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Published: Sunday, Dec. 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

Question #1 – Let’s say the federal government successfully bans all civilian use and possession of assault weapons. Let’s say the federal government successfully bans, or at least restricts, all civilian use and possession of glock handguns. Let’s say the federal government is able to ban anyone from carrying a firearm into schools, places of worship and many other similar buildings, with signs posted everywhere letting people know.

Let’s say all these things happen and there’s another tragic shooting like the ones in Tucson, Aurora or Newtown.

Then what?

Question #2 – Michael Moore made a very good point in his documentary “Bowling for Columbine,” which is that media hysteria contributes to hysteria among regular citizens. For an example, he cites the Y2K fiasco, in which the media continued to beat the drum that come January 1, 2000, computers and power grids across the country would shut down. Did they?

Does the media's wall-to-wall 24/7 coverage of events like the Newtown shooting cause unnecessary and irrational hysteria?


People should not fear the government. Government should fear the people.

Tooele, UT


You said - "There are proven ways to keep guns out of the hands of those that would do this."

Assuming you are talking about school shootings, what are these, "proven ways?"

For the record, did you know that the assault weapons ban signed by President Clinton in 1994 was still in effect when the Paducah, Jonesboro and Columbine shootings happened?

salt lake city, utah


People should not fear the government. Government should fear the people. And therefor you have a vote not an AK47..rational people vote paroind people pack.

Eden, UT

Look up the word "amendment." To amend means to change! A John Wayne mentality in an Adam Lanza world will not work. President Nixon clearly stated, "You can't solve today's problems with yesterdays ideas." I hope that the nation will finally wake up and do something meaningful to stop the on-going death of over 10,000 people murdered every year with guns in America. Hopefully the loss of 20 innocent children will not have lost the tender lives for nothing.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

A militia with semi automatic guns no exists? The automated drones and Blackhawks could take out the fantasy wannabe soliders in 15 minutes.

Cedar Hills, UT

"It is my hope that any legislation to come out of the recent tragedies are not based on hysteria and ignorance"

Hysteria and ignorance are the foundational principles of liberalism so actually it is VERY predictable what legislation proposals that will be forthcoming from Barack and Harry.

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