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Published: Thursday, Dec. 20 2012 5:00 p.m. MST

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Idaho Falls, ID

I understand his decision but i still don't like duke and will root against him as I did burgess. Go BYU, go Lone Peak!

Cedar Hills, UT

Nice Mortoon! Real classy.

I don't know why the cougs need Jabari anyway, with byU Alpine, they will dominate and win a NC.

Taylorsville, Utah

I guess we'll have to "Duke it out" for a while before we put this issue to rest.

Sandy, UT

He's a one and done regardless of where he plays.
He's really too big for any college.
Without the NBA rule he skips college altogether.
Duke isn't known for preparing players for the NBA.

It's too bad he chose Duke where a former BYU Professor, now a Duke advisor, wrote a scathing/bigoted article on BYU and the LDS Church.

Hopefully Jabari maintains his core values and is a light and example to everybody...
ala Bryce Parker, Manti Teo and scores of other Profesional LDS athletes.

Good luck Jabari, remember your roots, it's a rough/tempting environment you are about to enter.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Hard to understand. I guess some of the things we have heard about him are not true.

Salem, UT

Congratulations Jabari.... obviously the kid made the right decission for him! I wish him the best of luck at Duke and into the NBA. I will be a big fan no matter what!

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

what are you talking about Wayne? Whats "hard to understand" ?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Interesting. I brought up the "Chris Burgess-Roger Reid" story in a comment just yesterday, but was censored. My comment was fewer than 50-words, yet Brad Rock gets to write an entire article about it.

Well, I guess that just goes to show how inconsistent our moderators are on this thread.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Maybe it's different now with Parker because BYU basketball is in a much different spot today than it was back then. BYU really needed Burgess and had lost Bradley early to the NBA. Today's BYU is more consistent in year in and year out recruiting than Reid ever was, thus less impact by not getting Parker.

Durham, NC

@Wayne... care to explain what is not true about this kid now... that he picked Duke. We have a couple of wards worth of LDS kids and their young families here at Duke... what is it they did wrong too?

I mean, if you are in El Paso... you obviously didn't choose Zion (aka Utah Valley).... whats the difference?

Sammamish, WA

I'm really happy for Jabari. I'm sure he's made a great decision. He will have a great run at Duke. If he plays one year and just blows up, he may have to think hard about jumping to the league. If he's good, but not remarkable, maybe he pulls the trigger on his mission dream. In which case, maybe we (BYU fans) would be lucky to get him for a "rehab" year thereafter, before he enters the Draft. In any event, he'll touch a lot of people with his humility, his work ethic, his family ties, and his faith. He'll learn to respond to the question "what makes you different?" and he'll be ready for what's next. Good luck, Mr Parker. SammFan - BYU '85

Bloomington, IN

I didn't really expect Parker to come to BYU, even though I hoped he would. From all I've heard, he seems to be a good kid and I wish him the best. My only concern is actually for him personally. At BYU, he would have been a standout talent following in the wake of recent success. At Duke, there are 12 other guys pretty much as good as he is, and he may become the next Burgess that doesn't pan out.

On the flip side, it will be nice to hopefully not have a story about him every other day.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Was Duke the right choice for Jabari? Well, only time will truly tell, but I'm an LDS BYU fan, and I would've gone to Duke in heartbeat. Now, did he disappoint a ton of Mormons? Of course! I'm disappointed, as are probably hundreds of thousands (millions? Probably not) of others. But that doesn't mean he made the wrong choice.

Amarillo , TX

Smart decision, young Mr. Parker. Many of us are confident that you will do well. As long as you keep playing hard and follow your convictions, no one will have the right to feel disappointed or let down.

Sandy, UT

@ Naval Vet
Cut and paste much?


burgess wanted to play at Duke, well he attented for a while never did play then left.

Raleigh, NC

You forgot to mention Matt Christensen, the LDS standout prep player in Massachusetts who played for Duke, served a mission with the support of Coach K, then returned to play after his mission. He was on the 2001 Duke Championship team. During his time there, he also served as the second counselor in the bishopric in his YSA ward. Matt graduated from Duke and is now a successful businessman.

Denver, CO

IMHO Duke has one of the classiest coaches and programs in the country. They and Syracuse are the ones I cheer for when I'm not pulling for BYU. Here's wishing all the best to young Mr. Parker however long he is there.

Smart Aleck
Vancouver, WA

I think Duke has exceeded its allotment of top caliber players. Time to spread around the talent.


We know MANY active LDS who are NOT BYU sports fans. One of our daughters and her husband are BYU graduates...but not the sterotype who feel they must cheer for BYU.

I liked the bumper sticker "My Money and my Daughter go to BYU" which was true for us (although the money part is not as true as it was 20 years ago). We were also alienated against BYU because of the obnoxious attitude that Mormons are apostates if they don't support BYU sports.

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