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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 19 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

=However, I cannot go back to full activity until the church accepts me as I am.
=I do love a man and together we adopted and raised a daughter who is going to
=college next year. Would I destroy my family for the Church? NO!

Baccus0902, I thank God that there are people like you.

For all the noise that the Pro-Lifers make about every unwanted fetus having the right to be born, they don't follow through and adopt the baby when s/he is born. Well, they may adopt some of them, but not all; often when the Pro-Lifers adopt it's healthy white newborns. On the other hand, if I have understood what I've read in the media correctly, the disparity is made up by gay couples adopting the rest, which often includes special needs children.

I consider myself a moderate Latter-day Saint. Currently the policy in Texas is; when a child needs foster parents, to look for a straight couple first, and to look for a gay couple if they can't find a straight couple; and similarly for adoptive parents. I like that policy.

New York City, NY

To panamadesnews: Exactly my point. Most people face challenges when it comes to chastity. In the example you provided about being attracted to women, I did not see you describe yourself as an "adulterer married to a woman!" My understanding is that you consider yourself a married man, period. Why does Josh see the need to identify as a gay man married to a woman? In my opinion, well, based on self fulfilling prophecy, if he keeps identifying as a homosexual man, it will become true for him. At some point, the idea of being with a woman will have to give way to his need to be with a man. I still do not get the need for homosexual men to be married (probably in the temple!) to women. It also seems fraudulent to me, but that's just my opinion. No disrespect intended to Josh and his family. We all have the right to make our choices. Not my cup of tea anyways :)

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