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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 26 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tyler D
Meridian, ID

This is one more piece of a complex puzzle that should be discussed, but I fear it won’t be because our loudest citizens tend to be the ones at the extremes who seem only interested (when we get down to brass tax) in protecting their sacred cows (guns for the Right and Hollywood for the Left).

Regarding excessive movie violence, any political pressure will need to come from a Democrat (ala Nixon going to China), otherwise it will just be seen as a right-wing attack and heels will be dug in. Sadly, the same may be the case for guns as evidenced by all the caterwauling on the Right preemptively directed at Obama.

@Blue – just because a causal link has not been established doesn’t mean one does not exist (oh wait, maybe there is evidence… thanks Richard). Even so, the difficulty in trying to isolate a variable like “violence in the culture,” and its impact on a certain segment of the population may prove so difficult that demonstrating statistical change may be beyond science’s current experimental abilities.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

The Hollywood left makes their money off of violent movies; not gun manufacturing (or hunting, etc.).
therefore the lack of outrage is comprehensible, although still indefensibly hypocritical

BTW - I think there is a vast difference between the violence in "Saving Private Ryan" and "Kill Bill"

@Truthseeker: Perhaps American feminists should spend less time claiming the passive-aggressive power of feigned victimhood and pay some attention to the systematic brutalization of their own sons.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Tarantino is trying to incite a race war. Thats what all of these films are. they are propoganda designed to create unrest and hatred of some kind.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Counter Intelligence.

"The Hollywood left makes their money off of violent movies; not gun manufacturing (or hunting, etc.).
therefore the lack of outrage is comprehensible, although still indefensibly hypocritical"

Actually most of hollywood is in favor of a total gun ban nation wide.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Counter Intelligence said: BTW - I think there is a vast difference between the violence in "Saving Private Ryan" and "Kill Bill"

Please do explain? Because there is no difference in the violence portrayed, just in your perspective of the reason for the violence. Saving Private Ryan could have just shown guys falling down, right? Glorifying war is OK too?
Seems like the right has a hard time with reality vs fantasy.


Counter Intelligence - I think so, too. Because the violence in "Saving Private Ryan" is supposed to be real. "Kill Bill" is fiction. I think watching real people die would be a lot more traumatic.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

@Happy Valley Heretic

"Seems like the right has a hard time with reality vs fantasy"

Actually it seems like it is you who has the hard time distinguishing between reality and fantasy

Saving Private Ryan was an attempt at being historically accurate - war IS brutal - romanticizing it trivializes the horror of that brutality.

Tarantino simply has violence for violence sake - which glorifies brutality

Yes; it is all in the perspective. Identical actions can have completely opposite meanings and effects, depending on intent (intent in a sex scene makes all the difference too: love v. violation) - I distrust those who cannot tell (or refuse to see) the difference.

@Anti Bush-Obama
"Actually most of hollywood is in favor of a total gun ban nation wide."
That was my point: It is easier for Hollywood to point the finger at others, rather than to introspect about their own contribution to the problem

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Halloween pasrts 1 thru eleventeen
Texas Chainsaw
Freddie Krueger

all Hollywood.
all slasher/horroe movies.
all fiction.


Columbine High School,
Aurora Colodrado,
Viginia Tech,
Partland Mall,
Newtown CT,

All American,
all assualt guns,
all real.

I'll stick with Facts, AND Reality.

Temple City, CA

We can't have a conversation about things like this if 1) we simplify too much (the issue is far more complex than the comments suggest) or 2) we politicize the issue (whether or not someone has been killed has nothing to do with which party is in power).

There have been brutal killings of innocents for millenia (as the citations above of the Bible and the Book of Mormon suggest), and there are several motifs that suggest themselves:

1. In each case someone with a serious mental or emotional disturbance achieves the power to kill that corresponds with their desire to hurt. (Herod, Caligula, Hitler, and various latter-day shooters in America, stabbers in China, bombers in England and Ireland.)

2. The prospective killer is given the means to do it (some sort of weapon: lately, guns; previously, bombs, gas, swords, chemicals).

3. Society somehow gives permission for the killing to happen. (Free access to weapons, societal acceptance or even encouragement of violence, loss of conscience.)

If we're going to control the human urge to kill, we need to have a reasoned, educated, adult conversation about it. It is complex and difficult--and non-partisan.

Eden, UT

You can continue to dodge the gun issue by presenting a long list of other excuses. Guns are a major problem in America and it should not be watered down with excuses like movies, etc. It is clear that western countries, like ours, have very little gun violence. Canada, Australia, Germany, have less than 100 gun murders each year. We have over 10,000. We can't keep looking for excuses for the horrible gun deaths in America. Please think this through. More people are murdered with guns in the United States, each year, than the number of soldiers killed in all the years we have been at war in the Iraq War and the Afgan War combined. We need to do something other than look for excuses.


Would the Sandy Hook incident not have happened if Nancy Lanza had not had guns?

