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Published: Thursday, Dec. 20 2012 8:00 a.m. MST

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Bristow, United States

USU has NOT been a stepping stone for much time. that wouldn't be a horrible problem to consistently have, because it means we are winning. What hurts the most about this, and what UU and BYU fans cannot understand, is that he who now coaches Wisconsin, gave us hope, and raised expectations. We essentially had our Cinderella story, and what was supposed to be happily ever after, is now a nasty divorce.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Frankly this column reeks of naivety... This is the way the game is rigged so this is the way the game is played.... To use some now out-of-date slang: "Don't hate the player, hate the game."

Be it Urban Meyer, Gary Anderson, or any other college Football Coach, there are times in their career they are REQUIRED to lie... Like being a CIA agent or undercover cop it is a REQUIREMENT of the job.

They are not slaves you your favorite University, you know that right? So they have to look at other opportunities and since the opportunities almost always come in Bowl and Recruiting season a College Coach has to lie about his looking at opportunities or he cuts his own throat with fans and recruits.

As for Gary himself I think it is safe to say he gave the University of Utah 100% of his efforts when he was being paid by Utah, he gave Utah State University 100% of his efforts when he was being paid by USU, and I have no doubt he will give Wisconsin 100% when he is getting paid by them.

Until the system changes don't complain about the Coaches.

Salt Lake City, UT

A head coach leaves after telling the school and community how much he loves the place and never wants to coach anywhere else. Seems I've heard that story before. ...

Oh, yeah. Urban Meyer.

I guess Andersen learned from the master.

Be careful, Gary. Dan Hawkins had a good thing going at Boise State. Anybody heard of him lately?

Gold Canyon, az

I agree with many points except the one regarding the players being allowed to switch schools without penalty. Can you imagine the can of worms that would open????? If this were the case, QB Chuckie K would be mulling offers from bigger schools who need a QB. Every star player on the smaller schools would be recruited by the bigger schools.

Plano, TX


There are only 3 HS football stadiums in Texas bigger than 18000 - Allen, SA, and Mesquite.
I've been to 2 of those for games.

Anchorage, AK

Can somebody please make Bronco the same deal???

South Jordan, UT

Sad to see GA go. Doesn't feel as bad a Johnel Smith's dessertion, and he's certainly left the pgm in good shape with 17 returning starters. Still, hard to swallow after teasing us with "I'm staying." Then again, I'd jump for $2 mill too.

Mcallen, TX

Gary should have been truthful, and said, " I'm here till a better offer comes".

That's good PR, and would really help with recruiting.

Face it! If politicians would keep their campaign words, we'd have a smaller government, and no national debt.

Las Vegas, NV

this article and subsequent reaction says a lot about people....you're either:

1)a complainer, and live in a 'dream world' of loyalty.....probably have worked for 'the man' for too many years...and life's harsh 'realities' are something you still may not want to accept....very critical of others actions


2)a realist, and 'get it'...

I'll guess you'll have to decide where you fall

Agua Dulce, TX

Gary Anderson did the right thing. This article is just sour grapes.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm married to a football coach and this job is not like a business executive who would leave at the drop of a hat to make more money, improved conditions, etc.and really has no human ties to a job. His leaving doesn't affect 100 young men. We're talking about a position where you are mentoring real people, young men who perhaps need a father figure in their lives, who have problems, who look to their coaches for inspiration, discipline and yes, let's be honest, love. Now, in my mind, that is what GA is walking out on. He says he loves these kids and he probably does, but obviously in his case the money is more important. A coach who sticks around and goes through the thick and thin, in my book, is more to be admired than someone who walks out when the next best offer comes. GA has coached at least 12-13 different places in what, the last 20-22 years? That's less than 2 years per school. There's a pattern there and too bad, but it really is the players that get the short end of the stick.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT


You are either a person that people can trust or you are not? I guess it's up to you to decide where you fit in?

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

As an Aggie and Alum... I am find and understand Coach Andersen leaving for Wisconsin.

I am tired of hearing everyine say he dod nothing wrong though. He lied people! Just because all coaches do it and its the new normal does not make it right.

Is this what you would teach your children?

Robinson was right on with his article... coaches need to stop saying one thing and doing another.

Gary could have left USU a hero in everyones eyes... instead because of his own doing, some people think he is tarnished.

He is a great coach and took a bottom dwelling team to the top 20 in 4 years. What he did for USU was great. I am happy for what Coach A did and wish him well, I was just disappointed in HOW he left.

They can use very dofferent words to say they plan on staying until a better offer comes along... instead of making it sound like an outright LIE when they decide to leave.


1st-It is ridiculous to berate Anderson over this. Three weeks ago I'm sure he was absolutely planning on staying. Perhaps one week ago he was planning on staying. And what would you have him say? "I'm happy here unless something comes along" If he was dumb enough to say something like that, he wouldn't be smart enough to be a good coach.


2nd-It is unfair to the small schools, but the small schools are small precisely because they don't have the money to be big schools. That is really why they make the contracts-so the school will get some kick-back when the coach moves on, or the coach will get some kick-back if he's fired. Petrino at WKU is getting paid $800k next year, with a $1.3M buyout-that's smart contracting! WKU knows they are a stepping stone, but they hope to get the most out of a great coach (not a great person) while he's there and get some $$ when he moves on.

Be grateful for the incredible work Anderson did and hope you find another good coach. The alternative to having coaches poached is NEVER having a good coach...

Born in Provo
Logan, UT

The golden age of football is over in Utah. Mendenhall-Wittingham-Andersen is the best trifecta in the state, to my knowledge.

las vegas, NV

The man took a job with an elite program that offered after he rejected Cal of the Pac-12 and Kentucky of the SEC. At some point people and the author of this entirely idiotic take on the situation might realize he did this to better himself after he bettered a program and respectfully parted ways. 107 calls made to each student athlete? Not 1 of them was upset at him for this decision. This man was and is nothing but class yet people and a hack writer attempt to pull a dupe job on his character. Sad that you hear and read about this crud. Time to grow up.

Taylorsville, Utah

Coach Anderson was one of your disciples out there in Cache Valley. Now he's left and some of you "sought occasion against him". I wish him the best.

Salt Lake City, UT

You nailed it.

Lehi, UT

Soup nailed it. Anderson is not "all about the money" as some here suggest. He was offered 2 to 3 times the money to go to lousy programs in big-time conferences, and he turned them down. He told the media he was staying. Money wasn't enough to get him to leave Logan.

But then he got a big money offer to go to a GOOD program in one of the big-time conferences, and he decided to leave. It's a better job for him in every respect - better money, better program, better facilities, better conference, better recruiting, you name it, Wisconsin is better than USU. There are very few coaches at any level of coaching who would turn down an offer for way more money at a school/program that is better in the long-run in virtually every regard...

As to "honoring his contract" - contracts have penalties for both sides should they decide to end them early. Wisconsin is likely paying USU some cash to buy-out Anderson's contract. The contract was not "broken" - Anderson just chose to exercise the opt-out provisions of the contract. This is in no way dishonorable or dishonest.

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