYU with 13. Grade B+

2) Not allowing second chance points BYU with 6. Grade B+

3) Shot selection. Grade C

Against a good team, you can't be getting a C on shot selection and hope to win. Almost no midrange game except for Davies and Haws. Too many long threes. Too many 3 pointers from players that are cold. Overpenetration by guards.
BYU has had a major problem all season with number 3. To be a good(tourney) team, all three need to be healthy.

UC Baller
Salt Lake City, UT

As a season ticket holder, can we plz schedule teams worth watching? The 30 point blowouts are not worth driving to anymore....

If we want to be a big time program, lets drop the hyphenated teams and JC's please.

Franklin, IN

Note to Call...Haws and Davies have done this all year when they play Northern Arizona level competition...not when they play unranked D1 schools...

But...it is relevant because this IS a tune up for WCC games! If they could have changed the venue to a local church gym? Or junior high, it could have been a better tune up!!

Washington, UT

I'm just dismayed that Austin, a 6' 11" guy cannot make a shot around the basket, and how is it he gets clobbered in the face every time he shoots? And 25% from 3 pt land is not going to cut it, and these were wide open uncontested threes. We're even worse when they are contested.

Delgado can play, he is going to be a great player for BYU, I would play him ahead of Carlino right now--he's a better defender and a better offensive player. I'm not sure Sharp and Zylstra are going to contribute much this year, they should, but if they can't do it against an awful team like NAU, they aren't going to do it against the good teams.

Boise, ID

Sharp and Zylstra are looking flat. Delgado is really looking good - he is athletic and a good shooter.

Olympus Cove, Utah

Note to indycrimson

Why are you trolling BYU blogs instead of worrying about your own team "tuning up" to be PAC 12 cannon fodder by playing tiny College of Idaho, enrollment 1050?

Of course we'll hear lots of Utah fans praising the Utes for their vast "improvement", IF the Utes don't blow another double-digit halftime lead, but that's just the way U roll.

Frisco, TX

Carlino, Cusick and Zylsta were not great players last year; but all three had times when they played great. I was expecting all three to take a big step forward this year and really improve our guard / perimeter play, but instead if feels like all three have taken a step back from last year.

Delgado is showing more potential than all of them. I hope Rose will make one more starting change on Saturday and put Delgado into the starting line up at the 2 spot.

If we are to have a chance against Zags, Saint Marys and Santa Clara; we are going to need more than Davies and Haws.

We need a few games against the Nothern Arizona's, but with the talent that is coming in the next few years, I hope to see more non-conference games against Top 50 type programs. I'd love our non-conference schedule to look like the Zags.

Layton, UT

Franklin, IN
Note to Call...Haws and Davies have done this all year when they play Northern Arizona level competition...not when they play unranked D1 schools...

Quote of the year.

Just out of curiosity who exactly are the unranked DI schools U have beat this year? Try not to let the fact you're playing College of Idaho tonight distract you from responding.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

UC Baller: you don't think they are trying? it's almost impossible to get a good team to come to Provo. All the good teams know the risk. Believe me, the Y tries very hard to do so. That's why we are playing VA Tech in SLC. couldn't get them to Provo.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU RPI 37th, Utah not listed in the top 100.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Current RealTime RPI

#38 BYU (13) (SOS)
#88 USU (280)
#94 WSU (166)
#114 Utah (87)


Just the FAX

RealTime RPI is probably not the most dependable SOS statistical method to use. A team can literally swing 30 spots late in the season because of how it is calculated. RealTime RPI really rewards wins against good teams and punishes losing against poor teams regardless of how close the game was.

While all different stats have weaknesses, it would be better to look at Sagarin or Pomeroy this early (almost half way) in the season. Or maybe even use Massey Ratings where 36 different statistical SOS methods including Realtime RPI, Sagarin and Pomeroy are used to rank the 347 D1 teams.

Sagarin (team ranking, school, SOS ranking)
#70 BYU 122
#92 USU 316
#82 WSU 120
#104 Utah 252

#70 BYU 146
#132 USU 333
#105 WSU 163
#170 Utah 304

#65 BYU
#79 USU
#105 WSU
#104 Utah

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