According to what we've heard reported about Adam Lanza, it would've taken quite some work for him to procure the weapons on his own.

But how many parents have had to bury their own children as a result of the guns that they had in their homes?

Tyler D
Meridian, ID


That’s fine Beverly but simply naming other countries does not identify causes. Even Michael Moore (as liberal and as anti-gun as anyone) in his movie Bowling For Columbine suggests that the issue is not guns per se. He notes that Canada (with a tiny fraction of the gun deaths that we have in the US) has as much of a gun culture with as many guns per person as we do.

Gun restrictions may be part of the answer, but don’t let a visceral aversion to guns lead you to the false conclusion that something like “an assault weapons ban” is going to solve this. The problem is complex and we need to have an adult and sober conversation about it.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I grew up well BEFORE video games.

We watched Cowboys and Indians,
Cop and Robber shows,
and the 3 stooges.

And when we went outside to play --
We shot at EACH other.
So I don't but into the whole "violent media" garbage.

Later, many of us went to Vietnam, and the Gulf, ect...
None of play with guns anymore.

BTW - The guns I DO have now --
I keep in a SAFE, where they belong.
Just like I was taught in the Military.

If you don't "restrict them" youself -- i.e., a good solid safe,
The Government will have no other option but to "restrict" them for you.

You can't let idiots who think freedom is a pickup truck and gun rack in the rear window and the government can't do anything to restrict us.
They should not posses guns and bullets, for the same reason babies shouldn't.
Someone innocent is Always going to get killed --- ALWAYS.


The video game company Electronic Arts has created a Web site that promotes the manufacturers of guns, knives and combat-style gear depicted in the latest version of its top-selling game, Medal of Honor Warfighter,

While studies have found no connection between video games and gun violence, the case of Medal of Honor Warfighter illustrates how the firearms and video game industries have quietly forged a mutually beneficial marketing relationship.

Many of the same producers of firearms and related equipment are also financial backers of the N.R.A.

Cedar Hills, UT

My wife and I saw The Hobbit the other night. Good movie. The unfortunate part of the evening came before the movie stared when we had to sit through 15 minutes of coming movie trailers packed full of sex and gun violence...Hollywood hypocrisy. Fantasy is one thing but real life drama full of guys and gals pumping bullets into other guys and gals is sickening. Actually you don't have to go to the movies to see this garbage...just turn on ABC, CBS or NBC at prime time night and you see the same stuff. America has become Pottersville!!

Everett, 00

Cedar Hills, UT
My wife and I saw The Hobbit the other night. Good movie.


Did we see the same Hobbit that you saw patriot?

Holy Cow!

the Ork battles,
loping off Thairan's Father's head?

The dwarfs battling the Goblins in the mountain?

That was one the most violent movies I've seen in years!

It was PG-13 for very good reasons?

But I've noticed from your posts,
you twist, and contort reality to suit your opinions and justify yourself...
Try being honest...with yourself.

But I will agree,
The Hobbit was a good movie.

Did you catch the phrase
When Gandalf gives Bilbo a weapon (a sword in this case) to arm himself?
He warns him of the temptation to rely on it too often.
“True courage," he tells Bilbo, "is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one.”

The same applies with guns.

Salt Lake City, UT

"He notes that Canada (with a tiny fraction of the gun deaths that we have in the US) has as much of a gun culture with as many guns per person as we do. "

Tyler, I don't remember if Moore made this claim or not. If he did he is very wrong. The USA leads the world in gun ownership, both per capita and total guns. By far. The USA has 88.8 guns for every 100 people, Canada is far down the list with 30.8 guns per 100 people. (That is 2007 numbers from The Small Arms Survey.)

This editorial trying to blame Terintino for gun violence in this country is absolute nonsense. Gun nuts want to blame everything except the gun. There is zero use for assault rifles and large capacity magazines except to kill large numbers of people. I heard insane people on talk radio saying we need them to stop the Chinese from invading, and the host agreed. Insanity.

Tell you what, lets get gun ownership down to where Canada has theirs and then we can have this conversation.

Salt Lake City, UT



I agree with you, though. Once again, Tolkien's ample violence, which is in the books too, is given a free pass by conservative Christians. The action/violence gore in the Hobbit is also heightened by the 3D and the crispness of the 48p high frame rate.

I also promise that the ratio of kids seeing The Hobbit versus kids seeing Django Unleashed is pretty lopsided in The Hobbit's favor.

Once again, its all about blaming the things people don't like or care for:
If you like guns, it's violent video games, tv, and movies fault.
If you like violent media, it's guns fault.

It's a childish insistence that something can be done, must be done, and that it only effect activities that people don't personally care for.

Well, I don't like people shooting up schools, so I blame people shooting up schools.

South Jordan, UT

So let me get this straight - guns don't kill people, Quentin Tarantino does?

South Jordan, UT

Nobody ever walked into a school with a copy of Call of Duty and killed 20 kids.

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