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Published: Saturday, Dec. 22 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

And Mitt Romney was the "choir boy" in a mob of liars and thiefs? That's so hilarious! Ever hear of Fact-check? Mitt's outrageous and oft-repeated lie about Jeep moving to China was one of the biggest lies of the year!

My President is a class-act and I urge you to write a new letter...one with specifics instead of unsubstantiated innuendo.

If one party has a problem with LYING it is the republicans! WMDs anyone????

Ogden, UT

"Patronage, favoritism and bribery will beat patriotism and love of country every time."

I know this letter was intended to be a childish stick in the eye to the Democrats, but when I read this line, all I could think of was the GOP political machine and their large corporate sponsors, their kowtowing to the NRA, their pioneering of super pacs, their fear of Grover Norquist. If you are a large corporate interest, you can buy the allegiance of your elected official. And if you are a large corporate interest shopping for a senator, you are looking in the GOP aisle.

Burke, VA

Apparently in one last futile attempt to discredit the man who just won reelection to the presidency, Mr. Russel tries to link President Obama with the legendary political machine that runs Chicago. All of the reading I have done, and I've read both sides of the issues, Mr. Russel's pretenses are false. The facts about Mr. Obama include these:

His only time in Chicago was three years working as a community organizer in a poor, south side neighborhood
He is a savvy politician who knows the right associations to make (ie., His joining Reverend Jeremiah Wright's congregation was more for political connections than for religious philosophy)
He is often accused of being unappreciative of those who have helped him (Is that indicative of the Chicago machine? I don't think so)
He has (had) a clear vision of where he wanted to be and where he wanted to go and he used his past offices (in the state senate and in the United States Senate) as stepping stones to the presidency.
Despite what some believe to be personality flaws, there is no evidence of personal corruption in his past. Sorry Mr. Russel but you are wrong.

salt lake city, utah

"Patronage, favoritism and bribery will beat patriotism and love of country every time." Like the republican bridge to nowhere, the fighter jet the repbulicans won't take out of the pentagon budget, that the pentagon doesn't want, the unpaid for medicare prescription program GWB pushed through? The list goes on an on. What's so disingenuous about this letter and dozens like it is the insinuation that Barack Obama invented favoritism (chicago style politics). It wasn't around much less rampant previous to this President. My word, if you want to be taken seriously outside of your own bubble, at least be honest.

Centerville, UT

Mr. Russell, what did you do to help the situation while you were part of the Chicago political machine? Did you become a whistleblower? Expose it with facts and details in the media?

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

The hilarious insinuation underlying this rant about the "Chicago political machine" is that the GOP is a paragon of virtue. According to Mr. Russell, in order to regain leadership, the GOP will have to lie, cheat, steal, and bribe. Well, I have news for you, they are already well practiced in all of these activities. We have to look no further than Mitt Romney's campaign and his business practices at Bain Capital.

Fortunately, the Tea Party is tearing the GOP apart. With any luck, a reasonable moderate party will emerge from the wreckage and the Tea Party can secede from the union and set up camp in some forsaken corner of Texas, perhaps that YFZ place.

American Fork, UT

We're in an America where politics is purchased by big money PACs.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Here, Here to "embarrassed Utahn, Emajor, ECR and pragmatistforlife". They each are much more eloguent and right on target than I could ever hope to be! Mr. Russells letter takes the art of whineing to new heights. I found it interesting that he mentions "Bribery" all the while looking past the kings of the art, the infamous Koch Bros. and their minions of wannabes. Having read most of the letters to Editors in both the local daily's I find it very easy to spot members of the rad. right as opposed to main stream conservatives. In my opinion it is the radical right that caused Romney to lose an election that was his for the taking! It is the Radical Right that will take us over the fiscal cliff, and it is the radical right that will give the house back to the Dems in 2014 and 2016, then they will really have something to whine about!

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Repubs are still moaning and complaining about the Presidential Election?


Hayden, ID

Romney offered more jobs, Obama offered more bribes for votes (entitlements). The question none of you have ever answered is how are we going to pay for all the free stuff the Demoborrowers are handing out? Keep borrowing, print more worthless paper, or tax the rich so he can run the government another 9 days? Please explain how Obama will pay for the other 356 days?

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The description fits most all the cities in the USA.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Thank you, Mr. Russell for a perfect description of Utah politics.

salt lake city, utah

mountainman..free stuff/entitlements..get real. SS, medicare, medicade, unemployment etc. etc. have been around for decades. Do they need tweaking..sure, but your insinuation that Obama was promising free stuff with these programs is not just wrong, it's wronheaded.

Ogden, UT

@embarrassed Utahn!:
"My President is a class-act and I urge you to write a new letter...one with specifics instead of unsubstantiated innuendo."

Obama didn't lie so much as flip-flop... er, I mean evolve.

What won Obama the election was... handing out cell phones to his friends, the African American constituency; amnesty for the Illegal immigrant constituency; same sex marriage for his homosexual constituency; smoking pot (admittedly) in his younger days for his druggie constituency.

And what lost Romney the election is insisting on smaller government, reduced taxes, and encouraging hard work to succeed. Very poor agenda for today's America. Times have changed.

"If one party has a problem with LYING it is the republicans! WMDs anyone????"

Tell us, embarrassed Utahn, what killed the Kurds in the north?

J Thompson

Have any liberals decried "Chicago Politics" or have they simply told us that because others do what they do, that they are blameless?

Telling that you're only half-bad because nobody is perfect is not addressing the problem. Chicago Politics, by definition, involves graft. Is graft excusable? Is paying for votes (whether through Solyndra, or through G.M., or through Chrysler) ever acceptable? By who's standards?

Corruption is corruption. When it is the way that people gain and hold office it is reprehensible. When it is promoted by the followers of those who gain office, it is a malignant disease. If left unchecked, it will destroy America from within.

Miss Piggie
Ogden, UT

@Ralph West Jordan:
"In my opinion it is the radical right that caused Romney to lose an election that was his for the taking!"

No, no. What lost Mitt the election was, he forgot the fundamentals of running for an elective office... find out what most people want and tell them you'll get it for them. Also, appeal to the voter's baser instincts. Virtue and honesty won't cut it.

It doesn't matter what the candidate believes or wants. It's what the voter believes and wants.

Obama did it brilliantly.

Casa Grande, AZ

It's fine DN, keep posting the right wing nonsense. From the comments we can see the majority of the online readers don't agree, but find it amusing anyway.

Ogden, UT

Miss Piggie,
Mitt Romney was caught in far too many lies during the campaign for you to make any claims that he lost the election because of his "virtue and honesty". Is flip-flopping like fish out of water virtuous and honest? "Appeal to the voter's baser instincts"? Like massaging rich donors' egos by saying that 47% of the country are moochers who will only vote for his opponent, even though that statement is embedded with several large misinterpretations and outright lies?

salt lake city, utah

Virtue and honesty..and Mitt Romney..that's rich.

Hayden, ID

@ pragmatistferlife. Your response was nothing more than wrongheaded bloviating! To say that free stuff from the government has not increased while the percentage of Americans who actually pay any federal income taxes has not decreased under Obama is just not so! And now, we have to figure out how we will ever pay for Obamacare (more free stuff for millions of Americans) No Obama supporter has answered the real question; who is going to pay for all of the free stuff?

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