Comments about ‘Italians, backed by the Catholic Church, aim to stop Sunday shopping’

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Published: Thursday, Dec. 27 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Stores should be allowed to make their own choices on the matter without having to deal with gov't intervention.

Huntsville, UT

What about the non-Christians?

Do the Jews get to ban shopping on Saturday (the REAL Sabbath)?

sandy, ut

I don't get why people have to try to push their religious beliefs on others. If somebody doesn't want to shop sundays they don't have to. How does it affect another person if you choose to shop on sunday? Doesn't make sense.

Murray, Utah

re: Brahmabull
Depends of if the employee at the store is being forced to work on Sundays without having to give up their own religious beliefs or their livelihood. If that employee is being coerced into that choice by other choosing to shop on Sunday, then of course it affects them.

re: atl134
Would be interested in hearing your opinion on whether you agree with Hobby Lobby making their own choice to not fund "morning after" pills without having to deal with gov't intervention.

re: RanchHand
Good question. Obviously from the article, we can assume the no shopping on Sunday is religious based. Question I have is if not being open on a Sunday MUST be defined as religious rather than cultural.

Also...lost in the comments so far is the real issue that the Italians are dealing with: Small business vs Large business. The current status favors Large businesses considerably and dis-favors small, family run businesses. Having lived in Italy, their small vs large business culture differs from the U.S.

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