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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 19 2012 7:10 a.m. MST

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AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

I think none of us can say too much as we are not in his shoes. What is best for him and family should be #1. If it all about money then I will agree with many of you. There is so much more than money. I could survive very well with 25% (or less) on what he makes at USU. And I have a large family. Make that 10% at Wis. As much as it would be nice to have more you can not buy what matters most.

Hate to see him go. Hate to see the kids that have come and committed to USU now have to start over. Hope that USU can continue to go forward. Many programs have. And it is the players that win the games. The coaches just provide the tools. All need to remember that.

I will not judge as I am not in his shoes but I would be lying if I did not say I was disappointed and sad. On the other hand maybe this is the start of the next great chapter. He was the Prolog. Can’t wait to see what is next.

Highland, UT

As one that doesn't really care if he stayed or went let me say this. One is that this does show a lack of integrity. I heard him on the radio as recently as last week make proclomations about being in Logan for the long haul. If you are going to say that you should actually mean it.

Second is that I can't blame him one bit for doing this. The pay increase is ridiculous and he has to take it.

Where he failed was saying the things he said. Live and learn I guess.

Hyrum, UT

To Airliner:
None of us that are feeling badly about Anderson's departure are questioning the wonderful things he's done for the program. We even understand why people leave for big pay raises. What is hurtful is that he so recently expressed his commitment and loyalty to USU football by publicly announcing he wasn't going anywhere and then signed a 6-year extension to his contract. We die-hards then all breathed a big sigh of relieve as we trusted his words.
Then, within 2 weeks, this news of his imminent departure surfaces.
It shouldn't be that hard for you to understand why many of us feel hurt and have questioned his loyalty and integrity... since he so quickly backed out of his commitment and even his signed contract.
On top of that, the program can't just pick up from where it's left off by hiring one of his assistants who knows the system. He's taking all of his main assistants with him. None will be left to continue what he started. I'm sorry if it bothers you that some of us loyal blues do feel a bit betrayed. But it should be understandable.

Logan, UT

Gary Andersen is a great coach and he will be missed. I knew we wouldn't be able to keep him forever, but that's the way this business goes.

He did leave us a great foundation to build on, though. Matt Wells will do just fine as head coach. He's proven his offensive abilities and his connection to the players. The future is still bright for Aggie football.

Go Aggies!


Gary Andersen is probably a great coach but apparently has very little loyalty and very little integrity.

Universities are stupid to give a successful coach an extended contract. It appears that 90 % of the coaches will use the extended contract with the accompanying big pay increase as leverage to get a better deal at a school with deeper pockets.

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